Marketing Strategies : A Company needs Strategies to Carryout desired Goals

A strategy is the combination of marketing goals  into one comprehensive plan. But creating a strategy can be difficult at times. A good marketing strategy should be drawn from the market i.e , the strategy should be right product mix to achieve the maximum profit and sustain the business. The strategies help to align marketing goals. The goals should be specific , attainable , realistic and measurable and most important should be time bound. You should know what you want to achieve and should work towards achieving exactly what you have aimed for.

A well defined marketing goal are based on the overall goals of the business.To maintain our customers we should  communicate with customers more often . we can also generate more customers from our current clients through email marketing . (this allow us to keep the leads for future)

While strategizing the goals. It is easy to say that you want to generate  more leads  in order to  achieve your goals faster . but what you don’t realize is that , how many leads do you need to achieve  your goal exactly ?10 more ? 100 more?  This results in poor marketing  strategy and makes it harder  to achieve your goal on time. For instance, McDonalds in India have very different menu as compared to other countries. This is because of  different type target audience. In order to earn profits McDonald have to make strategies to achieve their goals  with different products. Good strategies will help them to survive in the Indian market.

The marketing plan is a basic record that gives us how the company will work in the future. Having a marketing plan  helps the organizations to  create and screen desires for other areas. On the off chance that business development is a showcasing arrangement objective, for occasion, organization pioneers may need to increase deals staff in stores to produce more deals. Same as increased customers service is strategy of the company then company has to focus more on training employees for stronger customer service for good support for other employees.

At the time of making Strategies one of the most important method the company uses is SWOT Analysis.  SWOT means  Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat. It considers all the factors that the company could have effects of. This video will help you to understand about SWOT analysis more.





Most of the small business owners who don’t know the significance of a market plan, which traces your organization’s course for achievement. One essential component of that arrangement is your marketing strategy.


As, In India high percent of people eat  vegetarian than non vegetarian. So the company have to come up with idea or products to target these audiences

These market plans helps company to survive or increase their goodwill in the market.

. Net profits decreased during the year 2007 but with some strategies company managed to increase their net profits in the year 2008.

Since this methodology is covered in the bigger strategy for success, numerous little entrepreneurs may not give marketing the time, exploration and consideration it deserves , expecting that they know their client base and how to contact them. Be that as it may, an inside and out and way to deal with laying out your marketing strategy can uncover opportunities from another group of onlookers or potential product offering, pitfalls in estimating, rivalry response, and potential range.

Implementing content marketing tactics (or social media tactics, or any communication practice, for that matter) without first preparing a strategic planning is like building a house with no blueprint. At the most basic , strategies and plans helps a company to stand and compete with other organizations. Market plans help us to know who are our customers and what is our target to achieve In a given period of time.

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Instagram, a model & a Holden do they really go hand in hand?

With much of the recent focus on Holden relating to the end of car manufacturing in Australia in 2017, they needed to get savvy with their next marketing campaign to stay ahead of the pack.

So what did they do: A Celebrity Ambassador,

  • Cue Alex Pendlebury, brand ambassador for the newly released Holden Cascada.  Alex is a nutritionist, health & wellness advisor, director of Progression Fitness Club, model, blogger, wife of Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury & Instagram account holder with 28,000 followers, the perfect recipe for capturing a large audience of young women.



Gone are the days of simply marketing the traditional Holden Commodore to the loyal Australian after an Australian made car, in a bold move they have specifically targeted 25-44-year-old females for the release of the new model Holden Cascada and they need a well designed marketing strategy to capture this new audience.

  • Holden’s Director of Marketing & Customer Experience Geraldine Davy describes the Australian car industry as the most competitive in the world (models per capita), with greater options than we have ever had before.


Through a situational analysis of the current automotive industry Holden has established their strengths and weaknesses and compared themselves to competitors such as Mazda & Jeep.  Mazda has the fresh young & like able ambassador Lauren Phillips, whilst popular model & television presenter Rachel Finch is a Jeep ambassador.

It seems obvious that Holden would follow suit to promote their cars and similarly use Alex Pendlebury who has a profile & status that attracts huge numbers of social media followers to their campaign.

  • A situational analysis allows the company to assess the current strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities for development and threats from competitors.




With their 5 brand strategies revealed it is clear that Holden has focused on the 5 C’s of marketing and has clear goals they want to achieve.  Knowing your customer is the key to formulating a great marketing strategy, Iacobucci describes the current marketing world as “truly customer – orientated and customer empowered.”

So what are their brand strategies and how to they relate to the 5 C’s of Marketing?

