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Uber is an on-request transportation service which has acquired a transformation the taxi business the whole way across the world. The plan of action of Uber has made it feasible for individuals to just tap on their cell phone to catch a ride at their pickup point in the minimum possible time. Uber was founded in year 2009 and launched in Australia 4 years ago, in October 2012. Uber has been valued over $50 Billion and present in 60 countries. Uber has basically two main categories Uber Black and UberX, where Uber Black being the premium option with licensed driver with luxury cars only whereas UberX, drivers can use their own car with no requirement of licensed chauffeurs.

From the data available, we can say that the marketing team of Uber has done a really  great job in the short period of time. And to prove the same, we can work on many marketing strategies and one of these strategy on which will be looking for is STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning)


 What is STP?

The STP process is divided into three steps which shows the link between the market and how a organisation will be choosing to compete in that market. The first process is segmentation of the market, then the choice of one or more target markets and after that at last the execution of positioning. The objective of the STP procedure is to manage the company to the advancement and usage of a suitable marketing mix.



Uber has such an endless client segment, to the point that it has got something on offer for everybody. From Uber Taxis to Uber Black and from Uber X to Uber SUV, the organization has an unlimited reach for its clients to settle on a decision. The customers of Uber are those who don’t have a car, who want a cost efficient cab wherever they want, who like to travel and treated like a VIP, who want to share a ride and lastly who don’t want to drive or shouldn’t be driving after party. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECQ1Xau-qpM

Uber serves experts as they contract a Uber taxi to and fro work. Uber tries to touch hearts of individuals by offering special administrations like Uber for kids in which they pick up children from school to home, Uber for Senior Citizens and on top of that they always try to support the society by giving back. Programs like UberKITTENS and UberPUPPIES on demand to help them get home and save the other dogs and cats who don’t have shelters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEwBCtO4BBs & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or1KxQVBxbU


Certainly from the information available till now, it shows that Uber is targeting all sector of the market from low cost ride to expensive luxury ride, kids to special senior citizen rides, Puppies to kitten, UberEATS and collaboration with big names like Samsung, Tesla, Optus, Tinder and many more. (b & t magazine, 2016)

With Competitive comparison, Uber Vs Taxi Industry

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.48.50 am

From the above data, it clearly shows that Taxi fares are almost 50% extra of what Uber charge to its customer. All the fares for Uber are done electronically whereas in Taxi industry there are 60% of cash payments and 40% of electronically.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UKsgX4fdp4 )  Definitely, Uber is targeting those people who don’t like to wait for public transport or don’t like to travel in bus, train or tram and are willing to spend few more Dollars on transportation like me.


Their top most priority is on better overall experience of their customers in all aspects. Calling cabs on single touch on our smartphones which enable users to select type of  Vehicle and give feedback of our experience has changed the whole experience of booking cabs in industry.

Product: User friendly application which increases efficiency and reduces the hassle of haling cabs. Uber is continuously providing high-end quality service with the help of app. Price: Surge price is debatably topic for customers but app always update the fare of the ride before confirmation of the transaction and customers can decide on it.


Main Takeaways from Uber:

There’s most likely in the way that Uber has brought an rising change as a taxi organization as well as a plan of action where organizations connect with serve clients at their area. A great deal of new companies have as of now replicated the accurate plan of action of Uber and numerous others have made little emphasess to dispatch new businesses in different industry.




Lacobucci, D (2014) Marketing Management (MM4), South-western, Cengage Learning, Mason.


What is the STP Process?



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