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The cockpit of emirates airline always seems amazing with instruments comparing with analytical tools which eventually produce the performance of a flight data (metrics) that are sometimes critical to the safe and efficient flights of an emirate. Moreover, it would not possible to fly world best airline without these performance metrics.  However, many companies recognize the need of marketing metrics, but still face issues where to get started  .


In 2010 survey  is conducted of 400 companies from which is found that 75 percent of companies recognized the need of marketing metrics, but the very limited percent had implemented program related to marketing metrics (Pauwels, 2015)



The importance and need of marketing metrics

untitledThe marketing is responsible for accounts for investment in sales and marketing strategies. Survey had found that around 75 percent of company sales, gernal  expense in somehow invested in marketing sale, yet, generally marketing lacks metrics of performance which is shown in figure 1. To manage profitability, growth and marketing need, the matrix is required for analysis of progress. (Milichovsky & Simberova, 2015)

What metrics tell?


figure 2

This figure 2 tell that Temperature of a body (Analytics) 98.6 degree of the (metrics) tells body is at normal temperature. The speedometer is used (analytics) for managing speed and (metric) to tell  regarding speed limit in various situations, likewise, in marketing metrics such as ROI marketing  tells that how much return company get after billion of dollars are invested  without that it is impossible to judge either their implemented  strategy is going negative or positive for a company


Really  ???  so why Emirates got sucess ????


Emirates is founded in 1985 by united Arab emirate’s government it is an airline company which is based in Dubai. Emirates is one of the largest airline company and which is operating approximately 3.400 flights per week. As far as commercial air transportation services are concerned emirates is the world fastest growing international airline, which growth has never fallen below 20% a year. (The Emirates Group, 2016)

 Why metrics are becoming a necessity for the airline industry…

 As the airline industry has a large number of computations which increasing rapidly and the company had a large number of market share therefore airline industry needs to develop their strategies and by evaluating through various metric to become more efficient to lead the market.

Customer preference

 The largest number of airline companies today are growing. Who is working to take away Market share. So therefore customer got various choices while choosing  best airline, which satisfy their need for travelling.  

No let see success behind emirates….

Marketing penetration (improving flight services)

For the market penetration, business with emirates focus on existing product to the current market growth strategy. (, 2016) 

1)  To enhance the market share of emirates airline product and services.

 2)  Increase  current  passenger usage  

3) Protect supremacy of emirates in the airline industry

 Improving flight services

To increase market penetration emirates now deploying a system that allows customers to use smart phones for communication that shows improvement in flight services. (The Emirates Group, 2016)


Use of technologies

Emirates has been very much successful as far as technology side is concerned, they are using various media available like social media app and add, by which user connect to their brand for example

  • Google 
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  •   Facebook
  • instagram

Current financial performance



Current financial  performance metrics  show that emirates airline  is enhancing its growth and each year their performance is better than previous years. (The Emirates Group, 2016)


Products and services  by emirates for customer satisfaction


·        High technology and service to customer

·        Fist airline where travel can send and receive emails and SMS from flight

·        Fist middle east airline who introduces widescreen system in 2005

·        High standard of safety and security provided service provided  

By analyzing the metrics what strength they got from it? (‘The Emirates Group SWOT Analysis’ 2016)

  • Continues of innovation by using advanced technology
  • Young and large fleet
  • Capability of stable finance
  • Goodwill and brand loyalty
  • Economies of scale
  • Value chain scope
  • Strategic location and strong Hub in Dubai, according to customer preference
  • Skilled and diverse workforce


By analysing internal and external enviroment thorugh marketing metrics Emirates is able to manage their capabilities and compitative advantages .moreover marketing Evaluation play significant role for emirates to fight with upcoming issues and apply strategies to remain the aviation leader of the world .

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