Customer, Company, Context, Collaborators and Competitors


Tap into Modern Australia

This is all about Holden tapping into & engaging with a new market of the 25-44-year-old females with the same product, therefore hoping for greater market penetration with new customers.  In this age group social media has a huge influence over what they buy and how they live their lives, whether this is through fashion websites or blogs, healthy eating and exercise so why should the automotive industry be any different from these everyday lifestyle choices with their marketing strategies.

Holden’s Davy states they are trying to align with the lifestyle of making the most out of every day and meeting the needs of this modern Australia by taking them on a journey with this brand.





Pay Social Influencers to be your ambassadors

Many leading automotive brands use celebrity power to promote their products & Holden is no different, however choosing the right celebrity allows them to keep up with their competitors and offers the target audience a reputable brand ambassador.


Holden ambassador model Alex Pendlebury photographed by @OracleFoxBlog for the brand’s sponsored Instagram campaign



Harness your customer’s emotions

Holden is marketing a car that focuses on luxury and style and attempting to convince women that this is a sophisticated & stylish purchase.  A clever strategy to appeal to their target audience by saying we know you like this lifestyle & we have the product for you.

Sponsorship at events like Runway Weekend, a stand alone fashion, beauty & style event enable fantastic exposure to the target audience.




Find the right channel to engage with your customer

“We wanted to make sure we were driving more women into Holden’s owned channels, including the websites, social channels, CRM and of course into our Holden dealerships.  That meant we had to do a bit of creative repositioning.” Geraldine Davis.


Acknowledging that the communication to a new audience was going to be different to their previous campaigns, and that they paid influencers such as See Want Shop, Sarah Ellison and Oracle Fox Blog to write posts, allowed them to work with collaborators to get their product out there & be seen on many different forms of media to really target the customer.  Davys has told CRM that Holden has had the highest brand awareness results out of any global auto campaign on Instagram to date.”

With this in mind does that mean now that Holden become the chased in this demographic??  Certainly some powerful marketing.


And lastly ……..  Future proof your brand

With the car industry as competitive as ever, and Holden nearing the end of Australian production in 2017, their future in the Australian car market has never been so important.  They have been a leading manufacturer in Australia with a reputable brand that has become synonymous with car lovers but now they must engage in new strategies to compete and maintain their well-known strengths of reliability and affordability for the average Australian.

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Instagram Alex Pendlebury

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Have you heard Apple? Not the fruit apple. It is a tech company.


“Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in CupertinoCalifornia, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronicscomputer software, and online services.”

Apple Inc was established by Steve JobsSteve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Nowadays Apple Inc has become one of the greatest companies in the world. 

Iphone is a specific product from Apple Inc. There are huge quantity of customers in China.  Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed that iPhone market in China grew 75 percentage in every year.


China has already become the largest market except the USA. According to the Apple company report, Apple Inc gained $13.2 billion revenue after they released the huge-screen iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus in China that includes mainland, Hong kong and Taiwan.

How do the Apple Inc achieve this success? The reason will be explained based on SWOT analysis.

What is SWOT analysis?

SWOT tool is a popular approach to analyze a company what environment or occasion it is in. SWOT analysis is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It  is a structured planning method that aim to assess those four factors of a project or business venture.

The first step that have to be done for SWOT analysis is analyzing external and internal environment of the company. And then base on the external and internal environment to analyze the specific strengths and weakness. In addition, the opportunity and threats that will be faced by company should also be considered.


Apple’s strengths( internal strategic factors):

  • High technology and quality products such as iPhone, iPad, iMac
  • Globally recognized brand and large quantity loyal customers named “Apple Fans”
  • High profit margin

Apple is one of the most valuable and effective brand all over the world. In addition, Apple maintains the high price and quality products strategy. It helps Apple gain more profit.  The main reason why Apple can get such huge market share in China is because China huge amount population. Besides that, Apple focus on young customers which prefer new and special products. Thus Apple established their “Apple culture” in order to attract loyal fans. Once these customers are used to using IOS system, they will continue to purchasing Apple’s products.

Apple’s weakness( internal strategic factors):

  • High selling price
  • limited retail network
  • Chinese customers unwilling  to pay for download App from iTunes store

High selling price is the most obvious weakness no matter in China or in other countries. Because of its high technology, the price is hardly to reduce. Compared with other brand which produce similar products, Apple lost many customer which would like low price rather than high technology. Moreover, Apple retailer network is limited. This is because of Apple’s policy. It is not convenient for those potential customers. Plus, some apps from iTunes store need download fee. However most Chinese customers are used to choosing free app.

