Is there any Indian who doesn’t love Maggi?


Source : (The Financial Express,2015)

The answer definitely should be NO.

Everyone in India loves Maggi, no age bar. Maggi is what unites every Indian.

Maggi is a successful product of the trusted brand Nestle and it earns half of its customers through the goodwill of the brand.

Isn’t it amusing to know, that Maggi had been ruling India’s Instant Noodles market for over a century now. But the question is how?



Maggi gained the first mover advantage in the instant noodles market. When it was launched, it had no competitors. The popularity didn’t lower down even when big names like Nissin, ITC and Knorr entered the market. Simplicity is what made Maggi stand apart from other noodles in the market. Competitors failed to capture a market share as big as Maggi’s.

It is surprising that a brand whose recipe requires just boiled water and a pinch of salt stand at the top position for so long. The masala maker adds flavor to plain noodles.


Source : Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (2007) *This chart clearly shows that Maggi is the most widely demanded Noodle in India.


The next good thing about Maggi is that it does not try too hard.

The taglines are short, crisp and simple. ‘Fast to cook and good to eat’. The packaging is attractive. It makes use of bright red, blue and yellow colors on the packet. The children love anything that catches their eye and bright color is one of them. It adjusted according to the changing needs of the market. When the demands rose, it started giving packs of three to four in a single big packet. It encouraged families to buy in bulk. The profits rose as the people started buying it as a part of weekly groceries.

Another interesting fact is that each person has his own version of Maggi. A health conscious person would add veggies in it, a gymming enthusiast would add egg for that protein intake and children would eat it with ketchup.

Maggi can be eaten with anything- chicken, nachos, egg, broccoli etc.


Nestle devised a brilliant marketing strategy after considering carefully:

  • Marketing segmentation is important for a firm. It helps to make smarter resource allocation. The heterogeneity of a market makes is very difficult for a brand to market a product successfully. If the targeted audience is misjudged on its preferences, then it may lead to the exit of the product from the market.

Maggi segmented on the basis of the age, income and the food habits of the Indian urban class.


  • Targeting means to select the potential customers to whom the company intends to sell their products.

Maggi targets a wide demographic area. It is relished by both the young kids as well as the youth. The former enjoys it because it tastes fabulous and different than regular meals. The latter enjoys it because it saves the two things important in an adult`s life- time and money.

Nestle carefully studied the market and targeted children as the major consumer. It launched Maggi as a cool product for children. It had the element of freshness to it. Maggi was tasty, different from the regular food and fun to eat. Next, nestle moved on to working mothers. Mothers prioritize health at first position. Nestle ensured that Maggi is marketed as a healthy product and not a junk food. It saved time for working mother as it was cooked instantly.


Source : Maggi Noodle,2016


  • Positioning is how you position the product in the consumer’s mind and it is greatly driven by price, message and the product offered.

Nestle positioned Maggi as a comfort food which makes your pocket and body happy in just two minutes!. It can be prepared without any hassles in two minutes. The ingredients are easily available- water and salt.

You need no kitchen equipment just a pan. It is the go to food for the college going kids who do not have the luxury of a proper kitchen in their college dorms.

It is a pocket friendly meal.

If you are broke and hungry, basically a college student, Maggi will rescue you from hunger pangs


*Maggi has successfully positioned it as a noodle that strikes a balance between health and convenience.






Age Kids Comfort food
Income College Students Healthy
Office goers Time saving
Working mothers Pocket friendly

*Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning is explained briefly in this table.


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