Powerades effective campaign in Rio 2016 for going stronger for longer

Official sports drink of the Olympics has launched its impactful campaign which brings blends Brands iconic blue color and the blue blood of medieval Knights to create the ” The Power of Blue Blood”.

This ad campaign compares athletes with the knights in medieval Europe, who for years prior to securing the title were training for years. It requires peak athletic shape and perfect mental and physical skills to obtain the title. Powerade Recognizes Athletes training to striving for Glory at the highest stage as  Modern Medieval knights.

Powerade has applied Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning Model which helps in identifying the most valuable Segment and then sell it to them with right positioning strategy.

Step 1: Segment Your Market

An organisation or product can not cover everyone. This is the reason why we need market Segmentation, it helps to meet the particular group requirement cost effectively. Segmentation can be done based on Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and behavioral approaches. According To ( Roy Morgan, 2015) , Sports drink category distinguishes itself from other Non- alcoholic Drinks by focusing on Special formulas, Isotonic Qualities and electrolytes. Those who play sport are likely to buy Sports Drink.

Powerade Brand in Australia has chosen Segmentation based on  Demographic and Behavioral criteria.

  • Geographic- By country, Region, State, city or Neighborhood.
  • Behavioral- By How people behave in a certain way or how loyal they are.

Step 2: Target your Best customers

To Market their product in Australia, they have segmented their customers based on Behavioral and Geographic criteria. Australia is known as sporting country internationally, who has produced  household names such as Andrew Bogut, Cameron Bairstow, Shane Warne  and Ricky pointing. When it comes to targeting a segment, no one will avoid 1.5 million 14+ Aussies who drink sports beverage in an average Seven day period.

From (Roy Morgan, 2015), Stats prove that Powerade has Market share of 58% who drink sports beverage in average 7 day period in Australia. Second to Powerade, comes Gatorade with 33% market share. Brands such as Maximus, Staminade, Lucozade have rest of the market share.


Above Stats show that Australians are loyal to the Powerade Brand and 1.5 million 14+ Aussies consume sports beverage in a seven-day period. Hence it can be concluded that Australia as a Geographic location and tendency of People to buy frequently  Powerade brands illustrates , that targeting Aussie people for sport Beverage is a good choice.

Step 3: Positioning your offering

In this step, it is important to identify how to position the brand to the most valuable customer segments. It is important to consider why a brand’s most valuable segment needs to buy the company’s brand rather than those of competitors. This is done by identifying Unique selling Position.

Certain measures were adopted by Powerade  which has helped the brand to market the product in an efficient manner.

First, Signing NBA and Olympian champion as Powerade’s official Olympic games ambassador and face of the Powerade’s national Marketing Campaign. Australia has given NBA Players like Andrew Bogut, Patty Miles, Mathew dellavedova who have NBA contracts for 2015/2016 season. There is no denying the League’s fan base is increasing. Signing Andrew Bogut was a good marketing strategy.


Second, Brands campaign where it aims to position Powerade as the catalyst of Hydration in which it claims to provide ion electrolytes such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium which are lost in the sweat while playing in the field.  Their ad campaigns where they show Olympic Athletes are using Powerade Sport drink on the field. It gives a strong message to consumers that Powerade is being used by top athletes and a product they can rely on.

Student Name- Sapransh Jaipuria

Student Id- 215354693

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