Opportunities for Apple Inc ( external strategic factors):

  • penetration into more cities since the demand increase
  • dramatic increase Chinese economy and build more retail store

The Apple China faces a very good market environment. Since the government carries out profitably policy and there are a big amount potential customers. Apple Inc should permeate into more cities in China and expand the popularity of their brand at the same time. Because of the present economic policy, Chinese economy continues increasing in recent years. The public have enough demand and money to purchase iPhone, iPad, even iMac. It is a good opportunity to build more retail store that can compete with other competitors.

Threats for Apple Inc ( external strategic factors):

  • Highly competitive environment
  • Imitation, patent, copyright infringement occurs frequently in China
  • High pressure to reduce price
  • phone-hacking scandal

In China, production industry developed quickly. Besides Apple and Samsung, there are also many local brands that provide similar products which are much cheaper than Apple’s products. In fact, Apple China faces great challenge since they do not have advantage on price strategy. In addition, because of legal loopholes, imitation, patent and copyright infringement occurs frequently in China. Those products have similar function while in a low price, which may cause Apple lose lots of customers. Thus, reducing price is the popular opinion among customers. Last but not least, in China, staffs of government and some special department are not allowed to use iPhone or iMac since phone-hacking scandal.

To sum up, Apple Inc faces a good time in China now and it gains huge revenue from China market. Apple should keep developing their strengths and catching opportunities to overcome its weakness and threats that they have to face.



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Why Audi got a successful market in China?



Audi as a one of the biggest German automobile manufacturers in the world and it designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. Audi has got huge part in China automobile marketing from 1998 when Audi entered in China, it quickly earned a reputation as the maker of the limo favored by bureaucrats and party functionaries (Jian Y, 2016).

Therefore, what strategy and plan can make Audi has get huge market shares in China?

Audi’s customer strategy.

Audi is the most popular luxury vehicles in government agencies, therefore, there are nearly one- third of all A6 sedans sold by Chinese government purchase. But now Audi try to make a younger luxury brand because of China government anti-corruption policy, and the other hand, the slowdown Chinese economy reduced sale of some of


the premium luxury cars and the same time the affordable luxury car makers have been got a huge sales increase. The Chinese government influence and economy influence make a huge opportunity for Audi’s development in China.

Market framework is based on 5Cs that including customer, company, context, collaborators and competitors. Audi try to design and production young and more cheaper automobile such as A1, A3 etc. in 2013, Audi begins is now gearing up to open its second assembly plant and producing its A3 sedan in FAW-VW’s Foshan facility ( Amy W, 2016).

Audi’s brand strategy.

Audi`s Branding strategy in China has a high effective, such as Audi through support the top of music, sport and art for achieving PR purposes, Audi brand strategy is not only sales the luxury vehicles, but also pay attention car’s service and give customers more opportunity to experience to premium music and sporting events and premium lifestyle. Therefore, brand of Audi becomes commensurate with luxury lifestyle and top of sport in mind of customers.

SWOT tool

Audi China’s make a marketing strategy and plan bases on China huge population market and Chinese government policy. Audi China gets a huge market shares because they made a long strategy and plan and get a good opportunity to development brand of Audi. The following figure 2 is the concrete process of marketing strategy and plan.

Figure 2 marketing strategy and plan process



From the aspect of theory, the tool of SWOT analysis is the basic of marketing decision for Audi, the SWOT matrix contains four aspects: weakness, strength, opportunity and threat (Basu, 2014). Audi’s advantage is brand and service.  Audi has a clear marketing strategy and plan thanks to its precise SWOT analysis, the first is the strength, Audi’s automobile update every year and it has a big update every four years, at the same time Audi pushed out a new product in China market every year, difference price can suit difference customers. The next is opportunity, Chinese government was choose Audi as the main official business vehicles made Audi got a quickly increase rate in China market and made Audi entered into luxury brand market. The third is weakness, Audi’s disadvantage is burn energy oil, and it is a huge product defect would lead to a lots negative effects, Audi try to use the better after sale service to cover this weakness. The next is threat, Audi have to face to BMW and Mercedes pressure of competition and continue to update new produce and try to keep brand effective. However, the difference situation is that the Chinese government was preferred to use Audi as the official business vehicles, hance, Audi has more opportunities to development marketing and has more stable sales than other premium luxury brands.

On the basic of marketing SWOT analysis, Audi have a clear develop plan in China, they are working hard to erase that image as it reaches out to young, affluent car buyers. And apparently China’s largest luxury brand has made some progress (Jian Y, 2016). Audi change their customer target from the government to young people, the new vehicles price down to $30000 in China, this price strategy can get more young people choose buy A1, A3 or Q3 as their first car, this strategy can get more market shares but dangerous for brand effect, low price can attract more customers but will influence high-end customers choose.

