Sight of a fashion magazine in the book store with a cover page of hanger like figure models led me to think about a weight loss diet and so called determined woman walked out of the store. Woman who was known for procrastinating everything in her life landed up in front of a Domino’s Pizza shop and Yes, reason was explained well, cravings overpowered determination! Slogan of the tummy was just PIZZA.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning – are marketer’s best spices for the effective strategy and it helps us to decide our best customers and to reach that specific audience.  Domino’s has a distinct segmentation strategy that gives them a cutting edge over other competitors like Papa John and Pizza Hut. 



Segmentation slices 

Domino’s has opened 1,800 new stores in 10 countries in the past four years and is thriving in emerging markets like Brazil and China because it is a relatively inexpensive luxury. It is currently seeing growth in India, Turkey, and Japan. Market research had revealed that Domino’s market demographic was culturally diverse and responded by adding several other variations of the basic pizza. Since lifestyles and demographics have changed, more women are in the work-force which means longer hours and less time for cooking. This had increased number of dual income households. The aging of the consumer population, plus faced with a fast pace environment has boosted the trend of carry outs and home delivery. People who want food quick and healthier than the usual pizza, would have to go with domino’s.

Target Market



The process of segmentation helps the organization to specify the customer group and helps to establish specific product or service groups.It also creates wonderful synchronization in the organization value chain maintenance for each and every target segments (Hunt and Arnett, 2004).The main target of Dominos is the consumer who is searching for an affordable pizza and that too very quickly.The primary Domino’s pizza national target market is adults, ages 18-55, both men and women.



Positioning, it has been suggested, represents the most important decision and action that management has to take for the company and its marketing and yet it remains one of the most nebulous and controversial areas of new product development . Targeting and positioning strategies are interrelated. The choice of one or more target markets is based, at least in part, on the feasibility of the organization designing and implementing an effective positioning strategy to meet the target’s needs(Proctor& Tony,2000).


Perceptual Mapping of Domino’s


It is also essential to assess the consumer behaviour and psyche how they perceive the offered brand by recalling the company’s communications. Right positioning strategy at right time is required to build right image of a brand in the mind of consumer.(Fuchs, 2008).

The Domino’s has always been about convenience for its customers and  has been positioned in terms of quality,freshness and good service through innovative technology.The commitment and the self depreciation strategy helped them to be on time pizza for its consumers.



By creating mobile apps on all platforms,a responsive website, easy click ordering system and making pizza tracker available on smart watches  making it easier for our customers to order .




Dominos also developed a Domino’s Robotic Unit, an autonomous delivery vehicle with GPS Driver Tracker . This is to track their pizza from the store to the door and inturn giving  back customers their time and helping drivers to be safe.


The USP of Dominos pizza is the quality product that is delivered hot on time. The pizza is fresh, with no frozen ingredients.  Domino has its own specially design boxes to keep the pizza hot for a longer time.Time is crucial for everyone and it is where dominos positioned in the market by delivering the pizzas within 30 minutes.Thus Dominos created a niche in the pizza segment.


Dominos continues to be one of the top players in the pizza industry and technology driven pizza delivery is increasing the sales volume because of the impact of technology in many countries .It also should focus on recipes for the fitness geeks who rely on the gluten free products and low fat ingredients( choice of cheese).  A healthy eating campaign by including healthy diet meal for students as most of the stores are located near to colleges and schools. inclusion of more options like (choice of spiciness) eg: – Like Nando’s, will make Dominos a first preference for most of the customers.



Fuchs, C. (2008). Brand positioning through the consumers’ lens. [Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation] University Wien, Vienna, Austria.


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Name:-           SABANAM BABU





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