Apple: Following the theory to the perfection.


When we talk about branding, new product development and marketing, the first company striking my mind is “Apple Inc.”. Known for its innovation, design brand and more importantly its unique marketing strategy, creating a strong customer base ever since the launch of its Apple II, generating $79m in sales in 1979 providing customers across the world both tangible and intangible benefits.

Apple offers premium products at premium price, and continue to create groundbreaking products in the variable market of technology, with the help of its R&D department and understanding consumer’s demand and their need to keep themselves updated with the movement of the technology and innovation. And with the core offering off it’s exceptionally well deigned and innovative product, Apple Inc. has successfully offered its global customers with high quality customer service, creating a friendly culture within its retail chain outlet, guiding and helping in product related queries/repairs providing high quality credence and have successfully collaborated it with high in experience qualities towards their customers with the launch of apple store and itunes in 2001, providing perishable (services which are produced and consumed simultaneously) intangible services adding value to its product, enhancing the credibility of its products and customer benefits. Apple has successfully been able to differentiate between its core product and its value added products, providing niche services through its various range of products (itunes and app store in particular), taking service variability across countries and the consumer requirement, for example, app stores have various applications in different region thus improving and innovating on variability. Expanding itself into the marketing mix, the company has successfully established call centers across their operating customers and retail outlets providing direct and personal interaction with the customers in a friendly tech-cultural environment, providing services and taking feedback. This shows how the company have successfully been able to differentiate between its goods and services, differentiating its product and value added products and mixing it with the marketing theories and mix. The company has created an image of innovation and design, satisfying customers and able to attract its customers. Further the industry’s macro environment changes such as innovation and costumer’s change in demands has worked in the favor of the commercialization of their brand image, expertized in the fields of marketing theories and design, providing end to end business.

Marking methodology and branding strategy of Apple centers on their items as well as the need of each individual. The organization brand identity is about effortlessness and disposing of confusions from the lives of each person, individuals driven Apple item plan, and on the subject of being an unquestionably humanistic business with a true and bona fide association with its customers everywhere throughout the world. The Apple Company Brand Personality

Marking procedure of Apple spotlights on client’s feelings. The organization brand identity is about:

  • way of life
  • freedom recovered
  • creative energy
  • trusts
  • dreams
  • development
  • desires
  • energy to the general population by method for innovation.

Apple Inc., has built a strong subsequent product, using the same platform for the same product, making it easier for the customers to understand the subsequent product building high awareness of the high ease quality service among the customers which has worked as an Umbrella effects, working in managing the brand name for the company.

history_of_apple_logo.gifThe changes in the logo speaks a lot about the apple evolution taking care of the market change and the product life cycle. The company first launched its product in 1979 and evolved itself into the diverse field of technology involving its business in iPod, iPad, iMac, MacBook and now has recently launched its product in watch and TV. Further improving on its branding, in every product, and involving into the market, the company has successfully managed to rotate its each product with the launch of its new product, anticipating the change and pre designed market strategy involved through marketing mix and branding management, launching its product through launching event, and beforehand only providing the teaser of the new launch to the market, which keeps their customer more curious for their new launch, each year.


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