Audi China marketing strategy and plan

Audi change their customer’s goals for fit new situation in China environment, the reason that Audi can survive in the market competition successfully is that they has a clear self-assessment. As a traditional luxury automobile brand, they have their own segmented marked and target customers. Audi has precise development goal. The development target gains from their SWOT analysis about their survival situation and company condition. After the analysis of 5Cs, STP and 4Ps, the firms form their own market development strategy and plan. All these market strategy and plan make Audi products more popular in the market.


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Apple’s Marketing Strategy: Power of Simplicity and Innovation

There are certain brands that cannot be differentiated from the maker of the brand, Apple is such a brand, Apple relates to the legendary Steve Jobs like no other brand. When we look at the history of brands they have been established by their uniqueness and vitality.

Even the lawsuits with Samsung, have brought it in the cynosure of everyone’s eye. But, let us go to the basics how has the marketing strategy of this product made it such a loved brand.

When we look at the statistics, Apple is a great example in terms of design and innovation. It also combines a sense of pride by giving the customer a sense of premium purchase.


“Marketing Strategy is also the alignment of marketing short term and long term plans with respect to the company’s vision and mission statement. This in turn leads to a goal strategy alignment”.

The 4P Analysis – Ease of Use, Desirability, Availability and Launch tactics

As far as the products were concerned, Jobs would always stick to the point of design simplicity. Industrial design has always been a complicated genre, and when the same is combined with needs of the consumer.

Then comes the Price, Apple has kept the prices significantly higher than the other players, this is the strategy to look at the brand as a premium product. It is directly related to the shopper feeling elated when he owns an Apple product.

When it comes to the placement of its products, the concepts of an Apple store with amazing features like the Genius Bar, the layout of the store itself provides an amazing experience to the customer. They also ensure exclusivity by keeping a check on the number of stores opened.

Then comes the aspect of promotions prior to launch and later, the product had a pre-launch strategy with videos creating the buzz about the features in the product. This can be very well seen when they created a thrill around the launch of Siri, a talkative assistance feature. Jobs always made sure that the launch of any Apple product came as a magnificent event.

The external environment

Now we must look at the theoretical aspects of marketing environment the economic environment suggests the advent of SMAC based technologies with deep rooted consumerism across the globe.

As far as the social environment is concerned this has propelled individualistic tendencies, hence a number of consumers relate to the founder Job with their own persona.

Apple has spread the American way of consumerism all through the world owning an Apple product brings in a feeling of rarity and exclusivity in the minds of the consumer.

The legal cases that Apple has fought in fact has made it even more pronounced across the globe. It has received a stature in countries like South Korea where they fight with their biggest rival Samsung.

As far as technology is concerned they have displayed innovation and simplicity as their key value proposition.

The BCG and Ansoff’s Matrix analysis

When we apply these two model’s we clearly see that Apple is currently a Star as far as overall corporate brand is concerned while the products like IPhone is now becoming a cash cow and they need to make a major upheaval in the user experience to regain the Star position in the smartphone category.

Apple is doing a lot as far a Product Development is concerned, this can be seen by the launch of Apple’s iWatch. They are also looking at Market Development by entering the emerging markets where their penetration and reach is fairly low.

Threats and Opportunities

Any marketing strategy is quite incomplete without a SWOT analysis, Apple’s strength and rise to fame has already been discussed and explained by me. But when we look at the major challenges and threats we can see piracy and copycat designs as major threat to its consistent growth. After Jobs the leadership change has also influenced the way buyers saw this product.

Finally what can be the opportunity, in this technology savvy millennial generation, innovation has to be the key differentiator that brings in customers. Apple is a spear header in innovation. They have always stayed ahead of times.

Apple!!!It’s a clear competitive marketing strategy

Apple has all the three components of the Generic Strategy, The Company is focussed not just on the product but its clear cut offering is simplicity. It is differentiated in every possible way that is possible be it the price segment that it operates in. Then comes the effect of a well demarcated design and in a large number of cases they have been pioneers of novel design concepts. Then we can also look at cost and in case of Apple the cost is related the outlook of premiumization that it throws before the customer.

The other aspects could be to look at the strengths of this giant over the others. The company has the largest reserve cash which is more than close to two-thirds of the countries in the world.

Apple’s goal is aligned with the vision and mission statement of being an innovation player they have ensured their reliance on the same. They have incorporated innovation due to the effect of Job’s focus on the same. They have not only revolutionized the smartphone industry but also the mobility industry in particular.

How is Apple shaped for the future?

Apple is thus a success owing to its reliance on simplicity and innovation. They have clearly understood their target shopper and hence ensured their bargaining power to prevail. This and combined with their drive for bringing up new user experience will make it successful and a sustainable competitive advantage will be achieved.

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It is not always right “Shut the Barne door after the noble horse has bolted.”

