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A product can be an item or service. Product management is an important thing in organisation point of view. Product management is not only for customers it is equally important for inside the organisation as well.

Why product management is important to an organisation?

It’s all based on product life cycle, every product will have four stages in its product life cycle. It includes product development, product growth, maturity, and decline.

Product development:

In this stage an organisation will thinks to produce a new product or service. Organisation starts focusing on market. Firstly firm will launch a product based on the data they have from the potential customers and they will try to get their patents on it. After this, organisation will think about the price fixing for the new product to build their market share. Before making it available to all customers, organisation will send this product to selected potential customers to expect the acceptance of product. Then they will start promoting the product and make it available for public.


Product growth:

In this stage organisation thinks to increase their market share by providing some deals with the customers. Organisation will try to maintain the quality of product and price as the organisation starts enjoying the market share when compared with other firm’s products available in market.

Product maturity:

At product maturity stage the sales of the products or services starts to fall down due to the competition with other similar products. Usually at this stage organisation will think to maximize their profits by securing their market share by making some noticeable changes in their products or by reducing the price of the product. To maintain the products in market organisation will give some inducements to sellers and also to the customers. Also the organisation will start concentrating on the differentiating the product.

Product decline:

In this stage firms experiences the fall of sales. Organisations will try to maintain their product in market either by renovating it or by reducing the original price in order to attract customers who doesn’t effort the starting price of the product.

For example as Apple releasing the iPhone 7, it is reducing the prices of iPhone6 and 6s.

In this context I would like to talk about a new start-up in India “OYO rooms”. In India it was very hard to get a budget hotel rooms previously. Oyo introduced premium hotel rooms for budget prices. It gained a lot of attention and got succeeded as a best start-up in recent times. After the launch of OYO everyone is able to afford the premium hotels since they are offered at budget prices. Most of the potential customers of this start-up are youth. After conducting some campaigns OYO came to know that still some people are not happy with the service they are providing because of societal barriers. There is no law stating that any unmarried couple cannot stay together in a private room but still most of the hotels and service providers are not giving room for the unmarried couples. Now OYO launched a new a service for the couples who are unmarried. This is a huge initiative brought up by OYO in India. Before to OYO there were some people tried to do this but they haven’t achieved success due to the lack of promotion and awareness. Since, OYO are a big brand currently, they launched the new initiative and that had become a sensation.

Once chief growth officer of OYO stated that the most potential customers of OYO are youth aged between 18 and 30. But they came to know that they are unable to provide service to their potential customers as it is a societal issue. As a customer focused business they are worried about the potential customers need and started this new service. They are hoping that there will be a huge impact by this initiation in this service industry. OYO declared that from now unmarried couples can stay in any hotel in their city by providing just local proofs which will not affect the customer privacy. OYO launched this new service not to satisfy only the customers and also to attract new customers and to maintain their brand image in the general public. This new product will increase brand image of OYO with mouth publicity. In India mouth publicity is a best tactic than any other promotional strategies because people believe in experience than general publicity. By analysing the customer feedback that the unmarried couple are facing the last minute inconveniences, OYO took a step ahead and started this service to satisfy the need of potential customers.




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Apple: Following the theory to the perfection.


When we talk about branding, new product development and marketing, the first company striking my mind is “Apple Inc.”. Known for its innovation, design brand and more importantly its unique marketing strategy, creating a strong customer base ever since the launch of its Apple II, generating $79m in sales in 1979 providing customers across the world both tangible and intangible benefits.

Apple offers premium products at premium price, and continue to create groundbreaking products in the variable market of technology, with the help of its R&D department and understanding consumer’s demand and their need to keep themselves updated with the movement of the technology and innovation. And with the core offering off it’s exceptionally well deigned and innovative product, Apple Inc. has successfully offered its global customers with high quality customer service, creating a friendly culture within its retail chain outlet, guiding and helping in product related queries/repairs providing high quality credence and have successfully collaborated it with high in experience qualities towards their customers with the launch of apple store and itunes in 2001, providing perishable (services which are produced and consumed simultaneously) intangible services adding value to its product, enhancing the credibility of its products and customer benefits. Apple has successfully been able to differentiate between its core product and its value added products, providing niche services through its various range of products (itunes and app store in particular), taking service variability across countries and the consumer requirement, for example, app stores have various applications in different region thus improving and innovating on variability. Expanding itself into the marketing mix, the company has successfully established call centers across their operating customers and retail outlets providing direct and personal interaction with the customers in a friendly tech-cultural environment, providing services and taking feedback. This shows how the company have successfully been able to differentiate between its goods and services, differentiating its product and value added products and mixing it with the marketing theories and mix. The company has created an image of innovation and design, satisfying customers and able to attract its customers. Further the industry’s macro environment changes such as innovation and costumer’s change in demands has worked in the favor of the commercialization of their brand image, expertized in the fields of marketing theories and design, providing end to end business.

