Nike’s guide to the ultimate IMC mix…

Brand promotion is a critical task which requires investment of time, money and knowledge on a large scale. Over time, organisations have realized the importance of selecting, persuading, informing and reinforcing the target customer segment as well as creating greatest impact on them.

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In order to capture the splintered audience, marketing experts have encouraged employment of a comprehensive integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy. Various tools of IMC like advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, personal selling and public relation make brand promotion schematic. Effective integration of such tools makes consumer engagement efficient.

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One company that has made extensive use of integrated marketing communications is Nike, a brand associated with athletic activities and sport. Commencement of Nike’s success was with its “Just do it” campaign. With this campaign, Nike tapped into the spirit of the inner joy experience of consumers. The profound feeling of joy and fitness was communicated through this campaign. The company utilized various communication platforms for their advertisement in order to capture attention of their target consumer segment, increasing Nike’s sale by 1000% over a period of ten years.

With “Just do it” campaign Nike started its journey to success…

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Nike Swoosh is one of the well-known logos. The logo has made the organisation one of the most successful and valued brands worldwide as it has created a strong brand image which symbolizes performance, dominance and winning. Nike has been successful in spreading their brand message across the globe that has made them gain sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors like Adidas and Reebok.  

Talking about celebrity endorsements, this is one of the key strategies that Nike has adopted. They have been very careful while selecting the face of the brand. The idea is to ingrain the celebrity image in consumer’s mind which would help them associate with the brand product with famous personalities making the brand valuable and attractive. Famous athletes like Michael Jordan, Maria Sharapova, Cristiano Ronaldo and Tiger Woods have endorsed the brand and conveyed the importance of athleticism making the brand name heroic and iconic. Such celebrity advertisements create strong impact on consumers and further improves brand loyalty.

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Nike has set up a perfect example of efficient use of social media which has become an essence of brand promotion in today’s competitive world. Utilization of social media like Facebook, YouTube, twitter and many more in order to build public relation and to deal with criticisms has been aced by Nike. Evidence suggests that approximately 92% of consumers trust recommendations made by family and friends over advertisements,or ‘Word of Mouth’. Consistent efforts towards customer engagement and persuasion through application like Nike+ and even considering @Nike support where Nike responds to their followers on twitter has made Nike the best example of organised customer service. Such efforts has given Nike a huge fan following and loyal customer base, helping them to build company’s “word of mouth marketing”.

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“Write the future”, a campaign during FIFA 2010 is a very good example of Nike’s skillful utilization of strategy. The prime goal was to become the top brand in the world of football beating Adidas as the official sponsor of FIFA 2010 and to achieve tremendous revenue growth in the football apparel segment. The gist of the campaign was to ignite communication with the epic 3-minute film which would inspire audience with flashes of success and failure, past and future. Some of the best players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba and many others were featured in the film. Nike wanted to create an opportunity for their consumers so that they could participate in the experience via social media. Nike employed social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Xbox 360 to reach to their fans. During this campaign, the Nike Facebook fan following raised to 336% which was from 1.1m to 4.8m. The result was, Nike won the world cup and became world no.1 sports brand in the football field.

Source:(Football Star TV, 2015)

The IMC program of an organisation is a strategy which involves a perfect blend of several IMC tools. This would help an organisation to succeed in “connecting” with rather than “collecting” their fans and customers which is a need of today’s competitive world. IMC has a long term effect wherein unified, expressive and consistent messaging helps the brand to develop deeper relations and to build trust with the target audience thereby providing monetarily effective results to an organisation.

Nike has mastered the art of promotion and their “Write the future” campaign has proven that if  you “Want to make a statement at the party, just crash the party”.

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