Nestle is one of the world’s biggest food and beverage company which was founded  by Henri nestle the pharmacist in the year 1867 in Switzerland , The headquarters of nestle is at Switzerland , it has 447 factories in 194 countries employing 3,39,000 people in their company, the main motto of nestle is good food good life , as the time passes nestle started manufacturing different  products like chocolates , cereals , coffee, frozen food ,  mineral water and cosmetics etc., The company aims ‘thinking  globally acting locally’ , the main vision of nestle is to make good quality  products to make consumers happy and healthy everywhere in the world.



                The market segmentation is the group of people who has the similar intension towards any particular brand, the market segmentation is of different types like mass marketing, one to one marketing and nische marketing, in mass marketing all the customers are treated as same in which the customer satisfaction is less, in one to one marketing it deals with an individual which is not profitable and the nische markets focus on some small special manufacturing areas. The marketing segmentation is based on demographics which include age, gender, income, education. Geographic which has cultures and countries. Psychological this includes attitudes, knowledge and awareness, wants and needs. Behaviors of consumers.


Nature: Singapore nestle company has segmented its market for Nescafe ice based on the geographic weather warm, cold or hot. They also consider the country region, rural area and world region. The nestle easily identifies the geographical changes in needs and wants.


The customer segmentation of nestle is based on age, gender, income , education.

Age: nestle never offers same product for different age groups. For example it offers milo for children and coffee for adults.

Income: nestle produces the products that save money even an ordinary man can buy nestle products, they produce the products in small quantities so that everyone can buy.

Occupation:  Nestle also manufactures its products based on consumers occupations.

 PSYCHOGRAPHIC :                                                                                                                                                        nestle segments its products based on life style and personality.for  example nestle kit kat is for people who want to taste the real chocolate and nescafe 3 in 1  for people who dont have time to eat.


The behavioral segmentation of nestle is mainly based on knowledge , awareness, attitude of an consumer.



At this point the segmentation is based on customer variables which are both useful and important, now we proceed for targeting; the targeting is like as selection now we have got our customers by segmentation so we will target them to success. Now we analyzed the market place, our strengths and our competitors and we will have some idea where they are good at, so we will try to serve the segments whose needs and wants are similar to us, so we hope to make customers happy and loyal who will be profitable for our company.


The nestle company chooses differentiated marketing , where they provide different products for different segments on basis of age , occupation , seasons , climate , gender etc. For example Nescafe 3 in 1 for people who are busy with theirs works, koko krunch for those who want to taste real chocolate , and Nescafe ice which can be consumed on different climates.


By concentrated marketing the nestle has gained a strong market value because of their good knowledge of their customers. Nestle is specialized in making baby foods.



The positioning has many number of its physical elements but more perceptual ones, it’s all about identity and where the position of company in the market and in the customers eyes, once if know where we are we can determine where our company wants to be. This has many market responsibilities. It involves all the marketing mix.

 Product differentiation:

Nestle produces many number of products for target customers, they produce around 25 varieties of nido for children , it specially manufactures cereals and lactogen 1 and 3 for new born babies .

Channel differentiation:

Nestle sales its products by experienced salesmen and safe transporting so the their products are easily reached to the customers.

Image differenciation:

The nestle logo is completely different from other companys and compititors so that it easily identified by the customers.

Service differentiation:

The nestle company has 24/7 help line centres so that the customers can be easily accessible to the problems or any doubts.



Due to the advancement in the consumer food products has brought a great changes in their food habits, nestle has maintained its loyalty all the time by its quality products and remained at top position in the market by its quality products and experienced and excellent service .

2013_brand_new_brandsBanner                            bizw_jy_P10b_0504_8cmX30p       Nestle Products Sdn Bhd


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