A big and solid “rock” in the sport brand

Nowadays people pay more attention to the health improvement. Thus, sports become an unreplaceable part in daily life of human being. You can see people doing exercise everywhere, such as jogging on the road, working out in the gym, sweating on the basketball playground. Furthermore, almost everyone wears some sports gears, for instance, professional sports shoes, sports jacket. The sports gears are able to assist exercise more convenient and efficient. When people rave about this area, the Under Armour is very popular and famed sports brand which enables to meet the majority of demands in different sports branches. What make Under Armour become a so successful global brand. Now let’s remove the armor and find out the secret under the brand.

The basic elements of the brand

One brand has three essential elements which are the name, logo and color (Iacobucci, 2014). Firstly, the name of Under Armour is very different from the other brand like Nike and Adidas. It immediately conveys the specific information through the name. Under Armour is literally like describe an action or a status when a man stays under the armor and it feels like it will make him stronger and unbreakable. In the other words, Under Armour sports gear likes the armor to protect people in the sport. It shows the products’ personality.

Secondly, the logo is a simple combination of the first capital of the two words (“U” and “A”). However, the sharp looks like an armor which vividly relate to the name. Moreover, in term of the color, black and white create an intensive comparison and will deeply impress the people and help to remember. The white represents the elegance and charm, the black represents the courage and excellence (Famouslogos, 2013). Consequently, the name and logo directly express the value proposition of the brand.



The personality of Under Armour

A good brand definitely has a distinct personality to distinguish from others. Every campaign and product should contribute the personality and solid it. Iacobucci says there are five different kinds of brands: Sincere, competent, Exciting, Sophisticated and Rugged. Under Armour aims to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. (Batescreative, 2015) Actually, the design of the product fits the culture of the brand. Obviously, it is a rugged brand which meets the sports spirit.


In addition, the slogan of Under Armour is “rule yourself”. It also conveys the information about sports discipline and identifies the position of the brand. It encourages the people should rule themselves and do exercise regularly. When people start to exercise and the name of the brand will come out in the mind at first. It built a kind of association with brand and exercise. Apart from that, the advertisement video is so impressive and creative. In the beginning, using hundreds and thousands of same people to do the same exercise to catch the attention. Then merging them into one encourage us to discipline everyday. Not only match the slogan, but also solid the personality of the brand.

On the other hand, customers’ experience of the product also contributes to building the personality. Under Armour is an innovational and functional apparel brand. The product can help people to gain a better performance in the sports. Thus, it may take a lead in behavioral way. As a result, the quality, design, campaign and style all contribute to the brand associations. It means when people mention the Under Armour, the many related labels will emerge out.

Brand Communication in Under Armour

When people acknowledge the brand and be a big fan of it, he or she will recommend it to the friends. In the other words, he or she will become the image ambassador of the brand, and the people always will trust the friend. Thus, the brand will be spread quickly if it is good and cool.


Under Armour wisely cooperates with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (Sozzi, 2016). Firstly, the rock has perfect sharp with numerous muscle. It is perfect image ambassador of Under Armour. In addition, the rock is a super star and extremely popular in public. He may influent the fans through social interaction. For instance, posting a picture which is exercising and wearing Under Armour suit. It helps people to familiar with the brand even imitates him to try this brand. So this is the power of brand communication.


How important is the Under Armour?

The brand is an essential and significant element in business. The name of Under Armour means a lot. It represents the good quality, innovational design, advanced function. The power of brand helps to dramatically increase the sale of the firm. And it also assists the customer to choose the right product. Thus, managing the brand is primary stuff in business running.




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