Don’t try this at home–actually you can!

Food Network

“Those that influence the way we eat are on our television every night”. The staging of TV celebrity endorsed cooking shows has become a constant for consumers. Food preparation and its consumption through the creation of luscious meals using exotic ingredients have altered consumer “taste buds”.  Dining destinations in the CBD of Australian cities, become about perceived image! Dining in restaurants like Chin Chin or Hawker Hall in Melbourne (owned by the same management), endorse this trend.

The reach of 1.5 million viewers of television campaigns such as MasterChef, or My Kitchen Rules and the endorsement of celebrity chefs of products and brands has influenced food shopping behavior. Australian consumers now have a larger consideration set for their search for “what are we having for dinner” or ‘which restaurant to meet with friends’.   What used to be a relatively easy decision based on likelihood to repeat purchase or visit has been influenced by the celebrity chef endorsed shows.

Food is fun! TV Shows impact consumer preferences.

The decision on what to eat, where to eat, and how to get that need or desire satisfied, and the consumer preference satisfying this need has changed.  Marketers of brands can engage with consumers in new ways through celebrity endorsed cooking shows such as MasterChef which features chefs and Chin Chin.pngrestaurateurs such as George Calombaris. Who coincidentally also owns Hellenic Republic and Gazi, Neil Perry from My Kitchen Rules (MKR), who also owns Rockpool in Sydney and Melbourne.

Customer involvement for selection of cooking ingredients, meal decision, restaurant venue and time to prepare has moved from Low to High.  Consumers need to think longer about the brands they purchase and their association to a particular image. Loyalty is low.

The traditional fast food or frozen dinners, convenience factor has evolved to superior alternatives as popularity of sushi and the Asian fusion cuisine influences take hold. Pop-up restaurants such as Sushi Hub in major shopping centers and laneways give us choices we never had. Coles and Woolworths have created an in-store experience with the addition of food halls, which include gourmet ready-made meals, café and a bakery. Goes to show that Friday night pizza’s don’t have to be so boring, which has to bewood fired, according to the world loves melbourne.

Sushi Hub

The latest home delivery service, is online provider menu-log, which claims you can choose from over 7,000 restaurants! #Spoilt for choice.


Consumer involvement in selection to medium to high, where the traditional patterns for routine menu items or visiting the favorite restaurant, has been turned on its head. We are more likely to search for the new brand of chocolate used to make the cake on Episode 3 of MKR, or meet for dinner at new restaurant café after work, such as Hellenic Republic in Williamstown.

What’s on the menu? It is an exciting experience to look at the  menu, which can look like artwork with a studio design look and feel.  Choose from one of our exciting menu MENUoptions, click here – Hellenic Republic

Where is the tomato sauce?

It is not only the ingredients that have changed or the number of options we have to choose from, we are eating more food; the rates of obesity have unfortunately increased. ABS statistics states that in 2014-2015, 63.4 percent of Australian adults were overweight or obese — well over half of our nation’s population and equates to two in three adults. Health factors of consumers should be taken into account when promoting brands.

As humans are sensory, and food is one way to target our senses. Marketing campaigns behind sponsorship of cooking shows and celebrity endorsements have made it possible to sell more product, through the retail outlets and online advertising, also through various loyalty programs and direct email campaigns.  The trust factor is one perception which led to successful selling of celebrity endorsed brands and products. Supplier and retailer sponsors of these programs ensure.  Consumers are more engaged and ready to take action by their taste buds… The purchase of associated brands such as Curtis Stone cook wear, Jamie Oliver cookbooks, Maggie Beer ingredients  View the video below


A study by Food Network found that 70% of consumers find celebrity chefs to be more authentic than other celebrities, demonstrating that they have a high impact on our buying decisions.

Food is more than a basic need, contrary to in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs along with Water, Food and Sleep.  It can be associated to Self-Actualisation. The image you gain by eating at the new restaurant or cooking with lemongrass and prawn stir fry in your new stone dine wok? Or #respect gained by your peers that you have been to the Japanese Americal fusion restaurant Mr Miyagi, in Windsor rather than the local Chinese take-away.

Australia is a land of plenty and many cultures.

 Grocery Retailers take cultural and religious celebrations into consideration when buying or planning seasonal trends… Easter, Christmas, Passover and Ramadan have been taken increasingly the retailers which have successfully taken these important cultural trends and supplied products to this market have been more successful.


#foodforthought #eatathome – @i_love_food

Most retailers know that social media trends and having an omni-channel offer will ensure we are seeing their brand message across all channels; See George Colambaris’ multi-faceted campaign. Instagram account, YouTube links and Facebook profile

Tomorrow’s topic. Is Kale old news? The new superfoods in town!…

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