Have you heard about the idiom “shut the stable door after the horse has bolted”?


People usually use this phrase when explaining the situation which it is too late to take action to prevent something bad from happening, that the bad event has already happened and trying to stop something bad happening when it has already happened and the situation cannot be changed.

People often regret about what they did not do in the past and keep saying “Oh, I should have done it…”

In our life, tiny mistakes cause big problems like a butterfly effect.

On the other hand, Barnes and Noble, the largest retail book seller in the United States had a difficult time after making a wrong decision in the past when a new technology, the Internet, was introduced to the world. At the beginning, their reaction to the new trend was delayed and not suitable. As a result, Barnes and Noble faced decline in their business. They, however, overcame their delayed entry digital market trying to regain the leading position in the market.

제목 없음-6

What happened to Barnes and Noble?

As information technology developed, online shopping industry had flourished all over the world.

Let us go back in time when the internet was just introduced to the world. After inventing internet, electronic commerce started being used. Amazon became a leader of the online shopping market. However, Barnes and Noble, one of the biggest corporations in the United States selling books did not recognize the most important time they could have broadened new business failed to meet the new shopping trends.

How did they overcome?

After experiencing business decline, they had tried to get over their business difficulty.

Barnes and Noble they made up the new strategies using SWOT analysis for the trends.

제목 없음-2

SWOT is a tool invented in order to strategically approach the circumstance the corporation faces. It is designed to comprehend threats and opportunity in the certain market. It also plays a key role in using strength and complementing weakness to avoid and overcome the situation. SWOT analysis is made with important factors from external and internal environments of the corporation. In addition, it is widely used because of its practicality which enables companies to establish strategies using analysis of the situation that has already been conducted without additional complicated work.


The first step that has to be done for SWOT analysis is analyzing the market and consumers so that they can assess the opportunity factor and threat factors from their external and internal environment. The trend of market has dynamic structure, which is affected by 3 different factors, new technology, life-style, and the situation of society economy. Society-economic situation leaded trends in the 1990’s, whereas it is generally influenced by life-style and technology factors for the time being.

제목 없음-222


As mentioned before, Barnes and Noble had to conceive new strategies to compete with Amazon. It traditionally was positioned in the lead of the offline market and its level of brand awareness among consumers was very high. In addition, to deal with the new trend by technology growth, they established e-book system, people can read books with their smart phones, tablet PCs and so on. They also tried to use the existing distribution infrastructure that they had and they have the largest chain of bookstores in U.S.


However, their online brand recognition and consumer database were not sufficient to compete with Amazon and other competitors. There was also a lack of knowledge of online business.  Most rivals have deeper pockets and fewer modes of competition. It also significantly costs associated with maintaining physical store and continued investment in digital business.


Despite of their weakness, there was opportunity from partnership with Microsoft. and increasing demand for offerings of digital content. it can also make a fortune in online business such as the possibility of strategical alliance with online based on experience of offline sales and vitalization of online shopping industry.


On the other hand, there were also some threat factors. For example, a lot of competitors already started their own online business and when Barnes and Noble began digital shopping business, which could cause price discounting by competitors and digital content technology was rapidly changing.

To sum up,

After appointing William Lynch as a C.E.O of Barnes and Noble in 2010, all of the company capability focused on E-Book. Even they are still the second biggest book seller online ,as a the second mover, their online business is still growing up through a range of business strategies. As a result, Barnes and Noble is still in the list of Fortune 500.




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Is Apple – Futureproof?

Currently Apple has the highest revenue ($233 billion) in the technological industry, making a profit of $53 billion, with $586 billion market cap for the previous year. These achievements qualify apple as the largest tech organisation as well as lands in the 8th biggest company in the world. And, 4th biggest in the North America on the Forbes Global 2000 (, 2016).

Apple, under Tim Cook’s leadership, still outperforms its competition in every aspect that could be measured. Simultaneously apple also passed the news for the iPhone sales falling-off for the first time ever since its inception. And, with the later news some speculators suspected that the company’s golden period is over (, 2016).


Source: (Richter, 2015)

Stock price of apple was dipping with the release of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, in contract to the increase in the shares by 33% in the second half of the year, the increased market swapped the extreme losses in the first half. The downfall in the stock price was seen after the release of the report of the1st Quarter’16. Tim Cook is faced a lot of pressure in context to showcasing lack of innovation (, 2016). Since Apple is yet to launch any trendsetting products, although an iTV is speculated. It is believed to be a new bunce opportunity. It will be a totally new genre apple will tap and there’s plethora of information regarding the same (, 2016).

