Will you continue to buy the jersey of NBA superstar Kevin Durant next season?

As the superstar and hero of Oklahoman City, Kevin Durant made a difficult decision of leaving the Thunder he loved and signing with the Golden State Warriors for NBA title in this summer.杜兰特1

Warriors Sign Free Agent Forward Kevin Durant

After he announced this shocking decision, the whole Oklahoman City was submerged during a few minutes by a large number of social media messages. This move of Kevin Durant gave all Thunder fans a tremendous blow. Some were very disappointed, some were quite angry and some were resolute. They had thought that the hero in their mind would continue to strive for NBA title with them together. However, this cannot happen now. A few Thunder fans in America burned the jersey of Kevin Durant and called him the ‘traitor’ to vent the heart’s dissatisfaction and pain (Whitney, 2016).


What about you? a loyal Thunder fan

Will you do something irrational? will you go to buy the Thunder jersey of Kevin Durant for keepsake or the object of abreaction?

Consumer behavior is a dynamic process and the effective purchase decision will change along with diversified environment factors and personal characteristics. There are many factors which impact the consumer behavior, including cultural factor, social factor, personal factor, psychological factor and political factors.

There is a huge difference between each culture. And each culture shows different values and aesthetical standards (Zubin, 2016). The Thunder fans are a typical culture group that desires Kevin Durant is always the hero of Oklahoman City and leads the Thunder to get the NBA title. But the decision of Kevin Durant to start a new chapter in Golden State made them very disappointed. It is hard to image the loyal Thunder fans will continue to buy the jersey of Kevin Durant and dress it to support him. That cannot happen now. They will not pay something for the ‘traitor’ in the mind, even if the jersey of Kevin Durant is only priced at 48 cents.


In Oklahoma City, some jerseys of Kevin Durant were hanging on a rack of an Academy Sports+Outdoors store, marking the price of 48 cents. Normally, its price was around $69.99 (Darren, 2016). Obviously, this drastic move reflected the disappointment for Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with Golden State Warriors in pursuit of NBA title. Nothing illustrates that better than this photo of Durant jerseys being sold on a 99 percent markdown price.

Based on the EPSN Darren Rovell, these jerseys did sell out in fact. Take this family from Rovell’s story:

“That wasn’t thanks to Keith Brooking, a 47-year-old man from Altus, Okla., who was in the store on Thursday with his wife and daughter.

‘We didn’t buy any,’ Brooking said. ‘We were pretty upset with Durant.’”

Maybe, the Thunder fans are going to get over this inner struggle and disappointment one day. Even they may be regretful of missing this jersey deal. However, they should not get blame for being upset now.

Attitude is a very important influence factor of consumer behavior. It shows the consumer’s emotional tendency. If consumer has a positive attitude, the purchasing behavior will be finished successfully (Zubin, 2016). Now, there is a lot of scolding from Thunder fans for Kevin Durant seemingly. However, in the depth of their hearts, some fans still want to thank him for making the great contributor for Thunder and this city. This may be why the jersey of 48 cents has been sold out.


What about other people, not Thunder fans in Oklahoman City?

Are they willing to buy something related with Kevin Durant?

Reference group plays a key role in consumer’s purchasing decision process, including family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, some secondary groups and aspirational groups (Hansaward, 2013). They will give consumer some important information before making a decision.

If one of family members is the Thunder fan, will you do something about Kevin Durant in recent weeks? Will you want to bring your family to KD’s Southern Cuisine for dinner now? This may happen in the next few months. KD’s Southern Cuisine is a typical basketball-themed restaurant. It is established by Kevin Durant to share the good food with fans (Darren, 2016). But now, it becomes the outlet in which many Thunder fans vent their disappointments. And this restaurant is forced to shut down and seeks a new identity.

Absolutely, the fans of Golden State Warriors are bound to buy the jersey of Kevin Durant in next season.









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Link 1: Kevin Durant 



Link 2: Thunder



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