The Oriental Teahouse

The Oriental Teahouse

I came to Australia a few years as a student.I have many Australian friends,they like Chinese food very much.One day we went to Chadstone shopping center and we saw this restaurant.It is very attractive place,then we talk with the manager.We know Oriental Teahouse aim is simple:to connect the dots between Chinese tradition and the contemporary Melbourne dining scene.Tea and Yum Char are there main thing,such as siu mai dumplings,but they are not afraid to serve juicy parcels stuffed wiyh chilli wagyu beef or even white chocolate.As for they are tea,each signature blend is hand-crafted by Oriental Teahouse founder David Zhou.Since moving from Shanghai to Melbourne David has dedicated his life to understanding the holistic healing properties of different teas,creating blends that are as beneficial for the body as they are on the taste buds.


Why the Oriental Teahouse can attract many customers to come and love this place?I went to many Yum Char restaurant,they are doing the Yum Char at 12:00 pm to 3:00pm and only do the Yum Char.But the Oriental Teahouse do the Yum Char whole day and will introduce many kinds of Chinese tea.The Oriental Teahouse will let many Australian customer to know more about the Chinese food and Teas culture.The Oriental Teahouse can let the customers feel this restaurant different between others and the Oriental Teahouse focus on the services,every staff always smile to every customer and if any customer can not understand menu,they will smile and patience to explain until the customer satisfied.



The Oriental Teahouse have very newfangled idea is every Wednesday night,they doing the buffet for Yum Char.The customers can organise party for family and eat every Dim Sim.This way is very different between any other Yum Char restaurant.Because each Dim Sim are high cost,can not get too much profit.The Oriental Teahouse create they are own competitive advantage and make many customer feel happy and satisfying.On the other hand,many people knows the Yum Char not cheap.So the Oriental Teahouse know what the customers think,so they are make the buffet for the customers.Let the customers think it is very worth.For example:If in the any time not the Wednesday night,I want to eat Yum Char i will order five or six Dim Sim.It will spend 40-50 dollars.But if i go to buffet,just 30 dollars i can eat many different Dim Sim.So The Oriental Teahouse think what the customers think.They can spend less money and eat many kinds food and enjoy the good service.I think The Oriental Teahouse is very successful.


Chadstone shopping center have many visitors flow rate and the advertising also very important.For example,by understanding that consumer that are receptive to food advertising when they are hungry and The Oriental Teahouse prepare the free ice tea in front of door for the customers if they are feel tired.This way make the customers feel very warm and when the customer feel hungry they will see the advertising for the Oriental Teahouse food.Then the customers will come and try the food.Also many Chinese love this restaurant,because after 3:00pm,the normal Yum Char restaurant are closed, some people want eat the Yum Char they will come the Oriental Teahouse,because of every Yum Char food,the customer can order on the menu.The Oriental Teahouse use every way to make the customer feel happy.



The Oriental Teahouse also sale the Teas and Tea set.Some customers come and drink the teas,they like the tea and the tea set.The Oriental Teahouse has the professional staff and have the retail in the restaurant.And the Oriental Teahouse can let the customer shopping and eating together.The professional staff will introduce the different kind teas and the tea’s effect.Such as:Ginger teas,Longjin,rose,Guanyin Tie.They are all have the different effects.So the customers will feel have shopping and happy eating.This also is a competitive advantage for the Oriental Teahouse.And can show to the customer how special they are.So the consumer will choose better service,better efficiency and better tasty restaurant.


The Oriental Teahouse is not famous like other brand,but this restaurant can try to think what the consumer wants,although the food type is the same as other restaurants,but the environment and the services are different between others.The Oriental Teahouse can let the traditional things become internationalization.And the Oriental Teahouse provide different kinds food and the service,make the customer feel satisfying and attract more new customer come and love this place.

















































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