The need of the hour for Apple is to turn the tables, specifically for its new iPhone, since the iPhone 6s sales figures did not meet the expectation. And the speculators like the wall street analysts and Deutsche Bank Research Note have noticed about Apple’s Strategy for its new iPhone 7 is that Apple is on a three-year upgrade cycle, as opposed to the earlier strategy it used to follow launching new model every alternate year. It typically took the same hardware and improvised the components. Whereas, the iPhone 7 will have a few upgrades, it will stick to the same external design (due to three-year upgrade cycle). Now, Apple argues it has made a three-year lifespan for its first owner.


Strategy analysis – BCG Matrix


Source: (, 2016)

At the moment it is a Question mark. So let’s evaluate the iPhone 7 in the market and see how well will it pull out the revenue. (, 2016) With the findings of Quartz it suggests that the only 10% of the current iPhone owning adults are hoping to buy the new iPhone in the current year if it is not redesigned. And, as apple supports its three-year plan for its first owner, they will probably make less iPhone units this year. This makes assures us that iPhone 7 will not be a Star. So according to the BCG matrix, if the iPhone 7 is analysed then it will be clear that though the sales volume will not exceed the iPhone 6 unit, but it will still have lots of iPhone 5, 5c and 5s owners who will be keen to upgrade to the latest iPhone version available and it will also attract non-iPhone users as well. Hence without investing huge money on an already successful product Tim Cook will still manage to have an edge in the market by generating maximum profits incurring minimum additional cost/expense on the product development, as compared to the costs involved in developing the new product and which might attract new risks altogether. Hence, iPhone 7 will be a Cash-Cow for Apple, which apple must have already discovered.


Product Differentiation


(, 2016) Apple tries to hike the market demand for its products by differentiation, that requires making its products unique and attractive to the consumers. Apple has always built products with superior quality and never gave attention to the high prices it costed the brand to be the number one brand today. So, understanding that the customers have a willingness to pay more and thus, it maintains a premium price to the cost of unit volume, Apple has managed to create an artificial entry barrier to competitors.


Source: (, 2016)

Though iPhone’s sales were lower than expected, Apple is still leading the market leaving behind Google and Microsoft its’ industrial competitors’, with a huge difference. Apple is not giving a blind eye to the dipped sales, in fact they have made the made a clever move to reduce the cost on producing a new phone and bringing the new and unexpected risks with it, they have smartly gained on maximizing the profit, investing a little on the upgrades. Apple iPhone initially pulled the customers by surprising them each time with each launch. But now since they are market leaders. It’s time for them to enjoy the fruits, and also hiked the standards for its competitor’s as well.

i’d say Well played.



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When Durex India knocked up their market share with #DoTheRex !!

A world renowned company that needs no introduction, i present to you Durex and their Indian advertising campaign, #DoTheRex. Hands down, without a doubt my all time favorite company for their marketing campaigns is Durex. Some people may think i’m a pervert or something of the sort but i assure you the relationship is purely transcendent. I am not mincing my words when i say they are marketing genius’!  The quality, timing and placement of their adverts world over is commendable to say the least.

Like that time they dissed the competition;


Or when they very subtly thanked the Greeks after the Euro 2004;



First off, i’d like to bring you up to speed with India and its ridiculous taboo about literally anything related to sex. Parents in India literally do not have ‘the talk’ with their kids and there have even been cases of parents complaining about schools CONDUCTING sex-ed sessions. And so begins the journey of a sexually illiterate teenager wandering the streets with massive potential to ruin his own and his significant others life. This is an issue that needed to be addressed.

Coming back to the challenge Durex had on its hand. Initially, Durex targeted the urban working class, upper-white collar class and high society swarm situating itself as “Fun”. They needed to break the taboo that went hand in hand with sex and related issues furthermore make it a socially acknowledged thing to wear a condom. Durex needed to focus on the non-clients by teaching them about sex and create enthusiasm for safe sex. The item was evaluated at a premium as a result of the corner target portion. Likewise the influence of the brand’s value from its stature as No:1 in the International business helped it being seen as a trust-worthy,commendable & a fun brand.

Market segmentation can be described as adjusting market offerings in various ways to more closely meet the requirements of different customers

  • Smith, 1956

Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image so that they occupy a meaningful and distinct competitive position in the target customers’ mind.

  • Kotler, 1997

Nailed it.


Why? We really need to understand what Durex’ position in the Indian market is before we go any further.

Strengths Weakness
·Experience in the industry

·Financially strong

·Product portfolio

·Market Leader Globally

·Ethical issues

·Over dependence

·Large efforts on promotions for sexual health rather than product

·Quick buy product/ Brand doesn’t matter

Opportunity Threats
·Increasing awareness

·Technology advances

·Maturing diaspora

·Low brand loyalty


·Alternatives to product widely available in market

As you can see the weakness’ listed above could potentially be converted into a strength in the future but the threats seem to be a little more difficult to overcome. The following campaign dealt with quite a few of those weakness’ as you will see ahead.

