What you buy is who you are!

When we think about any beauty product , the first thing which come in our mind is what and which Brand to buy?

As my mother see’s what our young girls don’t – not just beauty, as well as limitless potential. She wants me to be a superior version of her, to grab each open door and not be kept down by those imperceptible yet intense strengths that we, with the advantage of age and wisdom, have overcome.So, the first thing which popped out is DOVE ! So, what makes it unique? Why every female is preferring it over other brands . What makes us to choose that BRAND?


So what is a brand? Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website and your name. In fact, your brand is much more than that-it’s the stuff that feels intangible.According to Allen Adamson,”Each brand makes a promises. However, in a commercial center in which shopper certainty is low and budgetary cautiousness is high, it’s not simply making a promise that isolates one brand from another, yet having a characterizing reason.

 “Dove realizes that ladies are always examined about what they look like,” said Jennifer Bremner, chief of showcasing for the brand. “They are under weight to ‘look like it’ and this prevents them from accomplishing their maximum capacity. Numerous ladies perceive sense of pride remains a fight to be won.”

Customers are not always rational.They always associate themselves with the brand. They have their emotions attached with it.


Source- http://www.youtube.com

So, here’s what Unilever is doing by using House of Brands marketing strategy. They concentrate more on individual brand than just faming their own name.Customers psychologically build their stronger connection with the specific product without particularly thinking about its manufacturer.So, here what DOVE is doing.It focus on every section of female, her physique, personality, culture, realtionship and self image- For all their is one product DOVE! It cares about the emotions attached with the product and here’s the actual marketing strategy work.



A typical strategy for propelling another item by utilizing a current brand name on another item in an alternate classification. A company utilizing brand extension wants to influence its current client base and brand loyalty to expand its benefits by advertising or offering new product.

Dove is just not a soap anymore.It has extended according to the needs of the customers.


Their is always a need for something new. For consumers, the brand can act as a signal of the quality of new product(Wernerfelt, 1988)and the assessment procedure will be the after effect of incorporating data about the parent brand with data emerging from the new product.

The popularity of this strategy is because of the conviction that it prompts higher shopper trial than the utilization of another brand name due to the awareness levels and affiliation (symbolism)values of the brand name being utilized (Keller 2003, p.582).

So what’s the need for extension?

Consumer is always demanding and if once your brand has become an eye candy to customers, they will always demand for the new product and it’s always healthy to have somehing new. Nothing is constant and neither these products.

But the challenge percieved by a new product is it is needed to be fit in a new product category being entered. The more the apparent fit, the more noteworthy is the degree to which shoppers will see the perceptions and inclination of the stretching out brand to “extend” to its new item classification.(Broniarczyk and Alba1994)

So, to overcome this the product evolution and duration in the marketplace has to be determined and it can be done by product life  cycle.       stock-photo-product-life-cycle-chart-on-white-background-103332302

This cycle explain all the stages which an product undergoes in the entire life-

  • Introduction stage– In this a new product is brought into the marketplace with heavy market spending. By analysis with DOVE , when the dove soap was introduced its price was at slightly higher range and they did so to maintain the premium tag. Initially less sale not much growth.
  • Growth Stage– Sales fastens and profit increase( Iacobucci). With all Dove’s ‘ Real Beauty ‘campaign and Dove’s ‘Real beauty Sketches’ it has garnered more than 114 million total views, making it most viral video of all time. It has involved over half(54%) women globally which definitely shows an increase in growth of brand.
  • Maturation Stage– It comes when product nears market maturity and when there is need for brand extension and thats what a DOVE do.
  • Decline Stage– Final phase where sales and profit are dropping.

The main conclusion is as Dove says don’t take our word for it. Read what others have to say about our products , by these ad-campaigns dove is still in its growth phase and attracting their customers on the emotional behalf.So what u think is this a right way to promote a brand?



Komal Sardana





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