Old brand finds strength with new fitness craze

Health and fitness; it can either make you or break you into a thousand pieces of pure muscle agony. But the real question troubling our mind is, which brand will compliment our workout regime? Since everyone worries about being in style whilst sweating it out and making ridiculous faces when trying to hit a personal best. Or having a strong desire to get the perfect gym selfie so that our peers can idolise our workout and fantastic gym-wear style.

Or are tv shows lying to us and the gym isn’t actually like that? 62840627

Anyway within this cut throat market of athletic attire, companies have key values that could be associated with a particular sport or fitness craze. One of them had their Fairytale moment by coming back with a vengeance after struggling in the late 1990s; The Reebok Company.

A fresh start for Reebok

In 2005 they were acquired by Adidas and everything began to change. So much so that within the last 11 years, Reebok have maintained a consistent growth within the market. But how has Reebok become a key competitor within the fitness world? Well Adidas CEO, Herbert Hainer, believes it revolves around “successful repositioning of the brand and its rededication towards fitness.

So the rebirth of Reebok has developed them to be a strong leader for new movements within fitness and inspiring their customers to reach their full-potential. With this in mind, they partnered with the fitness craze (or cult) that is taking over the fitness world; CrossFit. This program publicly presented itself to the fitness scene after the first CrossFit games in 2007. Once the presence was felt, Reebok created a 10 year partnership deal that started in 2010.


But how did they decide to go within this unique culture of fitness?

It was not all by chance, that’s for sure. A lot of strategy went behind the rebranding and redevelopment of Reebok and developing the partnership with CrossFit. The brand strives to understand their customer. So who were these CrossFitters they were trying to connect with? It was clear for the company that this craze was not going to be short lived. But rather it was and still is the “fastest growing movements in the world.”

But it would be unwise for a marketer to throw money at a project without thoroughly understanding the market and the appropriate ways to approach it. Key measures utilised by marketing managers stem from a variety of marketing metrics. These generally highlight how specific brand activities affect the market, the brand’s performance and how market-based assets accumulate over the years. Likewise, these types of metrics are based on the ideas and views of consumers towards the brand such as awareness, perceptions and satisfaction.


From this broad category of measures, memory metrics could be successfully utilised to measure and understand the consumers in the market. Also to ensure that this new craze would be beneficial for Reebok in the long-term. The overall focus for Memory Metrics is how the consumer perceives and feels towards the brand.

Brand Awareness and Brand Image Associations
Since Reebok started to show a strong presence within the market after many difficult years, they had to connect their new image to potential consumers. This could be highlighted through how consumers know the brand, known as brand awareness. By understanding the loyalty of these CrossFit athletes or enthusiasts, the brand’s image needed to connect with their values. Reebok highlight that this core audience were the “fit generation.” These individuals see fitness as a way to better their life and are overall immerse themselves in fitness. Their recent campaign of “Be More Human” reiterates this strong focus between .


This connects with the theory of brand image associations, which reflects the links a consumer has made between a brand and certain qualities. In order to manipulate this so that the brand associates with a specific fitness outlet, the values should line up. So, Reebok’s overall ambition was to become “the best fitness brand in the world“and promote “Tough Fitness,” which connects with CrossFit’s prolonged motto of “forging elite fitness.” By promoting their products through these games, it is now well associated within the community that Reebok provide the best gear.

Reebok found strength after being in the background of the fitness clothing market. They understood how CrossFit’s popularity was going to be world dominating and attached their new values to this fitness culture.

Now, I’m going to go and be my personal best by grabbing some of that sweet Reebok gear and go back to CrossFit once more.


Nichola Stamatakos | 215234781


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