Marking methodology and branding strategy of Apple centers on their items as well as the need of each individual. The organization brand identity is about effortlessness and disposing of confusions from the lives of each person, individuals driven Apple item plan, and on the subject of being an unquestionably humanistic business with a true and bona fide association with its customers everywhere throughout the world. The Apple Company Brand Personality

Marking procedure of Apple spotlights on client’s feelings. The organization brand identity is about:

  • way of life
  • freedom recovered
  • creative energy
  • trusts
  • dreams
  • development
  • desires
  • energy to the general population by method for innovation.

Apple Inc., has built a strong subsequent product, using the same platform for the same product, making it easier for the customers to understand the subsequent product building high awareness of the high ease quality service among the customers which has worked as an Umbrella effects, working in managing the brand name for the company.

history_of_apple_logo.gifThe changes in the logo speaks a lot about the apple evolution taking care of the market change and the product life cycle. The company first launched its product in 1979 and evolved itself into the diverse field of technology involving its business in iPod, iPad, iMac, MacBook and now has recently launched its product in watch and TV. Further improving on its branding, in every product, and involving into the market, the company has successfully managed to rotate its each product with the launch of its new product, anticipating the change and pre designed market strategy involved through marketing mix and branding management, launching its product through launching event, and beforehand only providing the teaser of the new launch to the market, which keeps their customer more curious for their new launch, each year.

The sensation called Louis Vuitton

When Louis Vuitton Malletier, a French box maker and packer founded the company in the 19th century, little did he know that in the year 2016 it would have become a world-renowned brand. Arriving in Paris in 1837, Vuitton started working at a firmPortrait-Louis-Vuitton.jpg, which dealt with box making and packing, a highly respected field in the old days.
With his skillset, determination to succeed and the innovative ideas he possessed, he successfull
y opened his own workshop, soon after his marriage in 1854. Come today and Louis Vuitton deals in luxury goods, leather bags, shoes, jewellery, perfumes, sunglasses, watches etc. You name it they sell it! LVMH is currently the holding company that owns Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton and their PRODUCTS!

What exactly is a PRODUCT? In the field of marketing, any service, good or idea that can be offered to a market to fulfill the needs and wants is known as a product. Product is classified as such that it helps consumers to enhance their lives or solve their problems. Classified as tangible and intangible, product is an important aspect in any firm’s success. Whatever that calouis-vuitton-vibhor-arora-6-728.jpgn be perceived by touch is tangible whereas whatever that can be perceived indirectly is intangible. Louis Vuitton’s products have both the traits of these elements. In the marketing mix, product plays an important role as well to justify how and why it affects the smooth working of a massive company. The company started with producing boxes but currently they sell a lot of variety of products. From women bags, shoes, perfumes and accessories they have, in the recent past successfully entered into men’s collection as well. The better you understand your market and targeted consumers, the better you can make your product. That’s exactly what LV did to emerge the world’s most valuable luxury brand in 2016.

LV is better than a BRAND!

Something, which is used to identify a product of a seller, be it a name, logo, symbol or design is known as a BRAND. The familiarity of a brand name is of utmost importance in the market, as consumers feel attached to it. In case of Louis Vuitton, their logo is understood to be one of the most iconic fashion logo to have been ever created.louis-vuitton-2012.jpgThe LV shaped monogram, as it’s widely called was developed and designed by Louis Vuitton’s son, Georges Vuitton. The consumers relate to this logo as it showcases luxury and prestige. For the same reason, the company imprints this prestigious logo on all their products. Consumers think of a brand as a status symbol, thus providing customer loyalty in return.

One area, Louis Vuitton believes in, is BRAND ASSOCIATION. With their varying products, LV provides abstract product benefits as well as abstract emotional benefits. They provide consumers with a never seen before, well-designed, rich and classy products as well as satisfaction and pride.

