What are marketing metrics?

A company want to well operate their business can use marketing metric to measure the influence of their business. Marketing metric can be characterized as a “framework that evaluates a pattern, dynamic or trademark. It can analyze causes and venture future occasions (Farris 2010:1). The marketing metric has turned into an estimation framework, whether in both business and examination, marketing metrics incorporate characterizing goals, measuring the level of consummation and giving the criticism on procedures subject to change. In addition, marketing metrics are considered as a standard of estimation and they are utilized as a relating benchmark (Milichovsky & Simberova, 2015).

Marketing metrics include six measurement method, financial metrics, behavioral metrics, memory metrics, physical availability metrics, marketing activity metrics, and customer profile metrics.

  1. Financial metrics:

In any business campaign, there is a definitive point to produce beneficial deals. Shareholders, steward and advertisers anticipate that organization will amplify benefits to have most elevated profit for their speculations. For this organization use financial metrics to quantify deals incomes, minimize overhead costs, expanding gross edges and overseeing ventures to suitable hazard and expected returns (Lenskold, 2003).

Figure 1


HTC, is a smartphone company, according to the measurement (figure 1) can find out that during 2014 to 2015, revenue and operate profit have a slight change. In 2014 Q4 (NT$47.9 billion) the revenue was high but in 2015 Q2 decreased to NT$33.0 billion. In 2014 Q4 to 2015 Q2 the gross margin also decline to 19.3%. Therefore, through the measurement results HTC can make adjustments to their marketing plan, and apply financial metrics to increase company profit.

  1. Behavioral metrics

Behavioral metrics consist of sale, market share, market penetration, purchase frequency, share of category requirements, solely loyal customers, defection rate, and customer complaints and recommendations. In the other word, it have to consider how many unit did company sell? How much market share does company hold? How often do clients purchase? (Sharp, 2013).

  1. Memory metrics

Memory metrics portray data that buyers have in their recollections in connection to a product or a brand. In addition, this measurement include brand awareness, brand image associations, mental availability, attitude, customer satisfaction and service quality, and Intention to buy a brand in the future (Sharp, 2013).

There is an example for behavior metric and memory metric:

Nowadays smartphones are popular all around the world, and is an important communication tools for people to use. Following will shows that which brand and type of phone for clients are willing to buy.

Figure 2




Resource for figure 2 & 3: Zach, 2016

According to figure 2 & 3 can find out that in 2015 and 2016 Q1 Samsung’s market share is the highest, which means for clients Samsung is the most popular brand in the market. The second place is Apple. In addition, the result from the figure 3 points out android system is more popular then ios system. Therefore, it can clearly show that Samsung is the top brand in smart phone.

Apple vs. Samsung: A Battle Bigger Than Your Phone

This video is compare between Samsung and Apple, and also have an investigation point out that Samsung is the most popular brand for clients.

  1. Physical availability metrics

Physical availability implies making a brand as simple to notice and purchase as would be prudent, for as many clients as possible. It incorporates more than retail infiltration and incorporates hours of accessibility, and simplicity of encouraging the buy. Following physical availability metric include: Number of distribution points, Hours of opening, and Geographical coverage of distribution points, Geographical coverage of delivery points, Number of display points in store, and Number of shelves devoted to the brand(Sharp, 2013).

Following is an example for Physical availability metrics. Woolworths is one of the big supermarket in Australia. It not only have physical shop provide clients to go shopping. It also provide on-line shop for clients can shop everywhere and it also will deliver to house for you. Therefore, Woolwealth give client easy shopping.

Woolworths Shop Online


  1. Marketing activity metrics

Marketing activity metrics is essential to quantify what advertising exercises the association is really doing. Fundamental for the association to monitor its promoting venture (Sharp, 2013).

  1. Customer profile metrics

Customer profile metrics is for advertisers recognize and achieve the greater part of the distinctive purchasers in a brand’s classification. The measurements incorporate client’s sexual orientation, age or income. What’s more, advertisers need to comprehend who their distinctive purchasers are; the place they live; what media they expend; how, when and where they shop.