WHAT IS #DoTheRex?

Read more about it here.

The attempt was to talk to the youth of the nation more openly about safe sex by normalising the conversation.

  • Ranveer Singh

BOOM! #micdrop. This was a spectacularly refreshing advertisement for the Indian market especially since every advertisement revolved around the same subtle but obvious hints of a couple that eventually got a room. Durex made the best decision in choosing Ranveer Singh, an incredible actor who literally became the face and voice of the youth in Bollywood with his character, personality and flair for drama, both on and off the screen. Choosing a youth symbol like that brought a lot of attention towards Durex and their products but the best part about the campaign that gave it the finishing touches for a wonderful campaign was the fact that the campaign did not even focus on the massive variety of products they have to offer! Which brings me back to the afore mentioned taboo in India of not talking about sex. The campaign was in fact, focused on that very pressing issue of the lack of basic knowledge. Another video soon followed the commercial;


This was exactly what the country needed to hear. And hear, it did! To increase the participation and encourage people to get engaged in the campaign, an exclusive microsite ( was designed which was then transformed into a forum where people should feel open to discuss about safe sex. The users were even given an option to record themselves as they #DoTheRex with Ranveer.


  • Over 3 MILLION views over the course of the campaign
  • #DoTheRex trending Nationally and Globally
  • Several comments, discussions and arguments on the youtube page
  • Stars, bloggers, artists from around the country got in on the action making spoofs of the (lets be honest, extremely catchy) song!
  • The microsite, Facebook Page & twitter handle spread the word like wildfire and helped people anonymously debate, teach and learn about the various aspects in regards to safe sex.

Like i said, Durex, my friends, is a marketing strategy and planning professional, customizing every single innovative campaign tailored to the requirements and needs of their ever growing consumer base, which i must say is quite ironic, dont you think?


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Zeeshan Javid

ID – 216039756

The first rule of CrossFit is: you always talk about CrossFit. Or: a franchise by any other name…?

How did a fringe method to acquire overall fitness, that began in one gym, on a shoestring budget in 2000; become a mainstream activity across the English speaking world and now broadcast competition on ESPN?

CrossFit is now a global powerhouse in the fitness industry, it licenses its brand to approximately 13000 affiliates, who run “boxes” (gyms). Each affiliate pays a yearly fee to maintain the right to use CrossFit branding and participate in events; new affiliates currently pay $3000 per year. Trainers each pay for a “Level 1” training certification and then for additional training to learn particular skills, and then pay for the upkeep of this accreditation every few years. Clients of affiliates usually become trainers, who then aim to own affiliated “boxes”, the fees for affiliation incrementally increase and are permanently fixed from the date of affiliation. Some observers have likened this to an MLM model.

CrossFit gains additional revenue via an apparel, sponsorship and merchandising arrangement with Reebok,  who viewed their 10 year deal as an opportunity to re-associate their brand with practical fitness and appeal to a segment they refer to as “Fit-gen“.

A Reebok shoe aimed at the CrossFit market.

CrossFit is promoted largely on word-of-mouth endorsement or left to affiliates; its most pervasive form of public advertisement is also a major direct source of revenue in the form of broadcast rights. The CrossFit Games begin as a set of worldwide trials, then the best performers go to regional competitions, with the winners then competing in a multi-day, live broadcast event on ESPN. In the last four years participation has grown from 69000 to 325000. Men and women receive equal prize money and also compete in mixed teams (CrossFit membership is also almost perfectly balanced between sexes). The Games concluded yesterday.

In its infancy CrossFit’s strategy was defined by a simple differentiation. In brief:

  • WODs (“workouts of the day”) are short, intense and ballistic, usually not something you can perform in a regular gym. They vary from day to day and are released on the internet or devised by a trainer. By nature they require a special space.
  • Participants are pushed hard to compete with each other, in teams and against their own times and records. They are held accountable for their results. Most mainstream gyms seek to provide low-stress environments. This drew in a clientele of high-performing individuals (at one point 40% had a postgraduate degree). In all markets CrossFit members have incomes considerably above the median. They purchase more apparel and pay a higher fee than the average gym member.
  • Appealing to a sentiment of duty. CrossFit set out to train and hire (particularly into directorship positions) from the military, police and fire services. WODs are often named after fallen servicemen (HeroWODs), and their deeds are invoked by CrossFit materials to inspire. Participants feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, a “Holy Grail” of marketing.