Offering same brand name to different products falls under THE UMBRELLA APPROACH. With a colossal range of products in their kitty, Louis Vuitton believes in stronger brand associations. Due to this theory it gets easy for them to woo their loyal customers as well as attract new one. Once a consumer settles with a brand, it is quite feasible for a firm to create awareness amongst their faithfuls, which in the long run helps to curtail down the advertising expense as well.

With success, come more responsibilities!

LV-PARFUMS_78-79.jpgWhat is the most important aspect in the luxury market? To stay hungry, to stay focused, to innovate from time to time and to swat aside any threat from the competitors. Loyal consumers always look forward to NEW PRODUCTS from their trusted brand. On the brand hand, brands are in look for new customers to increase their sales and stature.

The brand, Louis Vuitton believes in innovation and that exactly why they recently came up with their first fragrance collection in decades. Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, the man behind the creation has brought a total of 7 new fragrances in the market for the French luxury brand. After focusing mostly on fashion and accessories they are looking to get their perfume mojo back in action. They are mostly floral looking at the tradition Grasse goes by in cultivating scented flowers, which are used for making perfumes.

Their focus is to attract women who are fond of fragrances and the brand itself is renowned one to do the needful. With a new product range, Louis Vuitton are looking to rise higher than ever before. Can they strike a chord this time around as well? We shall know sooner than later.


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Volkswagen: What comes to your mind? Quality or deception?


Sara Sahraeean|216313995

Imagine you have recently bought, a new Volkswagen (VW) diesel car after closely exploring different automobile brands for a long time and all of a sudden news break that the carmaker has violated the Clean Air Act according to EPA, California (EPA 2015).  How this issue can impact Volkswagen reputation and brand image in your eyes? How does this impact those who were considering buying a VW diesel and their decision? Here we are going to see how failures (scandals) like the case of VW can influence brands’ reputation and what consequences this loss of reputation can have for a brand.


These days brands can be found everywhere. In the other words we are living in a brand saturated environment where brands can be seen brands in every single part of our lives such as economic, culture, sporting, and even religion. (Maurya & Mishra, 2012).

According to American Marketing Association brand can be defined as “a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors”(Kotler, 2009). As Iacobucci (2013) notes  in majority of cases brands are more valuable than the products itself. Regarding this, scholars have identified several essential building blocks of a brand (Farquhar, 1989; Herbig & Milewicz, 1993), which include (1) brand reputation (2) brand image and (3) brand credibility.

Brand Image can be considered as one of the major criteria for customers when choosing products or services. “brand image is defined here as perceptions about a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in consumer memory” (Keller, 1993). It has been proven by previous studies that a strong brand image can deliver strategic advantages for a firm and reinforce its position in a market (Porter & Claycomb, 1997). However, the down side of the brand reputation is that reputation is fragile. It can be lost or damaged easily and once lost takes much time and effort to restore (Herbig & Milewicz, 1993) and the brand would be affected heavily by this loss, like the way VW did.

VW scandal from a branding perspective

The Volkswagen Group is one of the biggest car manufacture in the Europe and world’s leading car manufacturer. The company has got broad variety of brands such as Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, and Lamborghini, to name a few.

Everything was going well and as planned for VW until in September 2015, United States Environmental Protection Agency, after conducting several tests on VW’s cars found a software installed on the automakers’ diesel cars which starts working under test situation so it could reduce the emission while the engine was being tested. However, during normal driving the software was inactive so emissions could increase up and beyond the legal limits, mainly to enhance engine’s performance.

Shortly after EPA released its report, Volkswagen’s reputation and shares plunged. The Wolfsburg, Germany-based company’s stock fell 35 percent, shaving $22 billion from VW’s market value. The company also lost 25 percent of its market value (Kresge and Weiss 2015)

Investors' reaction to volkswagen emission saga

What is really VW is suffering from after the scandal is in fact the loss of reputation and image of its brand in the eyes of its potential customers. Brand reputation has key role for every single organisation. Reputation is customers’ opinion about a specific company and the way it behaves. Previous studies suggest that customers’ trust and confidence have a positive relationship with company’s reputation (Bracey, 2015). So on this basis, it wouldn’t be wrong to say beyond any financial hits, the damage to Volkswagen’s reputation could be even more difficult to repair. If Volkswagen brand wants to back to its previous position, the company have to work seriously and focus on a strategy aimed at restoring trust with all its customers.



