Why choose this car? Find product and brand relationships in auto industry.


How to choose a satisfaction vehicle? Which brands are better? Which brands have better after-service and warranty? Customers make a final decision through compared with different brand’s service, quality and more. On the other hand, building products and brands internally is slow and costly, and new product failure rates are high (Newmeyer, Swaminathan, & Hulland, 2016). Hence, no matter from the perspective of clients’ interest or the interest of merchants, It is necessary to research and analysis that relationship about product and brand in auto industry.

Auto company vehicle and service

Different auto brand have different type of vehicles, vehicles are the auto company’s goods, compared with goods, and auto companies sale department have to pay more attention on their service, generally, customer’s service including sales service, auto shopping environment and more, however, auto industry is different common industry, vehicle regular check is also a huge income for auto firms. The thousands of million dollars cost in vehicle after sells service in 2015 (Truett, L, & Truett, D 2016). On the other hand, Goods and services differ in term of intangibility, qualities, perishability and variability.  Therefore, goods qualities is not be ignored, especially is vehicle.


Figure 1


Hence, this chart shows that qualities relationship between goods and services. In this qualities evaluation relation chart, motor vehicle are easy to evaluate that it needs high in search qualities.


Auto Company’s brand effects


There are different brand classifies because of product country, such as German vehicle, Japan vehicle and American vehicle etc. Different brand classifies means different style, quantity and service, therefore analyse auto firm’s brand effects should research different countries brand characteristics. Hence, difference brands try to contact with different life style, the article Audi, BWM and Benz ride the road to luxury in China (2010) report that brand of Audi, BMW and Bens become commensurate with luxury lifestyle and top of sport in mind of customers.

Auto company’s brand means quantity, safety, energy, technology and more, customer can make decision easier due to different brands effective in their mind, therefore, auto firms try to make a perfect impression in consumer through advertisement or hold activities with other industry famous companies. Audi through support the top of music, sport match to improve itself impression and achieve PR purposes (NEWCOME D,2016). Therefore, auto industry brand strategy is an important factor for consumers and auto companies, Auto Company’s brand induce customer loyalty and allow for premium prices, on the other hand, customer pursuit for brand is not only easy to make a decision because of brand’s predictable quality, but also brand is the other way to serve as status symbols.

New produce in auto industry

Auto market is a competitive market; different auto firms produce different price and type vehicles, therefore, new produce research and development are necessary invest in auto industry if the tradition auto brand want to keep and improve sales volume and at the same time have enough strength competitive ability. Audi product blitz will usher in new styling and technology in every year and will continue its cross-over and technology offensive for the foreseeable future while rolling out a new design language to its entire lineup by the end of the decade (Ryan B, 2015).


Figure 2


Figure 2 shows that new protect development process, new protect have 6 necessary processes, in includes idea Generation, market potential, concept testing, design and development, beta testing and launch. It shows market involved all process in research and development in new product.

Figure 3


Companies have to continue produce new product because from figure 3 shows that every product has growth and decline stage process, therefore, auto companies product have to consider vehicle outward style, vehicle technology and new energy etc. Chinese government encourage new energy auto in their police and people begin to attention to new energy vehicle (China daily).


Auto industry product & brand

Brand is the one of most important effect factor in auto industry, brand effective can effect consumer’s decision and choose, it includes consumer loyalty and interest. However, quantity and safety cannot be ignored, these are basic reason to attract customer choose and believe.  On the other hand, auto companies have to continue to development new product to adapt competitive vehicle market. Consumer demand is following technology and social environment, brand and product are important consider factors before the consumer final decision. New product can help Auto Company to keep advantage in competitive market.


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