Audi & BMW – The Roaring Rivals



Battle Field

All the brands have some meaning and the values from which they excel in laying down a foundation which later on known to be a Brand in the market. With all the careful and successful consideration all brands hold some associated meanings in their market place. Well there are many of the well established brands when it come to the global automotive market. But among all the best and the well renowned rivals are Audi and BMW. The brand strategy and evaluation by different means make a valid difference in their competitors and to their customers in selection. These brands reinforce their meaning through all their actions. The result is unique opportunity for those brands of their brands to compare the meaning and message of their brands with an imp-active communication strategy across the market. With all the consideration and commitments, the rivals innovate and always compel the automotive world to ignite the fire.

Audi Vs BMW

There’s something about our incredible Capitalist system that does’t simply breed competition, it aspires act of war – marketing war to be precise. In no time, blood between two most efficient and equipped Germ,an brands, Audi and BMW has done more than boil. This cold war has later resulted in “billboard war” commenced by Audi as “Your Move, BMW.” Bimmer also playing by quoting “Checkmate” which is again take by Audi naming it “Game Over” with spectacular series of Audi R8, raising the zeppelin and flew it over the Audi mentioning the F1 car.

bmwaudiwars1-300x260 audi_bmw-blimp1-300x284

Strength and Weaknesses

As stated, both the brands are well established in the global market, the main point of target is to sustain at position 1. They have put a lot of efforts and are very optimistic towards their goals. There are some of the criterion in which they lack either. Prior in 2010 BMW is in the main marketing world as the year when the “JOY” campaign came in to existence. From digital, print to TV ads and shows sponsorship. BMW has continued to be at the first position. and pushed “The Joy of Driving” theme placing “The Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan at the rear.

As per the SWOT analysis Audi and BMW both have some of their strength and weakness too. Audi excels in the fields of technology and engineering, products and their reliability and with the sleek and appealing design which is updated as per the demanding of the changing world. 








Target Marketing

Automotive world was always a hot spot market for the every gentry, with the introduction and innovation of every new range of products successfully catches and eye on all the roaring machines. They do have different approaches and obviously have a target audience. Audi the brand name promotes and catches the attention of the audience by varied ways of marketing and targeting a range of young customers which has turn out to  be the most effective and the promising way of uplifting the brand image. 




They rely upon the social media and has gone for the tricks of sponsoring highly renowned film stars. As per the experts of automobile industries, Audi shines due to sponsoring “Iron Man” movie sequels which is one of the biggest movie and flicks where Audi manages to place and raise R8, which again raises the temperature of the rivals.



There are diversified market round the globe. As very well said “Sky is not the Limit” which is valid for both of their rivals, they are no more limited to the technologies and innovations in their respective fields and are doing fabulous. By the time BMW has also came in the market of social media and has gained the importance of evaluated and calculated market moves, which is paying them very well in the present scenario. Both the brands have their unique design but Audi is taking the move to it’s sleek, sophisticated and rich presence. The beauty of world is comprised of the beasts.

“These are two premiere marketers in an incredibly competitive category. Both scored superbly. The emphasis on engagement over impressions was a notable feature of both marketers’ media strategies. BMW is doing a lot of things right with its brand in media, particularly in online and mobile. But Audi nudged ahead on the basis of a very dynamic television and video strategy that helped elevate and create distinctiveness for its brand. There’s a lot that goes into driving sales beyond just advertising, but a 27.1% year to date increase in Audi’s sales is hard to argue against.”


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