JolliBee Craze! Seriously?

“Brand represent culture. Brands makes company financially healthier”. (D. Iacobucci, 2014)

But, how does a company capture the heart of every consumer and attract the loyalty and depict a culture through a Brand?


Below is the picture of the latest newly opened branch in Skokie,  Chicago , USA.  People are queueing to savor Jollibee’s menu for hours.

jollibee queue



Companies differ from their approach to designing new products, while other pride themselves from innovation, others are more conservative and launches me-too products after other company’s break new ground. ( Iacobucci D, 2014, p 91)  Jollibee has emerged 1980’s with its first  TV commercial and being compared to the Big fast food chain company McDonald’s branch in the Philippines. Since then, Jollibee has continuously captured the hearts of the Filipinos nationally and globally, being like a comfort food, that makes customers reminisce and feels like, HOME AWAY FROM HOME” for overseas kabayan” (meaning fellow Filipinos).  Perhaps, the company proves that they took the “second mover advantage”, being that they pulled McDonalds customers by competing on price, cost and operational efficiency(Iacobucci,D,2014)  Also, a company may look for weak points in the positions of its competitors and directly or indirectly make comparisons with competing products. ( Loudon D et al,2005)  How?  It always starts from its roots, where did it all began? It was founded by Tan Family with its humble beginnings as an ice cream parlor, 1975. Later grew into an emerging global brand. So how did they emerge as a very competitive brand? Aside from promoting a family oriented work environment, the BRANDS Values reflects on their advertising and marketing, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority therefore producing Jollibee’s success, plus the great tasting products and quality foods and system has pride the company of their triumphant loyalty of the Filipino community then and now,  dominating the market nationally and emerging globally .(Jollibee Foods Corporation,2016)



How did this brand get rolled out globally? While other company go globally by using different brand names in different countries.  Jollibee maintains the same brand name in every country they enter, where they are typically more advantageous to maintain same brand worldwide. True global brands are those that seek, achieve, and maintain similar positioning in all their markets. (D. Iacobucci,2014) Notice how it dominates the patronizing consumers. Speaking of emotional attachment and home like feeling.…  Defining and implementing elements that are not core, or those that deviate from the core when formulating a brand strategy, can potentially derail a brand-building process and endanger brand assets (Kapferer, 2012)


Filipino taste captured? Check!….How about the brand slowly capturing the international taste?  Perhaps so.  Travel + Leisure named Jollibee Best Fast food chain in the world.




SWOT Analysis:

Strengths Brands perception of quality, customer satisfaction, plus the home like- family oriented atmosphere to customers creates the strength of the company. The brand core is defined as “an entity of core values and a promise”. ( Urde,M,2016)

Why do customers keep coming back for more? How did the company maintain the spark from its customers through these years? In managing and communicating a brand over time, the proposition is the shifting perspectives as the most sustainable approach over time to explore, define and reach internal agreement regarding the inner meanings of the brand. To explore the nature of the brand core and its management over time. ( Urde M,2016)


WeaknessMaintaining competitiveness through continuous strategy to keep Customer satisfaction, and maintaining their brand positioning and values.

Opportunity Store expansion nationally and globally to reach out overseas patrons. With stores in USA (26), Vietnam(32), Brunei(11), Jeddah(7) ,Qatar, Hongkong and Kuwait( 1 each) and more coming. (Jollibee Foods Corporation,2016)


Threats How do they keep customer loyalty, as there are abundant competitors?  Are they effective?  It is clear that customers are important and satisfied.  An organizational emphasis on quality should result in Customer satisfaction which resulted to meeting or exceeding the expectations of the buyers, leading to customer retention and a focal point to maintaining sales and improving profitability. (Loudon,D et al, 2005)

By: Lanie Canuto

Student Number: 216063738




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