Volkswagen(people’s car )….the perfect example for STP

Even though I am not a big fan of cars i really admired by the volkswagen because of their models, security features and and the brand itself. started in 1937, rising through the ashes of the word war 2 and now it’s places the world biggest car company by revenue and places in second just behind the toyota.

Most of the people would ask this question, what so special about this company ?

There is a lot of factors that support  this conclusion, Volkswagen is a company that offers wide range of cars from low budget cars such as ameo and golf to high end cars like audi, lamborghini and also commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks ( sania). All this is possible with acquistions, mergers and strategies with research on different segments to target different markets and keeping their position in the market.



egmentation, targeting, and positioning together comprise a three stage process.  We first determine which kinds of customers exist, then select which ones we are best off trying to serve and, finally,  implement our segmentation by optimizing our products/services for that segment and communicating that we have made the choice to distinguish ourselves that way.


sementation is used by companies to make the products for different type of of people.they may divide by

  • demographic
  • geographic
  • psychological
  • behaviours

Volswagen producing different types of cars for different needs under their subsidaries.each model of the volkswagen fully segmented with dedication to specific type of customer.they are producing small cars like polo, golf and famous betetle to much costly one like lambhorghini,bently and bhugatti.

Volkswagen has it’s own assmbly plants inmost of the countries and mostly used to serve the respected country. volkswagen made some of it’s cars for only respected areas such as polo and golf.

Beetle is the oldest producing car in the world and it’s still producing in some plants because of it’s popularity.



Unlike most of the car companies in the market it didn’t go for the single segment strategy and choosed the multi segmaent strategy.

Single segment strategy: concentrating on a single segment with a product or or service concept.relatively cheap but high risk. example is ferrari.when the recession started the sales may be affected.

Multi segment strategy: targeting a different concept or product at each of a number of segments and develope a arketing mix strategy for each of the selected segments.this approach may be vulnerable to over-committed in one area, it can be extremly resource demanding.

In general most of the cars are dedicated to customers between 18-49 yrs old.most of the cars offered by volkswagen are categorizes as more affrodable and efficient for any person and for a corporate activity. In accordance to other brands volkswagen also devides cars by fuel consumption of petrol and diesel.

Volkswagen also targeted the high end customers with their products such cars from audi, lambhorghini,


Volkswagen keeping it’s customer values and employed some kind of value delivery programs. Volkswagen produces his cars all around the world: Brazil, China, India, Germany, Slovakia, North America, Hungary, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, and, South Africa. All Volkswagen models are present in every state with high demand for cars, knowing after extensive market research where should the company position a model more than the other one (SUV’s in states with bad condition roads, pick up cars in South America or Asia, smaller cars in crowded cities, or more sedans or limousine in large business districts).



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