According Jain & Griffith (2011) as per latest trends in the field of business, most organizations find themselves operating in a very competitive and harsh business environment, most of them under the circumstance try and gain a positive image over their rivals via the means of an effective global marketing strategy.

Marketing evaluation allows firms to find out whether or not the marketing strategy for their products and services is working for their firm, not only that it is also beneficial with regards to formulating the best possible marketing strategy as per need of the hour (Lamb et al. 2008). Marketing metrics like financial metric, customer profile matric, memory metric and others are the measures which are helpful in effective marketing evaluation in order to interpret, quantify and compare several marketing activities.


(Source: Coca Cola)

Now a day food and drinks industry is facing many challenges, one of it is over-consumption of sugar. In order to tackle the issue of changing consumer behavior Coca Cola came up with their global strategy of one brand with different variants having the tag line ‘Taste the Feeling’. Adopting this approach Coke intended to unify all its product offerings under one brand, also at the same time the company intended to sell its products to different customers as per their taste’s, requirements, lifestyles etc.

Focusing on the memory metrics for example brand awareness, brand image, customer satisfaction etc. with this one brand strategy Coca Cola intended to create a brand image in consumers mind that whichever variety of Coke they are consuming, it’s not about the different varieties but it is about the ‘Feeling’ which customers will enjoy. Chief Marketing Officer of Coke de Quinto during the unveiling of the ‘One Brand Approach’ has stressed on the fact that the company intends to sell Coke as a brand that is for everybody, no matter which brand people are having it’s all about ‘Taste the Feeling’ (Hanlon 2016). In support Segal-Horn & Faulkner 2016 point out towards the fact that more and more multinationals are standardizing their brand in order to take advantage of media opportunities by promoting one brand, similar packaging and consistent positioning in different markets, It allows them to stay away from complications related to localization of products, also at the same time create a effective global brand image.

Source: YouTube

Where the sales diet coke and coke zero had declined from £444.4m to £428.6m and £93.2m to £92.7m respectively, this global strategy has had a positive effects on their revenue growth(Roderick 2016).

(Source: YouTube)

Coke as a brand is trying to create an image in customers mindset whereby they view the brand as something which they can relate too. It is all about pleasure which people get after drinking coke. The company in short wanted to let people know that they not only love the brand but also the product simultaneously. During the release of this campaign the CMO highlighted the same fact by mentioning that the huge brand image of Coke lies in the fact that its products are simple pleasure, the more humble they will be, the more bigger they would become as a brand (Moye 2016)

In order to achieve the objectives of one global brand approach Coke had launched several ads which showcase the different moments where people from different sections of the society (Race, Color, Religion etc) are seen enjoying coke as a part of daily life. Also the ad campaign captured different situations like first love, kiss, and date etc whereby central to each of the themes is people enjoying the situation over a bottle of Coke. Along with the same the company in other ad campaigns has included sounds like people enjoying Coke, opening of the can etc. to captivate the attention of audiences and give them a feel of the pleasure they would experience whilst drinking Coke (Staff 2o16). In short the company has tried to convey to its customers what is it that they want them to view Coke as a brand and a product. Wells 2014 mentions that ad campaigns should be designed for the sole purpose of conveying to the customers as to how the company wants them to view their products and also how they view it as a brand.

However on the other hand in some countries like Kenya the national censor board objected to scenes of kissing and hugging by stating that the same is unsuitable for family viewing (Mahr 2016). Customer profile matrics inclusive of gender, age, race etc. helped Coca Cola to overcome this issue. The company chose ten ads that they would broadcast globally; those ads had been carefully chosen in a way that they do not hurt the sentiments of people from different Religions, Culture, Race etc.(Balakrishnan 2016).







  (Source: YouTube)

All in all it can be concluded from the above that Coke’s ‘One Brand’ marketing strategy not only helped the company enhance its already established brand image, but also at the same time create an iconic image of its products in consumers mind. Even though as per reports the Cola industry has a seen a decline in sales over the past 11 years as a result of people opting for healthier options ( 2016), yet the creation of single brand has worked and will work for Coke in the long run.

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