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Unilever: Product, Brand & New product

A company is known by its image. Hence, it is a basic key significance that a firm sees how outside partners see the firm and the brand (Park et al., 2016). The ideas of brand image, brand identity, brand loyalty, brand connection, or brand adoration are exceptionally critical parts of marking that have been contemplated in the writing (Park et al., 2006). The brand of a product or administration passes on important data to the clients as well as to the monetary markets. The brand name is the typical articulation of the item or administration without which there can’t be any showcasing; particularly a correspondence procedure is inconceivable without a brand name (Gatignon et al., 2016).

Unilever wUnilever-Logoas built up in the 1890s, brands with a social mission have been at the center of their business, and now corporate duty supports their procedure. Nowadays, Unilever has more than 400 brands concentrated on well being and prosperity, no organization touches such a large number of individuals’ lives in such a variety of various ways.


Image 1: Brand under Unilever

From the Image 1, there are numbers of brands which are under Unilever. Additionally, Unilever operate a lots of famous brands and products whether for personal care, home care or food & drink area. Personal care, such as Dove and Vaseline … etc. Home care, such as comfort and OMO…etc. Food & drink, for instance Lipton and Bertolli … etc. Unilever use marketing strategy produce commercial to make clients to identify the brand name, value, and image, thus client can recognize brand and remember products.

Great advertising that make clients remember

Personal care – Dove

Dove, an individual consideration items give a refreshingly genuine contrasting option to ladies who perceive that magnificence comes in all shapes and sizes and isn’t just about what you look like – it’s about how you feel.

Dove | Beauty on your own terms:

This is a crusade from Dove welcoming ladies to grasp their own novel image of magnificence and test the individuals who judge them on their appearance. It has a strong message behind “My beauty My say” (Georgia, 2016).

Dove Choose Beautiful | Women all over the world make a choice:

This is a campaign “Choose beautiful” for the Dove personal care, it has dispatched a video as a major aspect of its worldwide promoting effort that difficulties impression of female excellence. “We as a whole have the individual and effective capacity to transcend others’ perspectives, online networking, and popular society, and I trust the Dove ‘pick excellent’ film motivates ladies around the globe to reevaluate how they see their own particular magnificence.”(Omer, 2015).

According to the two videos, it can figure out that Dove puts stock in the significance of beginning the discussion ahead of schedule in life around magnificence certainty and to-date. Additionally, it appeal people should be increase their confidence, choose beautiful, do not care about other’s vision, be a pretty, brave people.

Food & Drink – Lipton

Lipton is the world’s driving tea mark and is sold in more than 150 nations, giving items running from tea packs to packaged frosted tea. In 1880, business person and pioneer Sir Thomas Lipton chose to make tea generally open with ensured quality at moderate costs.

Sparkling Ice Tea Commercial TVC 30” | Lipton Ice Tea:

Lipton aim for give clients different flavor of tea and also make clients feel fresh after drink their product. Recently Lipton innovate a new product” sparking ice tea”, it   has original flavor and lemon flavor, and bubbles would give clients surprise taste.

Home care: OMO

OMO gives you a complete scope of clothing items with incredible cleaning power and astounding first time stain expulsion.

New OMO Liquids: Better than the leading powder detergent

OMO commercial use a real test to show consumer how powerful of their product. It give consumers an amazing choice for clean dirty clothes. In addition, using OMO laundry liquid items can remove dirt easily and clients can be more relax, do not worry to clean.

All of above are some of Unilever’s brand and product advertising. They hold activities to appeal people be confident be themselves, and do real test to show clients their advantages for the products, it successfully to show their strategy to attract client. Therefore, we can learn that Unilever plan to have a beneficial outcome from numerous points of view: through brands, business operations and connections, through intentional commitments, and through the different routes in which they draw in with society.

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Products, need to be upgraded otherwise they would not survive in the market. Therefore, the corporate research and the development sector has to play a significant role in this case. Improving the product to satiate the consumer’s need is a long and a complicated process. Thus, it involves few key concepts, which most of the corporate sector follows. Few of the key concepts are as follows:

  • Naming the next generation product is an important thing. Thus, the organisations adopt a two-way process. The first important way is to go for the sequential approach. The second method is changing the name altogether. If the company carries on with the subsequent naming process, then the customer expect an improved and a better product from the organisation. Things are different in the case of a name change. If the name of the product is entirely changed then, the customer expects something new. They expect new features in the product.iphones-on-display

The iPhone series had always maintained the sequential naming process.