Over time an emergent strategy grew, informed by the strengths of the early model, it can be defined by the following:

  • The effort to establish a strong social and community focus was intensified. Customer intimacy, brand loyalty and cultish members are now universally recognised hallmarks of the brand. Being part of a community often entails learning new lingo, and CrossFit piles it on. WODs, Uncle Rhabdo, AMRAP, ATG, poods, Uncle Pukie, Fran and Murph are all introductory level terminology within a “box”. The community also had a large overlap with Paleo dieters in its infancy, futher enhancing the feeling of being part of a unique subculture. The company promotes its own celebrities, like Rich Froning and Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet.

  • Combative litigiousness in defence of the brand.  In multiple interviews CrossFit management have expressed the need to avoid “generocide”. They ruthlessly pursue those using their trademark without permission, as they are aware that the fitness industry has begun to categorise all similar forms of training using their nomenclature. To that end they have maintained dozens of concurrent lawsuits to that effect for several years.
  • Affiliates bear the capital cost of promotion and establishing new locations, they can receive financing via Reebok or Rogue, the main supplier of equipment to affiliates. Direct contact with the end user from the parent company occurs primarily through social media, online publication and competition.

To date CrossFit’s weakness has been in penetrating non-English speaking markets, how their strategy adapts to deal with that challenge will be of some interest over the next few years.






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Clothing Firm STRATEGY

Marketing Strategies and Plans

Marketing strategy is a effective policies made by a firm which affects the way to run out our entire business in an efficient manner. So it should be well planned as well as developed in consultation with other employees of within in a team. Thereof, Effective marketing starts with the knowledgeable marketing strategy. A decent marketing procedure helps you characterize your vision, mission and business objectives, and outlines the steps you have to take to accomplish these objectives.

Although, A marketing  procedure sets the general bearing and objectives for your marketing, and is consequently not quite the same as a marketing plan , which traces the particular moves you will make to actualize your showcasing methodology. Your marketing strategy could be produced for the following couple of years, while your marketing plans for the most part portrays strategies to be accomplished in the present year.

Marketing strategy for the firm includes these basics-

  • depicts your business and its items and administrations
  • explains the position and part of your items and administrations in the business sector
  • profiles your clients and your opposition
  • identifies the marketing strategies you will utilize
  • Allows you to manufacture a marketing strategy and measure its adequacy.


  • Strategy and plans of a clothing Firm

In this contemporary World of Fashion, The clothing trends change day by day. So its to hard to rub the shoulders with the growing fashion industry without the marketing strategy. The DECENT COTHING CO’s goal is to provide the best fashion trends in a particular community. The intension of the company is to get the 85%  of the marketing shares by focusing on the basic concepts of fashion relating to that community like the neighbourhoods locations, brands that the usually wear or the brands we are already selling and offering the special promotions.

The marketing strategies and plans made by the company  to get the best out of it.

  • Marketing Plans

Our Marketing procedure will concentrate intensely on deals advancement, corner situating in the business sector and client administration with unwaveringness and maintenance in deals. Promotions of the company will always stayed tuned to the customer

  • Competitive Edge
  • The Decent Shopper Card which allows the customer a 15% discount after ten purchases.
  • Our location in the community will offer closer access to our target customer base.
  • We will offer plus sizes for women and big and tall sizes for men.


  • Pricing Strategy

Decent Clothing co. will keep up an adaptable estimating methodology. We base the product offerings that we bear on their notoriety and quality as western wear clothing. The greater part of our lines accompany a proposed retail value that we will take after. We will likewise use the standard routine of key stoning too.

  • Promotion Strategy

Decent Clothing will take after forceful yet inventive special plans. This will permit us to concentrate straightforwardly on our objective client while as yet being preservationist with our promoting dollars..

  • First of all the press release kit will be sent to all the major media outlets. The kits may include the media kit, press releases, pictures and a flyers.
  • The flexes made on the name of the company could be displayed all over the city
  • The coloured postcards or the pamphlets will be circulated throughout the city in all the clothing marts or the shops.
  • Radio and the newspaper advertisements would be displayed so that to spread the name of the company
  • Directs mails or the links will be further sent to the topmost firms with the promotion kit to target the 45% of the audiences.


  • Distribution Strategy

The retailing office location of the firm would be the foundation of building up the consumer’s relationships. Hiring the particular staff for the in-house marketing would help the company o built up the direct relations.

  • Sales Strategy
  • The company will use the software in the sales department to keep an eye on the every sales transaction. With each purchase the software will record and maintain in its database the customer’s name, address and purchases.
  • Moreover, with his particular information the process of the promotion would become much more easier and it will help to be in touch with the top customers.
  • Not only this we will offer other services like the exchange and the return policy of 10 days to built the trust among the customers.

Name- Anushika Setia

Student ID- 216060031