Marketing Evaluation of Apple


Apple is the major brand in the technology industry in relation to its profit generated and ranking of its brand. Apple has satisfied many people years after years with its products like Macbook, Iphone, Ipad, Iwatch, Ipod, Itunes and many more.

Apple always targets three main segments. As apple is the most premium brand it usually uses lifestyle segmentation. The urban population which has sufficient purchasing power for buying apple products generally comes this segment. These are people who are early users in life but now the brand image of Apple like that even laggards have started using the products.


There are three target groups in Marketing strategy of Apple:

  1. People who love music are targeted by Apple Ipod and Itunes.
  2. Irrespective of age, people are targeted for Apple Iphone, Macbook, Tablets and many more things.
  3. Products like Apple TV and Apple Iwatch also targeted many people.

As apple being on top there is no doubt that when people talk about smart gadgets, the first thing that comes to their mind is the Apple.

Mac is designed by Apple, they are the finest computers in the world with software like OS, iLife and iWork. With its iPods and Itunes apple is on top in the field of music. Apple iPhones and tablets describes the future of mobile media.

Apple has gained many advantages over its competitors:

  1. Products with higher technology ­– its only of software like OS, Macbook and Iwatch have leaded the market space.
  2. Brand Image – Apple is being on top years after years and well known for its brand image.
  3. Profit gained over time – apple make high profits dues to its high profit margins.
  4. Research and Development – The biggest advantage that Apple has gained from competitors is that spending of research and development keeps their eye on the future instead of focusing on the present.


Apple have generally faced very less competition in the market. Ipad faces competition from Samsung tablets, Apple Iphones faces tough competition from Android phones and  Macbook faces its competition from Dell.

The genuine services offered by Apple like itunes also has its competitors like online music players. Ibooks faces tough competition from Amazon. However, Iwatch holds the market share but its competitors and also rising like Samsung gear.



The BCG matrix of Apple is divided into four parts:

  1. The Cash cows are the products which are standing from the starting and have no completion as per the present market situations. Products like Mac, Iphones, Iwatch and Itunes have 50% of their market share in the year of 2015.
  2. The stars are referred to Ipad and Ibooks because these two products have to face lot of competition and to being on top position Apple has to invest a lot.
  3. The question mark referred to Apple TV which generally have least market share and it can be possible that it might grow with certain speed in future.
  4. The dog is referred to Ipod because no doubt its market share is high but now it is speedily decreasing as smartphones have took place of Ipods.

Apple has arranged its retailing in a very smart way. In US there are around 450 stores. In these stores rather than selling the product and packing the product for customers they help them and gives them comfort with apple products.

In 2016 Apple has the maximum brand equity in the world and also achieved top position as a brand in the world. The brand worth of Apple is 118.9 billion dollars. To reach at this much level the brand has struggled a lot and it the power and ability to its products successful one after one and to reach to the entire world with the best products. Apple has reached to the highest brand equity one of the reasons is that they are outstanding marketing communications.

Apple advertises if products in a very stylish way as it is visible from any of its print ads like in newspaper or magazines. Apple flash their message in a very clear way with white background and splash of colors on the printed ad while introducing the product or differentiating the product.


That is why this is the main strength of this brand. Not only the print ads, even the video ads also do the same.

The publicity that Apple does cannot be ignored and this publicity goes on till the product turns into achievement.

The brand Apple can make others marketers to learn from them with respect to differentiation, building brand image and the most important of all “Innovation”.



Bhasin, H. (2016). Marketing Strategy of Apple Inc – Apple Marketing strategy. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Sep. 2016].

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   Name– Nilesh Khaitan

Student ID– 215429315

Unit: Mpk732 (Marketing Management)

Submitted to: Dr Nichola Robertson

Due date: 26/09/2016





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