‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.’

Regardless a number of cosmetics you wear regularly or how frequently you get facial and spa treatment, the quest for the best beauty products can be debilitating, yet exhilarating. Also, once you get the desirable products in your hands, you then have to make out the best way to apply them, the amount you require, and which ones will work best for you. Whether they are into luxury beauty or a mind-blowing makeover, at this point, numerous beauty experts stepping in and plays an integral role in fixing the problems that they might have encountered. Ash B Beauty Room is a beauty salon that offers services from facials to spa treatment, bridal and beauty makeover, and a top-notch skincare products that ranged from Switzerland, Spain, Japan, and Korea.


The product is something that profitable to the manufacturer and brings benefits to the customers as well (Iacobucci 2013, p. 67). Ash B Beauty Room started as expertise in skincare lines by offering facial packages from top-rated skin care brands with great deals for customers to help them with specific skin concerns and skin cell renewal. The goods-to-services go hand in hand with the concepts of search, experience, and credence (Iacobucci 2013, p. 69). They created a propaganda ‘All great makeup looks starts with great skincare’ via the medium of the pictorial posters and distribute it to the social network, newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets to attract more customers. Thus, consumers who, attracted by the great offers become passionate about searching the perfect skin care regime and comparing trusty favorites with new and exciting products. Customers are experiencing shoulder and hand massages while they have facial treatment. Customers who satisfied with the products and services automatically create buzz and positive feedback to the family, friends, and community through word of mouth.

Ash B Beauty Room is the only agent-seller for Swiss Tec skincare products in Sabah. Hence, it gives a huge advantage to Ash B Beauty Room to compete with other sellers and their leading brands for skincare. A brand is not just a symbol of a product; it also carries a name (Iacobucci 2013, p. 77). Swisstec is well known for it’s prevalent, profoundly effective ingredient complexes, which present to you the most progressive treatment skincare results. Its dynamic formulations are comprised of lavish and high-quality ingredients which make everyone believes that they can have beautiful skin, rejuvenate, and brings back the youth again. The facial is the primary service in Ash B Beauty Room, but customers always can have manicure-pedicure services or even reflexology after the facial. Customers always can buy the products over the counter or do online shopping via the website. Plus, they can always look for more information about the products, new products, clearance sales, best sellers and customer testimonials about their products.  According to Iacobucci (2013, p. 70), a significant variability which includes the customization and exceeds customer’s expectations often drives consumer loyalty to the company.

With Swiss Tec, Ash B Beauty Room able to charge a premium price to the customers and enhance customer loyalty by giving away vouchers worth 30% off for selected skincare items and free trial for each new products on the store. People tended to do business with companies that are reliable and well recognize. If your branding is consistent and easy to identify, it can help people purchasing your products or services without hesitating to it (Goodson 2012). Swiss Tec becomes well-known from time to time and susceptible to customers as most of them found that the experiences are valuable and for the new customers they can feel the differences after the free trial. As a token of appreciation from Ash B Beauty Room to the customers, they give away free samples and organize a lucky draw contest where the prizes are worth more than RM500 of skincare products and four sessions of slimming therapy.


Ash B Beauty Room is expanding their business into 3D eyebrows implant effect, eyelash extension, Korean lip embroidery and makeup classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Expertise is fully certified and possess incredible skills for the new services. Practitioners will explain the procedures and which types of eyebrow shape that work the best for them or how long the eyelash extension should be, and color and sizes for Korean lip embroidery. Ash B Beauty Room sparks the interest among the regular customers and newcomers with a free trial and 10% off for the new services. Customers who satisfied with the new services will create a positive vibe in the community and attract more customers to give it a try. With these new products and services, the profit margin for Ash B Beauty Room gains more 40% from the previously.


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