A Slice of PIZZA has More Likes than Me..


Yes, I am on Facebook and so is ‘It’.. Yes, I am on tweeter and so is ‘It‘…Yes, I am on Instagram and so is ‘It’..

“My solo profile picture receives 1000 likes but when I am with ‘It’, I get 2500+ likes.                                            When ‘It’ is alone, ‘It’ gets 10000 k likes.                                               When ‘It’ is with someone else, ‘It’ still gets 10000+ k likes and millions of tweets.

‘It’ is my friend during movies. ‘It’ is my 3 am support during exams. ‘It’ is my companion on long-drives…..and above all…. ‘It’ satisfies my hunger.

                                           …….. So, WHAT IS ‘It’…????…..

…..Yes, It is your and my favorite………PIZZA HUT….

Undoubtedly, Pizza Hut is the Coca-Cola of Pizza-industry. Since 1959 the brand has built a reputation for excellence that has earned respect of consumers. Ranking #1 in‘Social- Brands 100 Youth-Ranking’, clearly reveals the importance of Social-Media for Pizza Hut. By having a prominent social-media presence and tracking its social-media metrics effectively, Pizza Hut has able to save millions of dollars on advertising-expenses.

An insight into….

                  Social Media and Social Media metrics.….

Nowadays, social-media has become an effective marketing-medium which aims at boosting customer-engagement, brand-awareness, expanding business and increasing revenue.

Use of metrics further amplify the results and speed of growth. For evaluating brand- search-volume, metrics such as- google-Insights and google-Trends are used. To evaluate the positive-leads, conversion-growths, web-page visit, social-interactions, email-open, programs such as- Marketo or Convertro are used.

Social-Media Metrics is basically the use of data to gauge the impact of social-media activity on the company’s revenue. Marketers often use social-media monitoring software to observe activity on social platforms and gather information about how a brand, product or company-related topic is being perceived.


Hitz (2016)

…..and of course, Pizza Hut is not lagging behind in adopting this. With 17% of market-share, Red-Hut focuses on social-follower number, engagement, conversions, referrals and social-shares.

Just turn your head around and you will find thousands of metrics from various social media networks but tracking the right metrics to evaluate one’s company’s performance is not a child’s play.

But, wooooow..!!! Pizza Hut has solved this puzzle and has come up with some wonderful metrics or what it calls- ‘Social-Intelligence’ that has build up its brand-value.


# Selling Pies #…… #Driving ROI #….             

                              Pizza Hut’s Social-Media Metrics and Strategies…..

Pizza Hut has an integrated approach towards social-media and has adjusted its communication and marketing channels to keep in accordance with developing social- trends to market its products to customers. The brand has explored new-zones of social, more rich and valuable campaigns for its customers to built its brand-equity.

Pizza Hut’s Facebook page is the most liked page in food-industry with over 29 million followers depicting the greater brand-loyalty, longer customer-lifetime-value and higher profits. The pages showcase advertisements, promotions and launch of new product. Hashtags, new-videos and collaborations help them stay on fans’ news-feed and enhances the overall brand-awareness.


Nikitenko (n.d)

The Red Hut’s Tweeter account has  around 1,060,000 followers which supports approx. 93,000 mentions each week related to ads, coupons, events and humor. Also, it utilizes Tweeter as the primary communication-channel for the greater part of it’s online networking-accounts, which makes it unique from the competitive-brands.

pizzahutontwitter                    59e9618f7771fb70b9441cc0fcf3c1df

Vine, LinkedIn and Instagram are used by Pizza Hut to pictures and videos to portray their delicious-pizzas. Innovations, funny, animated-graphics, new menus and combos are advertised on these accounts to stimulate the salivary-glands of the customers.

Pizza Hut’s You-tube account has over 13,799 subscribers who keeps on liking and posting comments for new pizzas, pastas, bread and desserts. With 280 million earned impressions, 29 million followers, 51 million impressions and 569000 active-audience, Pizza Hut ranks #3 in top restaurants brands in social, thus focusing on digital and social- media.

The Fashion-brand also focuses on Social-media listening and social intelligence to become the brand of choice for home-entertainment experience such as Netflix, video-games and matches.

The brand’s strategy of posting the organic-contents and then keeping track of the conversations help generating greater ROI. An example of this is the launch of Triple-Treat-Box in UK and Canada. Furthermore, Pizza Hut’s social-media team discusses certain topics of their fans’ interest and share new ideas within seconds, thus, supplying it’s brand’s information on daily basis.

Performance of my Red Hut cannot be explained in a limited time frame.


They slap a piece of pizza on every thing and are constantly providing something new for consumers with a crafty message which is easy to flow and relate.

…….Whatsoever the case be, it cannot be denied that  at the end- we all share common feeling:


So getting a nice, thin, crispy, cheese pizza is our weapon against empty stomachs.

What do You think?

                                                     Enjoy Your Meal…..!!!!!!



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