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In this modern scenario, every individual knows about “eBay”. Today we people are wrapped by technology. eBay plays a major role in introducing people to technological  world. eBay is an American -multinational organization contributing purchaser to buyer and business to shopper deals administrations by means of the internet. eBay was established in the year 1995 by Pierre Omidyar and is headquartered in San Jose, California.

The plan of action or the business model promoted by eBay is basic. It is a C2C (consumer to consumer) platform, where the buyers and vendors are linked through the internet.Potential merchants are charged a little expense for to rundown things that they need to offer. These can then be seen for nothing by potential purchasers. Purchasers can then place an offer on the thing that they pick, again at no expense. When offering shuts, the most astounding offer buys the thing much like any conventional sale.

There are many advertising strategies used by eBay.  This includes e-mails, social networking sites such as( Facebook and Whatsapp), newspapers, radios, and some kind of presentations. In marketing there is a term called word-mouth, this is a kind of advertising a particular kind of product or service. This is how it works, when one of your best friend speaks about the quality of a product, you get interested and purchase and your parents also make a shopping in search of that product and they share their opinions to their other friends and relatives. So, the basic thing coming to this point is “credibility”.

eBay uses three forms of auctions. They are mainly Auction-style listings, Fixed price format and Dutch Auctions. In Auction-style listings, seller is able to establish a reserve price, and they can make sales for specific days. In the case of fixed price format, the purchasers win the auction, without any offer, because the sales are done within time. In the Dutch auctions, allow seller to bid two or more items in the similar auction.

eBay uses five digital advertising techniques, they are namely  Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  social media optimization, buying banner ads, a blog and pay per click marketing. In SEO, SEO includes advancing a site’s configuration and substance with a specific end goal to drive the site to the highest point of the web search tool comes about pages, or the “SERPs,” for focused watchwords. A site proprietor can utilize numerous viable SEO procedures as parts of a complete and extensive SEO battle, and some of these systems incorporate brilliant third party referencing, reliably fabricating new backlinks, utilizing web 2.0 pages, utilizing on-page SEO techniques and presenting a site to various web registries. Social media optimization means, when people open the webpage, they can notice different advertisements and it is a kind of marketing method used by website owner to attract the viewers. So they will try to purchase the desired items.There are numerous sites that permit the proprietors of different sites to buy standard advertisements, and as a rule, a site proprietor can buy pennant promotions that will be put on a site for a day or for a while. Standard advertisements are still exceptionally compelling promoting apparatuses, and a site proprietor ought to concentrate on putting pennant promotions on sites that have content that is identified with their own particular site. A website owner should try to maintain a blog attractive and catchy, because to get more profits from business, they should make the advertisement attractive.Pay-per-click, otherwise called “PPC,” showcasing includes paying a specific measure of cash for each focused on snap that a site gets. A site proprietor can without much of a stretch drive hundreds or even a large number of guests to any site by utilizing PPC showcasing regardless of the possibility that the site had no activity already. There are many other selling techniques performed by eBay and this helps them to compete with any large firm.

Ebay uses direct advertising apparatuses, for example, flyer’s, infomercials and radio advertisements even. Ebay is now a built up name and along these lines their utilization of these showcasing apparatuses is just to underscore any new data or arrangements they may bring to the table. Again like individual offering, direct advertising would pretty much be identified with outsider organizations endeavoring to offer their administrations of how to utilize the site, however not specifically identified with Ebay.

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