Mc Donald’s one in a class fast food chain of restaurants that had spread its wings all over the world with a diverse range of food from burgers to wraps, salads to desserts, shakes to coffees leading its way to be a customer focused restaurant.

Mc Donald’s history has started way back  1955 in the United States of America and pioneered its way to being a world-class leader in the fast food industry.By 1970’s to 80’s organisation had outlets in different countries introducing the American way of lifestyle. Approximately Mc Donald’s is serving 69 million costumers all over the world.

A phrase from founder Ray Kroc “If I had a brick for every time I’ve repeated the phrase Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value, I think I’d probably be able to bridge the Atlantic Ocean with them.”

How did Mc Donald’s had so many outlets in the world?

Franchise marketing strategy adopted by the organization has helped to expand its wings around the world and in turn, it helped the organisation members and its shareholders share the risks, penetrate and exploit the new business opportunities in the world.

Undeniable successes of the organization is achieved by marketing segmentation and experimentation throughout the world.

What makes Maccas stand out from the crowd and why Maccas are winners in the market?

Well the MC Donald’s uses  Market segmentation targeting and positioning strategy.

What is Segmentation Targeting Positioning and why is important for Organisations?


Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning are strategical market models used by the organisations to divide the goods, products or services offered to target the specific audience and position the brand image in the audience mindsets against their rivals in the market.



Segmentation of Maccas market around the globe based on the Demographic, Geographic, Behavioral.

Demographic segmentation of market for Mc Donald’s has worked in a great way for different markets of the world.

Mc Donald’ has been a great escape for children after the school, on weekends and in holidays, it offers the children with great features like “Happy meals”   that are served with favourite toys of children, the organization had even built playgrounds for kids in the restaurants.  


Mc Donald’s restaurants provide party rooms for children’s birthday celebrations.

Pricing of products in Mc Donald’s depends on the respective countries

In the United States of America Mc Donald’s has its Dollar Menu and in India, it has Happy price menu.

YF1dah1    india

MC Donald’s respect cultural differences in their respective countries, In US people tend to have beef rather than chicken and in  India, China people don’t like to have beef, so Mc Donald’s has more chicken items on their menu.

download (1)cultural-differences-in-advertising-amp-marketing-7-728


In the Philippines Mc. Donald’s has introduced  Mc Spaghetti to its menu and in the Middle East its has introduced Mc Arabia   

McArabia Screen_Shot_2015-07-27_at_9.07.23_AM

Countries like Germany, Europe and Japan where the adult’s population to attract the adults into business, Mc Donald’s even sell a draft beer as part of drinks with their food.


In New Zealand Mc. Donald’s had taken a step further towards senior citizens with a gold card to give free coffee or tea.


Mc Donald’  is a fun fulfilled environment place that targets Children with Happy meals, youngsters with free WIFI. MC Donald’s all day breakfast has been on the menu for a long time is has started newly in Australia and  New Zealand to serve breakfast lovers during the whole day.

All day breakfast is in a state of controversial but still the company is providing it to the costumers on the fact that it might lose its breakfast lovers.


Mc Donald’s is fighting to position its brand against its rivals around the globe, the rivals Mc Donald’s are KFC, WENDY’S, BURGER KING.

The Mascot of Ronald Mc Donald had a great attraction for children that had children driving to the restaurants. Mc Donald’s has used advertising through social media and billboards as their mainstream to position its brand against its rivals.

images uploaded_imagesmcdonalds-robotic-egg

Shadow on the billboard shows what’s being served at Mc Donald’s; the second image is a giant egg that breaks into half between 6.30 am to 10.30 pm indicates that Mc Donald’s serves breakfast this differentiation from the organization makes them position their brand in consumers mindsets.

Mc Donald’s not only sell fast food to its costumers, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. Through RHMC the organization has made an impact on customers against their rivals.

The pricing strategy has been a strategical tool for Mc Donald’s to position its brand and in its products in the consumer mind.


McDonald’s had conquered the market with their effective segmentation, targeting and positioning model, and they have set up an example for the importance of a better STP strategy in any business to turn it into a global giant.



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Krishna Chittimalla




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