Following is an example about customer profile metrics, it use marketing dashboard to identify where smartphone clients are.

Figure 4 mmc

Resource: mobile marketer, 2014

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  1. Apple vs. Samsung: A Battle Bigger Than Your: Phonehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPE-0nV5g0M
  1. Woolworths Shop Online:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9rIi_lNCJw

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Unilever: Product, Brand & New product

A company is known by its image. Hence, it is a basic key significance that a firm sees how outside partners see the firm and the brand (Park et al., 2016). The ideas of brand image, brand identity, brand loyalty, brand connection, or brand adoration are exceptionally critical parts of marking that have been contemplated in the writing (Park et al., 2006). The brand of a product or administration passes on important data to the clients as well as to the monetary markets. The brand name is the typical articulation of the item or administration without which there can’t be any showcasing; particularly a correspondence procedure is inconceivable without a brand name (Gatignon et al., 2016).

Unilever wUnilever-Logoas built up in the 1890s, brands with a social mission have been at the center of their business, and now corporate duty supports their procedure. Nowadays, Unilever has more than 400 brands concentrated on well being and prosperity, no organization touches such a large number of individuals’ lives in such a variety of various ways.


Image 1: Brand under Unilever

From the Image 1, there are numbers of brands which are under Unilever. Additionally, Unilever operate a lots of famous brands and products whether for personal care, home care or food & drink area. Personal care, such as Dove and Vaseline … etc. Home care, such as comfort and OMO…etc. Food & drink, for instance Lipton and Bertolli … etc. Unilever use marketing strategy produce commercial to make clients to identify the brand name, value, and image, thus client can recognize brand and remember products.

Great advertising that make clients remember

Personal care – Dove

Dove, an individual consideration items give a refreshingly genuine contrasting option to ladies who perceive that magnificence comes in all shapes and sizes and isn’t just about what you look like – it’s about how you feel.

Dove | Beauty on your own terms:

This is a crusade from Dove welcoming ladies to grasp their own novel image of magnificence and test the individuals who judge them on their appearance. It has a strong message behind “My beauty My say” (Georgia, 2016).

Dove Choose Beautiful | Women all over the world make a choice:

This is a campaign “Choose beautiful” for the Dove personal care, it has dispatched a video as a major aspect of its worldwide promoting effort that difficulties impression of female excellence. “We as a whole have the individual and effective capacity to transcend others’ perspectives, online networking, and popular society, and I trust the Dove ‘pick excellent’ film motivates ladies around the globe to reevaluate how they see their own particular magnificence.”(Omer, 2015).

According to the two videos, it can figure out that Dove puts stock in the significance of beginning the discussion ahead of schedule in life around magnificence certainty and to-date. Additionally, it appeal people should be increase their confidence, choose beautiful, do not care about other’s vision, be a pretty, brave people.

Food & Drink – Lipton

Lipton is the world’s driving tea mark and is sold in more than 150 nations, giving items running from tea packs to packaged frosted tea. In 1880, business person and pioneer Sir Thomas Lipton chose to make tea generally open with ensured quality at moderate costs.

Sparkling Ice Tea Commercial TVC 30” | Lipton Ice Tea:

Lipton aim for give clients different flavor of tea and also make clients feel fresh after drink their product. Recently Lipton innovate a new product” sparking ice tea”, it   has original flavor and lemon flavor, and bubbles would give clients surprise taste.

Home care: OMO

OMO gives you a complete scope of clothing items with incredible cleaning power and astounding first time stain expulsion.

New OMO Liquids: Better than the leading powder detergent

OMO commercial use a real test to show consumer how powerful of their product. It give consumers an amazing choice for clean dirty clothes. In addition, using OMO laundry liquid items can remove dirt easily and clients can be more relax, do not worry to clean.

