Vodafone’s Internet of Things

To know how successful we are in our business, it is necessary to know our position in the market. To monitor and track our position market metrics are used. There are various types of metrics, usually companies will use mostly combination of some of those and statistical methods to monitor their current position in the market.

The “internet of things(IoT)” is current crucial way to do business. Internet of things is connecting every physical device to internet using software, sensors and mobile network etc. to move, collect and exchange data. Driverless cars, smart metering for gas and electricity and remote monitoring of houses are some of the examples helped by IoT. Some surveys still saying that IoT’s real value is not measured yet but adopters and executives are accepting the importance of IoT in their organisations to gain competitive advantages.

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications provider in the world. Vodafone provides voice, messages, data and fixed broadband services. Recently, few months back Vodafone released some findings to know the experience of business leaders with the internet of things to monitor their return on investments on Internet of Things.

There is so much of positive impact of IoT on every industry in the world. 74 percent of all adopters of IoT indicated that IoT is providing their organisations to meet their key requirements. Almost 5 billion devices are connected to networks in this year as per the estimate of recent finding. So managing those devices will be the most focused task for the coming years.

Vodafone Group IoT director Erik Brenneis said : “ three quarters of the companies we interviewed now recognise that the Internet of Things is a new industrial revolution that will change how people work and live forever, and almost half of the companies surveyed across multiple countries and sectors told us they’re already planning to bring connected network intelligence to millions of devices and processes over the next two years. 2016 is the years of Internet of Things entered the main stream.”


Now you may get a question like how Vodafone is related to this?

As Vodafone has presence in the most parts of the world independently or through their subsidiary partners with other networks, they are providing solutions to the all devices to get connected with internet. It is main aim of Internet of Things. As this IoT is becoming main focus of major business leaders Vodafone is making commitments with them to provide internet to them.

Vodafone launched global sim to enable and support IoT infrastructure. It will be helpful to access and control your things all over the world. Vodafone global sim is available now over 200 countries in the world. Depending on the people’s need Vodafone is providing various solutions to the customers as end to end solutions, providing single control point for all IoT connections with assured quality by arranging service level agreements. Vodafone global enterprise is the service provider for multi-national customers. It saw a revenue growth of 29 percent in the last one year. The total number of connections with Vodafone has reached to 38 million which is an increase of 37%. Vodafone also providing connectivity devices to capture more on value chain to increase more accessibility for the machinery.

The customers of Internet of Things were 20.2 million in 2014, 27.8 in 2015 and 38 million in 2016. These numbers shows the growth in the company evaluation. It is creating 28% of total revenue of Vodafone.  Vodafone is estimating that 38 million customers are mostly connected directly with Vodafone to reduce the emissions to create a safe to work place. Greenhouse gas emission per petabyte of data by Vodafone mobile networks was 3,100 tonnes in 2015 and 1,900 tonnes in 2016. Vodafone is investing more money on expansion of IoT connectivity platform to 20 more countries now as it is creating a service revenue of 5%.  Now Vodafone is expecting 8.5 billion overall customers by 2020 as IoT is going to give boost for the telecommunication industry.

The marketing evaluation strategy of Vodafone is to increase sale number by knowing the customer response on their product. The major return on investment to Vodafone is user payments as it is a service provider. Vodafone is expanding their business with help of partners and making some more agreements with other providers all over the world, it is the investments made by Vodafone in one way.

Vodafone is expanding their global business level value by observing the total sales or revenue, taking suggestions from the clients, by making promotional activities, by checking sales rate. Vodafone used to provide only mobile to mobile communications but by the new innovations and expanding into global market they are also providing all Internet of Thing services. By expanding like this now it has become one of the leading network in the world.

Internet of Things is the next biggest thing for the businesses in Australia.


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Sri Mahesh J



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