Why Harry Potter series has been sold well?

In 1997, a book called Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published. The ensuing months, this book gets the acclaimed from the market. Until now, it has been over the past nearly 20 years.

However, in 31 July 2016, Harry Potter series published the new book named ‘Harry Potter and the cursed child’, and it has affects the fans of Harry Potter on whole world. As far as I know, the fans of Harry Potter were celebrating and waiting for new books available for sale in the whole world. Even some of the fans go to the bookstore queuing early a day; they just want to get the book at the first time.

Harry_Potter_and_the_Cursed_Child_Special_Rehearsal_Edition_Book_Cover  1469976089964

Actually, I’m a craze fan of Harry Potter. In this case, I’m also a consumer. If you ask me why I want to buy this book. I will tell you because the memory. In 1997, the first book of Harry Potter published, and then, seven books, eight movies, almost ten years accompany, for me, the Harry Potter is my whole youth memories.

According to purchase process, when I knew Harry Potter, it was my friend told me this book is fantastical, and said, “you should read it, and you will love it.” I think my friend has influenced me, so I want to read it and try to find the solution. Therefore, I borrowed this book from my friend, and read it very careful. After I read this book, I really agree my friend, because this book is very amazing. And then I decided to buy this book. This is because I think this book is surpassing the expected value of me.

In my opinion, the success of Harry Potter in early years, because word of mouth. For a new product, especially a book, this is very important. I think the word of mouth is the most effective way to influence consumer behavior. This is because if consumer has some prepurchase behavior, they will search possible solution. These solutions usually are asking their friends or family members, or look at the word of mouth of online.

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The long-term success of Harry Potter, this is because it has become a brand. Moreover, it also has a correct marketing strategy. In 2001, the first movie of Harry Potter released. This movie makes the novel become real. Harry Potter is not a virtual character in the novel, but to become a real person. Let the fans of Harry Potter who are in the entire world feel the magic’s wonderful. It makes the brand of Harry Potter deeper impact on consumer behavior from sensation and perception. The film makes this brand become alive in the minds of consumers.

However, the brand of Harry Potter is not satisfied on the success of the film industry. Then launched a Harry Potter theme park project, games and so on. Until this time, I think the brand of Harry Potter become a social needs.


In my opinion, social needs will influence most people, because sometime person find everyone talk about the same thing except them, they will have interest in this thing, and they want to understand this thing. At peak of Harry Potter, Harry Potter’s culture is full of anywhere, and the age of harry potter’s fans have a large span. Harry Potter is an affecting consumer from all aspects, from brand learning and senses, to purchase motivation and attitudes and decision-making.

Let us return to the above-mentioned new book, after a lapse of 10 years, Harry Potter series are published a new book, like that year on 1997, caused a stir in the market. Harry Potter did not as time goes by disappear in the minds of consumers. This is because Harry Potter has become a generation of people’s feelings. And this generation is also affecting the next generation. The success of the Harry Potter series has a customer loyalty.

All of above, Harry Potter is the model of a huge commercial success, in novels, movies, games and other fields have achieved great success. It depends not only on brand building, more lately the correct marketing strategy and consumer behavior analysis has made it such a success.



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Rui Li

Student ID: 216079891

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