Marketing Reseach

Marketing Research

Marketing Research is a compelling device to help your business arranging. It is about gathering data that gives knowledge about your customers thinking, buying patterns, and location. Likewise, market research helps you to screen market patterns and watch out for what your opposition is doing.

Market and social research gives exact and convenient data on the conduct, needs, states of mind, assessments and inspirations of a population. Furnished with this information, organizations can create items and administrations to meet the wishes of their clients and governments can tailor arrangements and projects to the necessities of citizens. Additionally, essential national measurements on social issues, TV ratings, tourism developments, unemployment thus on can be reliably determined.

Research refers through the different sources-

  • Surveys done time to time
  • Interpersonal contact between the clients and the company
  • Target audience that is group which need to be focused
  • Customer feedback
  • Seminars and questioners

Importance of market research-

Market and social research provides accurate and timely information on the needs, attitudes and motivations of a population: It plays a vital social role, assisting our government and businesses to develop services, policies, and products that are responsive to an identified need.

The market research programs are done under the government so that no one is allowed to push the product illegally.


When I just talk about my own company. I need to do the proper marketing research to get the best outcomes. So let’s take the company named Burger station. Taking the name of the company under the consideration I need to keep in mind the basic thing. First of all it is a food court so I have to research on the logo a tag line for the business.

So these are the things which need to be considered-

  • Design-When it comes to design, colour plays an important role. Each colour has its own meaning and many believe that if a certain colour is used in the right place the results could be extremely successful. For example, have you wondered that why these food chain restaurants they always use the combination of red and yellow, with blue in some of the logos. In colour psychology, red and yellow are known to subconsciously stimulate appetite and increase excitement. Shapes, fonts, lines, patterns, textures, contrast, composition they all communicate messages separately but when we put them all together, within the right hierarchy, that’s when the magic starts.
  • Invite the Customer– The surest way to achieve a deep understanding of your target and to prioritize Insight is to invite the consumer into the innovation process. Infuse them throughout to ensure that Insight is not only prioritized, it is executed against appropriately and leveraged to its maximum ability. This doesn’t always have to mean conducting a focus group or having a consumer co-creation session.
  • The data collection– The surveys done by the company regarding the ratings would matter a lot. As many of the things need to be done through the data. All the problems could be determined by the data collection or the surveys done.
  • The challenge– If full length videos that actually upload regardless of the environment was the challenge, then building an app that can survive the inconsistency of internet connections was the goal. The challenges faced by the company about the products that is failure of any product all these need to be determined.
  • Brand name– The brand name is always advantageous as all the things are sold by the packet instead of the inner material. So one has to develop the strongest brand name so that the [product may sold like a pancake.
  • Offers and the promotions– like on different eves many of the products need to be promoted according to the target audiences . So that they get attracted towards it.

However, successful businesses undertake market research on a regular basis to the following fo my company to get succeeded-

  • Identify potential new customers
  • Learn more about the existing customers
  • Inform their decisions regarding existing and new products and services
  • Better understand the opposition
  • Identifying the ongoing performance, pricing and other opportunities.





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