All of above are some of Unilever’s brand and product advertising. They hold activities to appeal people be confident be themselves, and do real test to show clients their advantages for the products, it successfully to show their strategy to attract client. Therefore, we can learn that Unilever plan to have a beneficial outcome from numerous points of view: through brands, business operations and connections, through intentional commitments, and through the different routes in which they draw in with society.

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Unilever 2016 < https://www.unilever.com.au/&gt;

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Netflix: Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning


Netflix is the world’s driving Internet TV station with more than 83 million individuals in more than 190 nations getting a charge out of more than 125 million hours of TV appears and motion pictures every day, including unique arrangement, documentaries and highlight movies. Members can look as much as they need, at whatever time, anyplace, on almost any Internet-associated screen. Individuals can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

If we use STP strategy, a well-recognised method of marketing strategy, it will shows out Netflix marketing plan, it would appear some company insight and it may appear different outcome.

What is STP?

STP is a market strategy, it divided into three steps which include Segmentation (S), Targeting (T), and Positioning (P). STP it is a top to bottom investigation of the present condition of the business sector and the organization. The outcomes are then utilized as an establishment for the brand’s vital promoting and situating, however ‘its value lies in its capacity to make gainful business open doors from comparable business sector circumstances’ (Bossidy, in Weinstein 2004).



Netflix business sector is extremely alert and always showing signs of change in innovation and buyer conduct. According to Hannah (2016) point out a report estimated that there are over 2.7 million Australians are using Netflix to watch films or TV series in 2015.

There are various methods for segmenting the market in video streaming business, however because of very different nature of clients who shifts in age, income, geographic region, and watching preference fluctuate with time. None of the division will be absolutely same property, quantifiable, generous, open, differentiable, noteworthy and above all productive.


Netflix focus on a mass business sector of purchase a membership of TV appears and films expecting to have the greatest piece of the pie with the biggest number of endorsers it can get paying little mind to age, foundations, convictions, inclinations and so forth. In spite of the fact that Netflix focus to enrol mass business sector it concentrates on individual supporters needs keeping in mind the end goal to hold them for quite a while. The higher the quantity of paying supporters the more Netflix can accomplish return on overwhelming interest in substance and innovation in light of the fact that exclusive low costs can be charged because of the way of the business and administration.


Situating Customer’s top need is comfort, reasonableness, speed, personalization of the video spilling and high choice of titles. Netflix go for being the top and decision for its clients by giving a more customized, quick, helpful, high determination but then moderate internet spilling administration than the majority of the contenders.

Perceptual map


Figure1 (Selection/Personalization)


Figure2 (Convenience/Economy)

N: Netflix, H:  Hulu, R: Red-box, A: Amazon, C: Comcast


Figure 3

According to the perceptual map shows that the difference between 5 video streaming business. It will point out where company are and where are their competitors.

According to the figure1 measure between selection and personalization. It can clearly to find out Netflix has high quality selection and high personalization, only Hulu is in the same section with Netflix, which means at this part Hulu would be the most dangerous competitor.

From the figure2 measure between convenience and economy. It points out that there are 3 companies in the high convenience and high economy section which include Netflix, Hulu and Red-box. Amazon and Comcast both are have high economy but inconvenience.

In the light of figure3, provide numbers and description of personalization and convenience. Through the numbers of selection can found out that Netflix has huge number of choices. Additionally Netflix and Hulu have to cost $7.99 per month. However, from these three figure can clearly Netflix is the most affordable choice for client.

Following is a Netflix introduce video:

According to the video, it briefly explain Netflix is an internet TV station, whether TV series or films, it provide huge adventure for members to choose different type of movie and it is pretty convenient for clients because of it can watch on any Internet-associated screen. In addition, join in the membership has a month free offer. Therefore, it definitely would be a wonderful choice for everyone who loves to watch films.

Above of all, Netflix’s marketing strategy for segmentation, targeting and positioning is aim to low value moment motion pictures and TV demonstrates stimulation with the greatest gathering focusing on the mass business sector. Contrasting with different contenders Netflix offers the watching knowledge without interruptions from different adverts.

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