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He says he is not rich but he is a billionaire. His casino companies went to busted because of his debts even though he claims he hates debts.


Trump was throwing away financial opportunities through his offensive tantrum, and yet all of his boasting of his magnificent and shrewdness of his wealth, the self-proclaimed billionaire has been a lousy businessman.

We all know trump doesn’t care about his offensive statements like he once said his written speech was boring so he went off – script. Trump knew the business was still there even when he was testifying about the casino magnates.

Trump business is a long career with a long list of troubles, lost contracts, bankruptcies, defaults, deceptions and indifference to investors.

But he is still a billionaire, may call it an art of the bad deal, one created a by the egotism and thoughtlessness of a businessman whose main talent is “self-promotion.”

Most of them think trump can be the main cause for volatility in the financial markets. He gained a lot of followers in social media and mass media and also dominated many aspects of the polls but he lost former supports and also business partners.

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As trump says he is qualified to run the country proclaiming he is a successful businessman who knows how to work out things. And meanwhile he had few successes in business but most of his so-called ventures have been disasters.

Trumps says he made his money the old fashioned way. But his wealth is daddy-made may be like family metrics. Most of his best-known big fat achievements are attributable to family ties or money from his “daddy.” Even with such privileged advantages, Donald Trump’s initial deals for his daddy were busts.


Trump and father Fred Trump (

Trump’s personal finances were always a disaster. Yes, trump is rich and that is only because he is born rich. And without his “daddy” he would have been bankruptcy before he was 35 years old.


Donald Trump at the Grand Opening of Taj Mahal

(Original Caption) Atlantic City, New Jersey: Donald Trump raises his fist in a salute as he presides over opening ceremonies of the formal opening of his Taj Mahal, which he calls the 8th wonder of the World.

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Since his personal finances were falling down, trump wanted to make quick money through casinos. So he launched three casinos: The Trump Plaza, Trump’s castle, and Trump Taj Mahal. He always makes sure He always comes first. Throughout the 1990s and in 1996, there was a market cap in excess of $1 billion. This $1 billion market cap has made Trump’s 41% stake worth around $400 million. Surprisingly, even in the 1990s, the company had to struggle with debt. In 2014 Harrah’s at Trump plaza was closed. The only entertainment on the go is the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic city. In 1991, 2004, 2009, and in 2014 the Trump Entertainment Resorts have faced a fair share of problems with debt and financing which lead to Bankruptcy.


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Trump’s controversial comments affected most of Trump’s brands. The controversial comments about the immigrant in America which resulted in angering many, including several companies whom with he has business relationships.

The controversy comments have harmed the Trump organization. Due to Trump’s brash comments, his home and clothing companies took a hit. His Donald J. Trump Signature Collection was pulled by Macy’s store. And also, his home brand was also pulled out from mattress brand’s stores.


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And again Trump with a usual style introduced an airline by insulting the competition. His luxury service includes bathrooms with gold coloured fixtures and plane interiors decked with mahogany veneer. He invested $1 million on each plane to update them but the individual plane worth was only $4 million. Trump was again in a business which he knew nothing about just like his casinos. Customers wanted more reliable and competitive prices rather than luxury on a one-hour flight from Washington to New York.


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Yet again Trump shuttle never turned a profit.

It cannot be seen as a coincidence that the co-relation between the financial instability and political transition. It can be certain to be better or worse that this co-relation is strong. Trump’s campaign will skew the actions of investors and stockholders.


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“People underestimated Donald Trump’s ability to pillage the company. He drove these companies into bankruptcy by his mismanagement, the debt and his pillaging.”



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