Snickers-Stay Hungry!!!!

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) emerged in the late 20th century regarding application of consistent brand messaging across myriad marketing channels. Communication is the process of conveying thoughts and sharing the meanings among individuals or organizations which can be described as the paste that keeps combined a channel of distribution. Communication is a need which is being used to create network, spread ideas and promote the products or services.


Snickers is a chocolate bar brand made by Mars, Inc. which consists of chewy nougat topped with caramel and peanut, dipped in milk chocolate. Snickers uses a combination of traditional, promotional and digital marketing to build a strong consumer base. The campaign “You’re not you when you are hungry” worked perfect for snickers which was based on a universal assumption that hunger affects moods and abilities of a person. It incorporated the 4 Cs of integrating digital marketing which helped to grow sales by 13.4% in the first three months of the campaign and online views on Snickers increased markedly on YouTube and twitter.

  • Coherence-Though executed differently across media and markets, the central theme and strap line remained the same worldwide.
  • Consistency– The message was consistent across multiple regional campaigns and media which retained the effectiveness of the central proposition across markets
  • Continuity– Communications are connected and remained consistent through time
  • Complementary– Adherence to the previous Cs ensures that their combination will have a long-running, multi-channel, multi-million campaign.

The methods used to reach different audience in various countries was different and the challenge was to remind people why and when they can enjoy Snickers. All of us in life have irritable and bad tempered moments Snickers was best positioned with the hunger-busting solution.

“If you’re not you when you’re hungry, who are you?!”


The candy bar followed the footsteps of Coca-Cola’s personalized cans and is replacing its brand name on packaging with 21 different “symptom” of hunger-describing how the people react when they are hungry. Goofball, Drama Mama, Princess, Curmudgeon, Cranky, Irritable and Confused are among 21 different labels. The packaging will also encourage people to share photos of their bars on Facebook and Twitter with the belief that the new bar will not only satisfy their hunger but give them a fun way to call-out friends and family.

To support the new bars, online content ‘Dial-A-Snickers’ was created which allowed people to call in report their hungry friends by dialing 1-844-Hunger-Bar. Each hunger symptom was determined by the operator and that specific hunger bar was delivered via bike messenger. The idea was mainly to encourage the customers to call out their friends with a hunger bar and share using #EatASnickers and this Ad became the U.S. Ad of the week in 2015.

The previous commercials has shown the celebrity standing in for someone else in a strange context, whether Betty White playing football or Willem Dafoe playing Marilyn Monroe who is in a bad mood and someone says that they get quirky when they are hungry and offers the Snickers bar. Suddenly, the real person is in place and everything is fine. This Mars correlated mood with hunger and suggested Snickers- a delicious treat to alleviate hunger.


The Candy bar worked with convenience store chain 7-eleven in Australia and launched ‘Hungerithm’, a campaign which integrated social media, pricing and long-term brand positioning. The concept is built on the global creative platform, ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ and it adjusts the price of its bars in 7-eleven stores by gauging the mood of the internet where 14,000 social posts per day are monitored and analysed by the system and the bars are repriced more than 140 times a day. Also, the progress can be monitored by the consumers to lock in a price for a period of time. The entire concept reinforces the branding and marketing strategy and is an incredibly smart way of engaging people.

IMC is being used  worldwide at very large scale and form the above description conclusion can be made that if implemented properly with successful promotional integration IMC gives positive impact as brand equity, brand awareness, profitability and changing attitude of consumer.


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