MCN ramps up ad targeting, focuses on mobile

The Multi Channel Networks or MCNs is well known as the third party service providers that affiliate with so many other channels so that it may offer speedy and first class services that includes audience development, content programming, creating collaborators, digital rights management, monetization and making large sales.

According to AdNews, MCN has partnered with location data specialist Near to launch a new offering allowing advertisers to create and target mobile audiences based on location. This  platform, which is known as the MCN Location, uses Near’s location technology, overlaid with third party data sources such as Roy Morgan Helix Personas and behavioural data sets, to provide brands with bespoke audience segments.




Source: MNC Mobile 1.0.4 APK


If consumers have unique needs and desires the market will demonstrate heterogeneity. This means that marketers will have to offer different products, and more broadly marketing mixes, in order to satisfy the different needs in the market (Module Four: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning).  Iacobucci, D (2013) states that in Marketing, we deal with all customer differences through segmentation, with the hope that world will buy their market offerings.

However, instead of trying to appeal to the whole market place, the smart company  and smart marketer has to discover and find out what different kinds of customers might like, and decide which groups they can best serve.(Iacobucci et al)

According to AdNews, MCN has partnered with location data specialist Near to launch a new offering allowing advertisers to create and target mobile audiences based on location.
Cardwell of MCN says MCN will integrate this location data across its digital network, and is looking to integrate the technology into the apps of existing partners to target against location on specific properties.

It has also started working on putting its out of home (OOH) screens onto the Near platform. Cardwell says the company is looking to see if innovations such as synchronized messaging – paring mobile advertising with the OOH screen . With this idea it may just be possible using mobile devices and up to date technologies.




OOH screen.


Now which one of the segments do we want to target is the big question when it comes to Marketing as this is based on the idea of selection. MCN  analyses the marketplace, competitors, and internal strengths, and find that their value aligns better with some segments than others, and targets those segments accordingly.

Cardwell of MCN says the offering will benefit advertisers, this has given MCN great access to “highly targeted” mobile advertising based on location and context.

Near has mapped more than one million points of interest including stadiums, shopping centers and retail outlets and also has the ability to add advertiser’s own locations for data sets. Furthermore, It uses proprietary technology that uses Wi-Fi networks, 3G and 4G tower reception and GP location data. “This gives us a hugely scaled mobile offering in market,” Cardwell says. “The fact we have exclusive representation of this location base technology gives us a real market advantage that we can offer to our advertisers.”


Positioning has many physical elements in Marketing, this talks about the Company’s identity. Positioning also consists much of the marketers responsibilities such as designing a product with positive benefits that the target segments will greatly value.

Positioning also looks at pricing so that it is affordable, at the same time building distributor relationships so that such market offering is available and lastly, the ability to communicate all the brands and products to the target or customers by using arrays of promotional activities or simply the marketing mix variables. (Iacobucci et al)

Positioning is about  how MNC creates its identity in the eyes of its customers and competitors and most significantly what its position is in the market place.

As part of the launch of MCN Location the company has hired Rob Marshall as its first dedicated mobile sale representative for MCN Melbourne. Marshall has more than six years experience in the media industry with three in mobile and is tasked with spearheading the MCN and Near partnership in Melbourne.
MCN digital partnerships and product development director Suzie Cardwell tells AdNews that the partnership put it in good stead to overlay TV data with its location data.

Cardwell further adds in the AdNews that MCN is  looking at over the next 6-12 months on how we can take Near’s location data into the MultiView datasets to make that an even richer data set,” MCN is also looking at how that would work across the TV assets and with the digital assets we have in our partnership.

by: Jacinta Tupuola . ID: 212369336


Iacobucci, D. (2013) Marketing Management, MM4, Student Edition.



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