  • It is important for the organisation to weigh both the risks and the rewards before launching the upgraded product in the market.

Brand is more important than the features

Very few people will have a look at the features of an iPhone. The reason is very simple, the brand name. Most of the people only had a glimpse of the features. The brand name attracts most of the consumers. The following name of the product, therefore, is a way to stick to the brand name. Thus, today the consumers have iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

The change in the brand name increases the expectation of the users. Thus, many risk factors are associated with the changing of the brand name. Most of the time the expectation of the consumers are very high, and if the organisation fails to fulfill that expectation, then they face a significant loss. So, if you have a look at the advice provided by the experts, you will find something that is very striking. Most of the experts believe that if you are not coming up with a revolutionary change in the model, then it is better to stick to the following brand name. The changed brand name will increase the expectation to such a level, which the company may not be able to fulfill.

The experts also warn you, when you are sticking to the brand name. Your competitors will adopt the same technique as well. For example, if the market today has the iPhone series then it also has the Galaxy series as well. So what should you do now? Well, you could adopt the name change approach, as Microsoft did. After launching Windows 2000, they launched Windows XP and Windows Vista. But when Vista did not prove to be successful, they again went back to sequential naming process and launched the Windows 7.


So, you can follow this procedure. Stick to the brand name. If you see that your competitors are doing the same, then you could go for a name change. If that fails to provide you with success, you could return to your sequential name. It is as simple as that.

Marketing the New Product

The new product that is launched in the market should be promoted in a proper way. The new product is associated with creativity, innovation, and hard work. So, you should promote it in a proper way. You should make sure that the new product that you are launching in the market becomes the necessity of the consumers. Market it in such a way that the functionality of the product attracts the customers, and they should think of having the product at any cost.

You know your products have the certain potential. Thus, the product will fulfil particular needs and the purpose of the customers. Now share this information with your client. The unique way you chose will make sure their clients will be attracted to you. You could take the example of Oona. The organisation wanted to sell their smartphone stands. Thus, they released a video, which shows the various kinds of purposes that are being fulfilled by this new product in different places and time.

After you have launched the new product, be in touch with your consumers. Today it is not that difficult. Stay connected with them through social networking sites. Seek useful advice and suggestion from your potential customers and from those who are already your customer. It will allow your customers to be always excited about your products, both the on which is already launched and about the new product.

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Innovative Thinking Is The Key To Success

If I ask you ‘Which is your favourite brand?’ would you be able to come up with one specific name. Its difficult isn’t it. But what if I give you a category to choose from then you might throw me a brand name in a couple of seconds.

Here’s the main question – How do we come up with these specific brand names?

The brands that have kept valuing their customers by assuring their value proposition through their slogans and mission statements have not only managed to strongly impact the consumer choice but also eventually made it to the top brands list.

That’s the reason we consumers are so specific about our favourite brands.

2a904f42c112042467db17247a4f76d46fe7e809ba27944191dc32cdA company’s identity relies on numerous factors that includes branding, which is one of the most crucial aspect. A brand must posses all the necessary qualities that can help the consumers to identify with and should embrace a lifestyle. A brand should give its products’ substance and significance.

One of the outcomes of branding is that it has shown an significant improvement in decision making process of the customers. Achieving a reputation makes a brand serve as a status symbol as it confidently highlights the quality of its products thereby reducing the customer perceived jeopardy.

What defines a brand?

Construction site crane building a blue 3D text. Part of a series.

Although there are many aspects that impact a brand’s definition such as the name, the symbol, colour of the logo and the tag line but the brand personality sums them up as in the end it’s all about pleasing the customers.

Brand Personality

Brand personality is something, which the consumers have consented with. Company’s and organisations use the framework of brand personality to nurture the views of the people regarding it’s mission and the product.

It is important to distinguish brand differences, because brand personality influences the perceptions of consumers. The perception of a brand personality is considered an expressive valuation of a brand in the mind of consumers (Balakrishnan et al., 2009).


In order to have a more deep idea lets consider the most successful apparel brand i.e. “Nike”.

