Starbucks – coffee’s symbol


PikeStoreCard cmyk.jpgIn 1971, the first Starbucks opened in Seattle. Until now, the Starbucks has more than 40-year history. Today, the Starbucks had more than 15000 stores in 50 countries. It has become a symbol of coffee.

Moreover, the mission of Starbucks is stimulating and cultivates a humanistic spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. At the same time, Howard Schultz (Starbucks chairman, president and chief executive officer) wants to Starbucks become a place for conversation, the third place between work and family.

In my opinion, this is Starbucks. If I feel tired, I will go to the Starbucks, and order a cup of coffee. Stay in the store, nothing to think, just give myself a rest. Also, if I want to have an informal conversation with my friends or custom, I will choose Starbucks. This is because I think Starbucks is very suitable to talk. Every Starbucks store almost has the same style, it makes people feel comfortable, feel relax. I think this is the brand told me something about Starbucks.

Furthermore, in the past 40 years, more than four times the Starbucks logo change. A logo represents a brand. Every time change the logo is a big challenge for Starbucks. First time, they change the color from brown to green. Second time, they reduce the word. Third time, they update a big mermaid. Until now, they reduce all the words, and only have a green mermaid. Now when you see the green mermaid, you will think this is Starbucks. Starbucks hops that. A successful brand serves as status symbols. For example, Starbucks as status a good quality coffee, and it’s different from other coffee shop’s coffee. In China, many clients think to buy a cup of Starbucks mean they are a white-collar employee. So they like to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks.


A good brand also includes the loyalty. Starbucks also true. They will buy it unthinking due to inertia. This is because this brand makes clients feel familiar, and they will think this brand has high quality and reliable. Even they would like to pay the higher price. The clients are already get use this brand, and they trust this brand.

A good brand not only includes the loyalty, but also includes the goods and services. Starbucks has the same services in different countries. It’s will be making clients feel comfortable and familiar. However, the product of Starbucks has a little different in different countries. This is because when Starbucks want to go into a new country, they will do some market research. After this research, they will know people like what or not like in this country.

Moreover, every year, Starbucks drinks will be limited in different festivals. For example, Starbucks will change the cup from white to red, and at the same time, they will have three new products. People always like something new, if the brands do not have a new product, the client will think boring and interest in other brand. So this is why new product is very important. The new products keep attracting interest from clients, and let the clients feeling of freshness. For me, I like the red cup in Christmas day, because I think the red cup have the festival atmosphere. It makes me feel happy. So even maybe they do not have my favorite coffee, I also will buy a red cup of coffee.

Above all, you will find a good brand is impact of consumers in all aspects. They have good products, and also have good services. Furthermore, they will have new products in a period time.


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