It’s that time of the year, spring is in the air and that can only mean one thing… Spring carnivals are here! Your social media strategy is developed and approved, baseline stats have been recorded. You half way through your digital marketing campaign and your boss has asked you to prepare monthly ROI of for the Spring carnival social media campaign.

How do you respond? What do they really want to see?


Too many social media managers fall back on the easy answers: we gained this many new Instagram followers, this many Reposts, this many likes, this many Facebook shares, and so on.

Sure, these social media metrics offer insights into how the campaign is performing or a particular “post” or imagine of content performed, but will they show your boss and executives how your efforts are helping boost the bottom line.

Activity based marketing evaluation is fine a can provide some fantastic assessments on how the strategy is performing. But technology allows to step things up a notch so that the social media analytics will better reflect and explain how all your hard work is paying off. How giving up your Saturday to approve that Instagram post is really increasing the companies brand awareness.

What if your marketing strategy is not efficient and you are not reaching to the target market?

How will you get to know that where you are lacking?

One answer for all these questions is Marketing Evaluation. In order to evaluate or calculate your marketing, study of marketing evaluation provides multiple tools and a marketing matrix is one of them. A marketing mix helps a company to measure market through quantifying, comparing and interpreting the market data.


Ultimately, evaluating your social media strategy is very accessible and an important process to see real results.

7 tips for Social Media evaluation to include from Sarah Dawley that will aid in explaining and expanding activity based analysis to operational based digital analysis:

  1. Don’t just track link clicks, track click-through with bounce rate.
  2. Don’t just track web referrals, track share of traffic driven.
  3. Don’t just track mentions, track social share of voice.
  4. Don’t just track comments, track conversation rate
  5. Don’t just track shares, track amplification rate
  6. Don’t just track likes, track applause rate
  7. Don’t just track numbers, track leads

The key to tracking and evaluating a marketing is ensuring your leads are the links you share have shared & that they are trackable within your marketing automation or analytical software.

Marketing Evaluation is not a hard or demanding thing. With your online footprint statics and data are always available and present, it is just about finding out and displaying exactly what you need to. Being able to identify what did and did not work, what target publics were reached, who were not. The costs associated with the campaign and the overall outcomes. The strengths and weakness, future opportunities and what threats may be present for the next time. Looking into regression analysis, what your publics di? What do they intend to do? From your evaluation and you predict what they are going to do?



Including al of this in your Marketing Evaluation and your ROI for you boss during your spring carinval social media planner will ensure you are readily able to track, identify, and evaluate your marketing campaign.



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Chloe McIntosh, ID: 210671252





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