Thankyou started off by selling bottled water with one main goal to donate its profits to fund charity projects in disadvantaged countries. It’s a fairly simple idea selling water to provide water for those who don’t have access to it. Since launching Thankyou Water the company has branched out into many different areas food, body care and baby care. So what has made Thankyou so successful. Lets look at it in a marketing perspective with a focus on segmentation, targeting and positioning.

But first, what does segmentation, targeting and positioning actually mean?

Segmentation – how we break down the consumer market, e.g. demographics, geographic, psychological and behaviours

Targeting – which of these segments are we going to target our product? How many segments should we target?

Positioning – where in the market should we target our products? Is there a gap in the market that we can target? How much should we sell our product for? How do we want to be perceived by our customers?

Ok! Now we have some background knowledge lets take a look at Thankyou by using segmentation, targeting and positioning!


The Thankyou brand prides itself in its charitable donations, natural products and not testing on animals. So it is safe to say that their products will appeal to the conscious consumer. Thankyou have produced products in an ethical manner and share their profits with the goal of ending poverty and when there is so much bad going on in the world it is nice to know that there is somewhere out there doing some good! Thankyou products are very unique as there is no other company that has this approach to consumer products.


 Thankyou can thank their huge success to an ingenious Facebook campaign that got them where they are today. As they were trying to get their first concept Thankyou Water off the ground they felt the need to create a demand for their product. They posted on their Facebook page that they were meeting with 7/11 and encouraged followers to post on the 7/11 Facebook page that if Thankyou Water was stocked at there, they would buy. This marketing campaign was a huge success with 7/11 being inundated with posts and even an appearance on channel ten’s ‘the project’. The deal was made and 7/11 started stocking Thankyou Water.

They launched a similar strategy in 2013 when launching their food and body ranges, by using a YouTube video announcing that they were meeting with Coles and Woolworths with hopes of it being stocked in these supermarkets.

 It is clear to see by using these types of marketing campaigns Thankyou are targeting teenagers and young adults with a charitable and ethical conscious. By using YouTube and Facebook as platforms for their campaigns they are able to reach a huge audience and gain the momentum they need to become a huge success. They have also started to target young families as well especially as their target market is growing older by launching a range of baby care products.


It is clear to see that Thankyou have launched a unique range of products. Before them there was no food, drink, body care or baby ranges that gave back to people in need. It is clear to see that consumers are more than willing to choose products that benefit someone in need as well as being natural and not tested on animals than products that aren’t. Thankyou have a unique position in the market and have priced their products reasonably. So why wouldn’t you choose Thankyou products where the money goes to helping people in poverty over a product that’s just feeds a million dollar company.

It is safe to say that by efficiently using segmentation, positioning and marketing you can bring your company and products huge success, and on the other hand if you miss the mark with these strategies it can harm your business. Thankyou have been very successful and have used STP in a fantastic way to bring the Thankyou brand to life, especially with the smart use of social media sites Facebook and You Tube.

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Author: Eleanor Wilson #210669831

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