Nike, Inc.


Two dreamers Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started this company with nothing but a handshake to design shoes for runners.

According to Forbes 2016 rankings for the world’s most valuable brands, Nike ranks 18th and steals the no.1     spot for the most valuable brand in the apparel category.

One of the most noticeable logos the Nike Swoosh has helped Nike become one of the most efficacious brands today. The logo stands for the aspects most people strive for:

  • Authenticity
  • Dominance
  • Innovation
  • Winning
  • Performance

Nike’s Brand Strategy

A Compelling Tagline

Nike’s iconic slogan, Just Do It is so appropriate for a brand like Nike as it connects with people individually. It certainly unites the fans with the brand allowing them to build a unique interpretation. I have see people obsessed with this mantra to deal with fitness and everyday obstacles.

The move to start Apparels

401990_430756110304072_1809658815_nAlthough Nike was originally only into making shoes and is also still know for its premium quality it also stepped into the apparel segment. This move was quite clever, proving to be another great example of brand extensions. But wait this doesn’t stop here as Nike now connects with its customer by making numerous accessories that seem to be just irresistible for any Nike fan.


Nike’s Brand Personality


Brand personality has five main variables:

  • Sincerity – this attribute compiles qualities such as such as being original, truthful and down-to-earth. Nike is perceived to be genuine by almost all its fans.
  • Excitement – refers to traits such as daring, trendy, exciting, young, unique and imaginative. Nike’s customers were observed to associate Original, Trendy, Good Looking and Creative with the sports shoes they used. Nike is has been appealing to the younger crowd with their unique designs and trendy colours (neon and bright colours).
  • Competence – this attribute refers to brands reliability, hard work, intelligence and leadership. The company’s history show the hark work its owners put in to achieve world dominance and become the leader in athletic and sports industry.
  • Sophisticated – refers to traits such as upper class, good-looking, charming, feminine and smooth. Nike products are now considered as luxurious and also glamorous in some cases like its expensive sneakers.
  • Ruggedness – describes the strength of the brand. The Nike products are known for its durability, which takes it to another level of exclusivity.


Looking at Nike, Inc. today would believe that this raging monstrous company started with just a simple handshake. Nike’s journey as a brand has been one of persistence and hard work that showed its dedication to lead the business sector.
Innovation and inspiration for every athlete has been Nike’s mission thereby making is inimitable. To become a brand like Nike all it requires is a vision to become a 52-year overnight success.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this.

By Pranit Kishor Jadhav

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What you buy is who you are!

When we think about any beauty product , the first thing which come in our mind is what and which Brand to buy?

As my mother see’s what our young girls don’t – not just beauty, as well as limitless potential. She wants me to be a superior version of her, to grab each open door and not be kept down by those imperceptible yet intense strengths that we, with the advantage of age and wisdom, have overcome.So, the first thing which popped out is DOVE ! So, what makes it unique? Why every female is preferring it over other brands . What makes us to choose that BRAND?


So what is a brand? Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website and your name. In fact, your brand is much more than that-it’s the stuff that feels intangible.According to Allen Adamson,”Each brand makes a promises. However, in a commercial center in which shopper certainty is low and budgetary cautiousness is high, it’s not simply making a promise that isolates one brand from another, yet having a characterizing reason.

 “Dove realizes that ladies are always examined about what they look like,” said Jennifer Bremner, chief of showcasing for the brand. “They are under weight to ‘look like it’ and this prevents them from accomplishing their maximum capacity. Numerous ladies perceive sense of pride remains a fight to be won.”

Customers are not always rational.They always associate themselves with the brand. They have their emotions attached with it.


Source- http://www.youtube.com

So, here’s what Unilever is doing by using House of Brands marketing strategy. They concentrate more on individual brand than just faming their own name.Customers psychologically build their stronger connection with the specific product without particularly thinking about its manufacturer.So, here what DOVE is doing.It focus on every section of female, her physique, personality, culture, realtionship and self image- For all their is one product DOVE! It cares about the emotions attached with the product and here’s the actual marketing strategy work.



A typical strategy for propelling another item by utilizing a current brand name on another item in an alternate classification. A company utilizing brand extension wants to influence its current client base and brand loyalty to expand its benefits by advertising or offering new product.

Dove is just not a soap anymore.It has extended according to the needs of the customers.


