The success does not really come from the quality of the coffee!

What are the factors may influence your decisions when you go through your purchasing?

What forces you think are important to lead you to purchase the product and/or services that you finally choose?

When you think about those question listed above. You may understand there are various factors influence your purchasing behaviour. Hence, it is important for any film to think about how do consumers think before launching a product.


What is consumer behaviour?

The definition of consumer behaviour is a process that involves the thoughts and feelings people experience and the actions they perform when people before, during and after a purchase of products and/or services (Peter & Olson 2008, p. 5; Mooij&Mooij 2011, p. 20).

Understanding three stages of consumption to increase sales

If organization can communicate the right message at the right time, it could decrease the risk of losing the sale. Therefore, finding out how consumers move through a decision is the first step to understand consumer behaviour. There are three decision-making process for showing consumers’ purchase process: prepurchase, purchase and postpurchase (Iacobucci 2014, p. 13). Figure 1 shows the consumer purchase decision process:

Figure 1 The Consumer Purchase Decision Process

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No matter large or small purchase/ B2C or B2B, consumers begin with a need or want to be satisfied (Iacobucci 2014, p. 13). This pre-purchase stage can be simple or complex. For example, consumers may simply choose a beverage just for thirst. By contrast, it may take long time for comparing and researching for buy a vehicle.  In this process, people often look for recommendations, opinions, experiences and information from other people (SRDC 2010). In addition, the consumers may choose different types of resources (like company web site) to seek for a product or service and then they will make a choice about whether or not to purchase this thing during the pre-purchase process.

During the purchase stage, consumers will narrow their considerations set and make a choice decision (Iacobucci 2014, p. 13). People will consider what attributes they needs. Additionally, comparing the price is necessary for consumers to think about they will not pay high prices for a product or service.

Next, the final stage is buyer evaluation postpurchase (Iacobucci 2014, p. 13). In this stage, consumers will assess whether their purchase is satisfied or not. Also, they will ask themselves several questions: will I buy this brand again? Will I share my good or bad experience for my friends?

As a result, organization can improve their marketing strategy through understanding each stage of the consumers’ purchase behaviour.

The success does not really come from the quality of the coffee!

The better quality of the coffee is important. However, brand sometimes is most important than the quality. Take Starbucks for example, one of the reasons of why it is so successful in the world is that it takes the consumers seriously (Team Next 2015). Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, said that we understand the value that that will create for our customer base (Roberto 2014).


Starbucks pay attention on 3 factors which contributes to their success:

Personal reward

Psychologists believe that the desire of personal reward is a big part to influence Starbucks’ success. The combination of your belief, the experience and the brand that probably directly impacts your brain to make a quick choice(Gerardo 2014).For instance, after a long day of work, you may deserve to treat yourself to a nice Starbucks’s coffee because our brain tricks us into enjoying things when we believe our choice is better than the others (Gerardo 2014).

Purchasing experience

They spent lots of effort not only in the product itself but also in the entire purchasing experience (Gerardo 2014) so Starbucks provide a good atmosphere, relaxing music, indirect lighting, nice aromas and friendly services for their customers. Also, both the starbucks envir 2rites and processes are important part of customer experience.


Starbucks is a popular coffee and the location is convenience for their consumers. Moreover, customers may be afraid to try new brand of coffee because it may create high risk of having a terrible coffee.

Back to the three stages of consumption, personal reward is first stage(prepurchase) due to consumers recognize a need or desire and then they may search and evaluate the products which can address their need. They may narrow their choice via purchasing experience and familiarity. After purchase, customer determine the level of satisfaction which leads to positive or negative word-of-mouth, repeat purchases or not, etc.Consequently, Starbucks do well in understanding consumer behaviour and it is a method in order to adapt their marketing strategy to strengthen the relationship with their customers and become successful.

By Mao Dong Ren, 210025799


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