Hungry Jack’s New Angus Burger Range – Too Good To Resist

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Burgers have fast become a universal aspect of all cuisines. Our love affair with burger and the huge revenue it generates means that the market is crowded and we expect higher standards. We want a good meal wherever we go be it an airport, mall etc. so with these factors governing them Hungry Jack’s has launched the Grill burger range also known as Angus beef range hoping that this will enable them to win the burger war(Sullivan 2016). They are made with thick Angus beef patties, a brioche bun and come served in a brown cardboard box with a side of chips.

HJHungry Jack’s is a wholly owned subsidiary of Competitive Foods Australia, a privately held company owned by Jack Cowin and is the exclusive franchise of Burger King in Australia

The launch of this product involves a lot of research before its launched which begs the question, what is market research? It links the customers, consumers to the product through data – data used to distinguish and characterize marketing opportunities and problems. (American Marketing Association, 2004).

Marketing research doesn’t always ensure the product succeeds with McDonald’s Arch Deluxe Burger being a case in point. It was highlighted as burger meant for adults forgetting that people go to burger joints for convenience rather than sophistication (Bhasin 2016). According to Uebelhor (2015), the failure of marketing research can be any of the following:

  • Insufficient research.
  • Created wrong message for the audience.
  • Delivered the product at the wrong time.
  • The product fell short of your claims.
  • Incorrect success metrics.

The secondary data that is collected can’t be relied upon to give an accurate picture so more reliance is placed on qualitative or quantitative technique to gauge the public mood with respect to new products launched.

Hungry Jack’s relies on qualitative marketing research where there are many chances of getting the information wrong. Repetitive interviewing of people will cause them to tire quickly and in order to escape may not give accurate information as desired by the company.

In today’s world where brand loyalty plays a significant role in determining how the market behaves most people are reluctant to try out a new dish unless someone recommends it and so may take a while for it to take off. So considering the huge sums being invested in marketing research it is essential that tamper proof methods are adopted in order to arrive at the correct answers to all questions so that another failure like Coke does not arise.

Based on consumer feedback from the countless surveys and expensive blind taste-testing, the company realized that that their store look and menu needed to change to attract to customer (Sullivan 2016). According to Scott Baird the chief marketing officer, in order to elevate the company credentials more upgrades are required and hence the need to deliver better fries and ambiance. The direct competitor to Hungry Jack’s, McDonald’s have introduced some new products and the corner McCafe in Sydney looks nothing like the normal McDonald’s store.

Coffee is becoming part of the culture where meetings, discussions etc. are held over a cup of coffee and Australians love coffee (Groundwater 2015). McDonald’s have started their own cafes and Hungry Jack’s which has always been keen to show its coffee is good setup some unknown stores to try out the new coffee and the response they have received has been satisfactory giving them a big boost.

Based on reviews available it seems all the work done by Hungry Jack’s have come to fruition, as according to Jager 2016, Angus beef is one of the most delicious burger he has eaten from Hungry Jack’s.

Fast food burger restaurants face a tough fight ahead in the upcoming years as consumers are becoming more selective and slowly moving towards healthier food products, burger joints will have to come with menus that cater to such demands (Sullivan 2016).

While Hungry Jack’s currently doesn’t cater to such trends their Chief Marketing Officer Scott Baird has promised that sooner rather later they will introduce balanced diet menu for its customers.


Sudeep Vasudevan

ID – 215387485

username – svasude


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