How AWARE are you?


When you’re driving down the main street and you see the ‘Golden Arches’ you know what they represent. You recognise the BRAND. You associate this logo & symbol with McDonalds… In fact, McDonald’s iconic golden arches are recognised by more people that the cross. does anyway. Awareness of this brand was instilled upon Gen Y in particular from a very young age.


“The Famous Golden Arches”

How McDonlads Brand has evolved over the years.


How about when you’re ordering a drink at a fast-food restaurant, do you ask for cola, or a Coke? How about when you cut yourself? Do you go searching for plastic bandages, or search for a Band- Aid?

These items are at the apex of brand awareness, they are known as proprietary eponyms. These brands have become so well-known, they have replaced the generic terms for similar products in our every-day language.

For a brand or product to become a proprietary eponym it is pretty much the summit of brand awareness. It is those brands and products that stand-out from the crowd.


What is a brand:

What is a brand.png

A brand is a logo, brand, symbol or a combination of these that a company will develop to uses as a point of difference and to as a way to distinguish there products from others there competitors in the market. Most people recognise a company because of its brand name and at a brands apex it’s because of their products.

The brand Coca-Cola is easy to remember and easily noticed. It has been around for years. This helps consumers recognise and differentiate minor products associated with Coca-Cola from other competing products.

The beauty about brands and brand awareness is they help consumers to make a quick an identifiable product purchase. It allows them to know exactly what they are going to get.

For the consumer, a brand conveys information, knowledge, quality and in some cases is may be a sign of status.

For the company a successful brand will increase customer loyalty, it will increase their market competitiveness, it will continue to satisfy consumers, it will create a demand, it will create a point of difference, it will allow companies to charge premium or negatively-split prices, ultimately it will create a need and a want for your brand. You will stand out from your competition.


Will Your Brand Stand Out From the Crowd?


Although, you might not achieve this in your business, this does not mean you can’t do a lot more to continue to boost awareness of your brand.

Whilst there will be no quick fix for becoming a “the household name”, there are multiple brand-building strategies and multiple opportunities out there to help promote each brand individually and increase your brand awareness.

With the successful development of brand strategy, this will aid in increasing a brand and products awareness to the publics.

Brand awareness is part of the brand strategy. It is frequently disregarded  in conversations surrounding advertising and communications. Brand awareness can be thought of as a buyer’s ability to identify a brand to a certain category or product. This identification process is where the $$ is made!

Every brand will not become as well-known as Coca-Cola or as recognisable as McDonalds but surely it can’t hurt to try, right?


Chloe McIntosh

Student Number: 210671252

Reference List: ( McDonalds 75 years of Branding)


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