Their is always a need for something new. For consumers, the brand can act as a signal of the quality of new product(Wernerfelt, 1988)and the assessment procedure will be the after effect of incorporating data about the parent brand with data emerging from the new product.

The popularity of this strategy is because of the conviction that it prompts higher shopper trial than the utilization of another brand name due to the awareness levels and affiliation (symbolism)values of the brand name being utilized (Keller 2003, p.582).

So what’s the need for extension?

Consumer is always demanding and if once your brand has become an eye candy to customers, they will always demand for the new product and it’s always healthy to have somehing new. Nothing is constant and neither these products.

But the challenge percieved by a new product is it is needed to be fit in a new product category being entered. The more the apparent fit, the more noteworthy is the degree to which shoppers will see the perceptions and inclination of the stretching out brand to “extend” to its new item classification.(Broniarczyk and Alba1994)

So, to overcome this the product evolution and duration in the marketplace has to be determined and it can be done by product life  cycle.       stock-photo-product-life-cycle-chart-on-white-background-103332302

This cycle explain all the stages which an product undergoes in the entire life-

  • Introduction stage– In this a new product is brought into the marketplace with heavy market spending. By analysis with DOVE , when the dove soap was introduced its price was at slightly higher range and they did so to maintain the premium tag. Initially less sale not much growth.
  • Growth Stage– Sales fastens and profit increase( Iacobucci). With all Dove’s ‘ Real Beauty ‘campaign and Dove’s ‘Real beauty Sketches’ it has garnered more than 114 million total views, making it most viral video of all time. It has involved over half(54%) women globally which definitely shows an increase in growth of brand.
  • Maturation Stage– It comes when product nears market maturity and when there is need for brand extension and thats what a DOVE do.
  • Decline Stage– Final phase where sales and profit are dropping.

The main conclusion is as Dove says don’t take our word for it. Read what others have to say about our products , by these ad-campaigns dove is still in its growth phase and attracting their customers on the emotional behalf.So what u think is this a right way to promote a brand?



Komal Sardana




WOD (Wasted Opportunity of the Day)

In 2014 Reebok and professional powerlifter Mark “Smelly” Bell released a deadlift shoe, aimed at powerlifters and claiming to be the best deadlift and flat bottomed squat shoe in the market.  This, on its own, would have been a grandiose claim, but not one without some backing.  Mark Bell has a large social media following, with over 180,000 followers and over 35 million total views on his gyms Youtube channel “Supertraining06.”  Mark Bell also has a line of powerlifting gear and accessories under his Slingshot brand that has been used by a number of professional powerlifters and amateurs worldwide.


This should have been an easy marketing decision.  The market is fairly large, as, while it is designed for powerlifters, the stability and grip of the shoes would benefit gym goers of many levels and goals.  There are not a lot of other options for true deadlift shoes.  Sabo deadlift shoes retail for around $90 USD while Metal’s model retails for $189 normally.  That leaves the only known options of the Reebok shoe which retails at $90 USD but can be found on sale for about half of that, or the classic Chuck Taylor (Converse) route that costs even more (though I personally wear a pair of $15 knock offs).  Sabo and Metal are fairly niche companies and realistically unless you are specifically looking for those brands, you probably would not find them, and Chuck Taylor’s are much more recognizable as simply street shoes.  Reebok has a large following, and Mark Bell and his Slingshot brand, while less recognizable, do give credibility for the more serious lifters.  It would fill the need for a reasonably priced shoe (assuming it was on sale) and given Mark Bell’s reputation, should have been well designed.  Given that, it should have been a fairly straightforward entry into the powerlifting market, and another addition to Reeboks fitness shoes.  I say should have been, because they alienated that entire sports base by slapping one word across the shoe: Crossfit.


Crossfit, while it is a well-recognized brand name, does not add any credibility to these shoes.  David Aaker lists three kinds of associations; the good, the bad and the ugly.  Good associations bring visibility, credibility, and quality assurance.  Bad associations bring nothing new to the product, and Ugly associations detract from the product.  This was an ugly association.  Crossfit does not bring any credibility to these shoes, and actively discourages powerlifters from wearing them (see the comments here and here).  While some lifters may forgive this label as a necessary evil in promoting a product for a niche market, some (myself included) will be turned off by an association with Crossfit and actively avoid wearing anything with that name on it.

