Will you expect the next generation of Apple’s iPhone?

September is coming soon. Traditionally, the Silicon Valley giant Apple is going to unveil some new products like new iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Watch models in San Francisco. Now, numerous consumers are waiting for the product launch event of Apple iPhone in early September. And there are some rumors about the next generation of Apple iPhone.


When will new iPhone be launched?

The launch event of new iPhone was held on September 9 in the last two years. But this year, September 9 is Friday. So, this launch event will be likely held on September 5 or 12.


What should we call new iPhone?

Some consumers name the upcoming new iPhone as “iPhone 7”. But some analysts guess that Apple may reserve this name iPhone 7 for the 10-year anniversary release in next year. Instead, it may be called “iPhone 6se” (Cara, 2016).


What new features will new iPhone have?

The new iPhone is expected to bring several important changes, involving upgraded camera, pressure-sensitive home button and removal of 3.5mm headphone jack. The more powerful “dual lens” camera is very popular.


What will it look like?

The new iPhone is expected to look very similar to the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


Why so many consumers have the strong expectation for the next generation of Apple iPhone?


Are they badly in need of smartphone? No, there are a lot of various smartphone suppliers. Brand effect is just the real reason. Although Apple’s revenue showed the first decline during the past 13 years, due to the sales drop of iPhone, it was still the most valuable brand in 2016. Depending on excellent product design, ground-breaking innovation idea and distinctive user experience, Apple has gotten the trust of billions of consumers around the world (Joe, 2016). In their minds, Apple means fashion, avant-garde, innovation and excellent experience. According to the research on purchase factors of iPhone users, easy operation and strong entertainment function are the major reasons why users choose iPhone. And nearly 34% users think that they will become more fashionable after using iPhone. This reflects the powerful brand effect of Apple iPhone. Obviously, the emergence of powerful brand effect is hardly achieved without excellent branding strategy.


Branding strategy


The focus of Apple’s branding strategy is emotion. Its brand personality concerns life style, imagination, free, innovation, passion, dream and ambition. It also insists on removing the complexity in life, people-oriented product design, human-based management and keeping the genuine connection with customers.

Hunger marketing was an important branding strategy of Apple in past few years. And Apple has achieved a great success. Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, the scene of lining up to buy and out-of-stock situation is emerging continuously around the world (Cai, 2015). This relatively hungry status in the introduction stage of new product will help Apple maintain the stability of product price; strengthen the control of product upgrade and distribution channel. On the surface, hunger marketing is easy to implement by effectively controlling the supply-demand relationship. It can bring not only high price and profit, but only the additional value of brand. Brand factor is running through the whole hunger marketing process from beginning to end. The powerful brand appeal is base of hunger marketing that is why Apple will get a big achievement.


Experience marketing strategy plays a key role in building Apple’s brand image. Generally speaking, Apple will choose a special place with strong artistic atmosphere to hold the launch event of new iPhone. This gives audiences a kind of noble and holy experience. Moreover, Apple’s iPhone highlights the simple and fashionable appearance design. And no matter in what age, users will feel the new all-round experience in vision, hearing and touch caused by the excellent user-friendly operation (Marketingminds, 2015). Emotional experience is what Apple iPhone want to provide for users. The classic white of Apple signifies freedom, enjoyment, clean, relaxed and other wonderful feelings. And each touch point with consumer will involve some emotional factors. In short, Apple tries to touch the consumer’s inner emotion and make them cause a strong sense of desire for iPhone.









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