Before getting into the marketing world and branding concepts, let’s solve a puzzle together...and you have to keep guessing the company’s name throughout the video and match your result at the end ……

So, it is  Something about…..

 Yes, it is the largest food company- Nestle

……Serving 189 countries, 2000+ brands worldwide, highest revenue, quality, safety, ultimate pet care, human nutrition, food service, weight management, hence,

     “CELEBRATING 150 YEARS OF Good Food, Good Life”              

Through this puzzle, we automatically enter into marketing world where exists the terms- global brandbrand extensions and sub-branding strategies. 

  After all, it’s all about finding the right fit for the right consumers at the right place.

Nestle- A Company Built on Brands…..

When it comes to Nestle, it is hard to talk about a specific product. Through continuous renovation of existing products, innovation of new products, by adopting sub-branding strategies and marketing mix at a global level, the company has a strong brand- equity over a period of 150 years.


Nestle’s Success lies in the idea of..

                                            Putting the Customer First…..

On the basis of social, demographic & emotional aspects, Nestle has penetrated the market successfully. Six worldwide corporate brands, Nestle, Nescafe, Nestea, Maggi, Buitoni and Friskies contribute about 70% of the group’s total sales, with the Nestlé brand itself contributing 40%.


Nestlé also owns regional and national brands with which consumers have a close and often longstanding familiarity. Every sub-brand, even if it’s part of a brand family with other sub-brands, is marketed separately, with its own target audience, brand strategy, and marketing campaign but increasing penetration of private labels can be concerning.

Nestle has been successful in making a strong brand association, specifically with Maggi, Nescafe. Emotional side of the consumers have been held by Nestle and memories from childhood to old-age have been associated.


A brand is identified on the basis of name, symbol and slogan. Over the time, Nestle has been recognized by its effective slogan and the small nest with 3 birds, depicting the family wellness.


Brand Equity is a set of brand assets and liabilities attached to a brand name and symbol. It is a  brand’s power derived from the goodwill and name recognition that it has earned over time. Keller (n.d) suggested a brand equity model highlighting the key components shown below-


Undoubtedly, Nestle has applied this model successfully and built a long-lasting association with its customers.

A clear example of this is the come back of maggi in India after a six month ban with slogan- welcome back maggi and every section of the society accepted it wholeheartedly.



By understanding people of all ages… babies, toddlers, growing children, and adults from teenager to old people; and being aware and appreciative of all their needs and motivations, Nestle has come up with a wide range of line extensions and brand extension strategies and services.


                                         line extension, brand extension…..!!!


Nothing is quite like quenching your thirst with a delicious drink…..!!

Whether you’re drinking in a tall glass of nutrition goodness with MILO or treating yourself with some HOT CHOCOLATE, a Nestlé drink can really hit the spot.Nestle includes a whole range of coffee, spring water , tea-based drinks, fruit juices.


Milk products, nutrition and ice-creams

Nestlé has long been a major player in the dairy business worldwide.

Range of cereals encompasses all favourites, from UNCLE TOBY’S Oats, CHEERIOS and Fruit Bites, to delicious new options like UNCLE TOBY’S PLUS and MILO Duo. Here also, both line and brand extensions were taken into consideration.




Prepared dishes, cooking dishes and pet care

A diversified range of soups, stocks, sauces and culinary preparations, primarily under the Maggi brand, is adapted to local tastes, recipes and ingredients in each country.

The local taste was adopted in every mix and strong association has been built with consumers.




Chocolates & Biscuits, snacks and Muesli Bars.

ALLEN’S FROGS ALIVE, variety packs like the RETRO PARTY MIX, classic sweets such as NESTLÉ MILKY BAR, and an exciting selection of new confectionery products from WONKA.

Nestle range of products combine great taste with good health and convenience, for quick snacks like UNCLE TOBY’S Chewy Muesli Bars to enjoy.



It does not seem that Nestle is thinking to stop in its journey of innovation and brand extensions. So far, company has covered every section of the society from toddlers to adults.

It is impossible to summarize the 2000+ Nestle brands in limited words.

ALL we can do is that….. we can just wait for the next surprise from the NESTLE.



NEHA CHAUHAN/ nchauhan/ ID- 216059134




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