Now, if the end goal is to simply churn out as many shoes to anyone who might where them, then Crossfit may not be a bad association.  There are a lot of people that do Crossfit, for whatever reason, and who will pay through the nose for the newest thing to say “Crossfit” on the side.  However, I don’t believe that was the goal.  Crossfit and Reebok already have a very successful partnership and a huge range of Crossfit shoes available, so these would not fill any obvious need there and might actually detract from the sales of their existing products.  Additionally, if these were made for Crossfit, then Mark Bell would not be necessary.

No, these were shoes made for powerlifting, by a powerlifter.  Reebok was simply too blinded by their own association with Crossfit to realize that their own brand would have been better.  Mark Bell’s Slingshot brand would have been better.  Anything would have been better.  Reebok have in one word managed to take what should have been a fantastic move into a new market, and botched it completely.  Nothing about this brand association works.  Crossfit is not stronger for having these shoes.  Reebok and these shoes are worse for it.  Mark Bell may not have lost any standing, but he definitely will gain none either.

In fairness, these could be fantastic shoes.  They may live up to their own hype.  I will personally never know, but I am impressed by one thing Reebok did.  Somehow, someway, by slapping Crossfit on the side of them, they’ve made Mark Bell cringeworth rapping seem like the greatest marketing decision ever.


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The branding of Midwives…..

With the current cash strapped Medicare system, the poor under funded states and territories and the hospitals all being in crisis point with too many patients and not enough beds, Independent Midwifery practices are opening their businesses to provide what they hope a better service.

How then do you brand a service which women need to pay thousands of dollars for when they can receive a similar service through a public funded service? How do you tell women that this new service is worth the money and how do you tell women that whey are getting amazing value for money? You tell them it is all about them….yes every women would love a service which rotates completely about them and their needs. So you call the business My Midwives. You brand the company telling women the service is dedicated to their needs in having a baby.

So why do companies brand? This can be looked at from 2 perspectives – the customer and then the company. According to Iacobucci (2014) the purpose of brands for the customer are:

  1. Brands convey information
  2. Brands signal consistent quality
  3. Brands confer status
  4. Brands reduce customer risk
  5. Brands makes many purchase decisions easier                                                                                                                                                                                Iacobucci (2014:78)

If this is true, does the My Midwives brand fulfill these points and does it then convey accurate information to the customer?

  1. Yes the My Midwives brand tells the customer what the service is about – it provides a Midwifery service for the customer. This could be seen as misleading though. Midwives practice is regulated by various government and regulatory bodies and laws. This means that Midwives have directed guidelines and protocols they must follow no matter where they practice. This being the case it is fair to say while customers aim at receiving higher quality, individualised care through the My Midwives service in reality the outcome will essentially be the same.
  2. The brand of My Midwives is built on word of mouth and advertising – this being said that the brand is a contemporary logo, bright colours attractive to women, and being conveyed through various multimedia and social media sources.
  3. The old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ could be applied in this circumstance. Paying for a service implies within the community you will get a better service – this can be applied to the service of My Midwives and its brand.By buying into a brand that implies it revolves it service around you as the customer.
  4. The brand implies a company with various practices. As outlined on the companies website having multiple practices with multiple practitioners increases accessibility and availability of services.
  5. Having a baby is a life changing event. Every woman wants to start their life as a parent with the best dreams and aspirations for their soon to be child, so buying into a product and a brand that promises individualised care – the brand of the midwifery model has a significant impact on luring women into the practice

So in reflection the brand of the ‘My Midwives’ practice has positive effect on customer decision making. As stated by Iacobucci (2014:79) “Customers so appreciate the reliability, high quality, and status of their favourite brands that they’re less price sensitive, knowing that they’re paying somewhat more” This is reflective of the ‘my Midwives’ brand of care. Whilst women buy into the brand as outlined previously, they are also willing to pay a significant price for this model of care. Many public hospitals provide the same or similar model of care which would be publicly funded. Whilst these models are not outwardly marketed and branded and the availability of these services are only known through word of mouth or interaction with the public sector hospital, it is clear to see the effect of branding on a service in comparison to the same service which are often under utilised due to lack of public awareness and branding.

So, branding of a Midwifery service may not provide any better outcome, may not guarantee a better outcome, or make you a better parent but it will ensure women get increased status through buying into the brand, and the sense of individualised care – which in reality women were always going to get.
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