Marketing Strategies : A Company needs Strategies to Carryout desired Goals

A strategy is the combination of marketing goals  into one comprehensive plan. But creating a strategy can be difficult at times. A good marketing strategy should be drawn from the market i.e , the strategy should be right product mix to achieve the maximum profit and sustain the business. The strategies help to align marketing goals. The goals should be specific , attainable , realistic and measurable and most important should be time bound. You should know what you want to achieve and should work towards achieving exactly what you have aimed for.

A well defined marketing goal are based on the overall goals of the business.To maintain our customers we should  communicate with customers more often . we can also generate more customers from our current clients through email marketing . (this allow us to keep the leads for future)

While strategizing the goals. It is easy to say that you want to generate  more leads  in order to  achieve your goals faster . but what you don’t realize is that , how many leads do you need to achieve  your goal exactly ?10 more ? 100 more?  This results in poor marketing  strategy and makes it harder  to achieve your goal on time. For instance, McDonalds in India have very different menu as compared to other countries. This is because of  different type target audience. In order to earn profits McDonald have to make strategies to achieve their goals  with different products. Good strategies will help them to survive in the Indian market.

The marketing plan is a basic record that gives us how the company will work in the future. Having a marketing plan  helps the organizations to  create and screen desires for other areas. On the off chance that business development is a showcasing arrangement objective, for occasion, organization pioneers may need to increase deals staff in stores to produce more deals. Same as increased customers service is strategy of the company then company has to focus more on training employees for stronger customer service for good support for other employees.

At the time of making Strategies one of the most important method the company uses is SWOT Analysis.  SWOT means  Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat. It considers all the factors that the company could have effects of. This video will help you to understand about SWOT analysis more.





Most of the small business owners who don’t know the significance of a market plan, which traces your organization’s course for achievement. One essential component of that arrangement is your marketing strategy.


As, In India high percent of people eat  vegetarian than non vegetarian. So the company have to come up with idea or products to target these audiences

These market plans helps company to survive or increase their goodwill in the market.

. Net profits decreased during the year 2007 but with some strategies company managed to increase their net profits in the year 2008.

Since this methodology is covered in the bigger strategy for success, numerous little entrepreneurs may not give marketing the time, exploration and consideration it deserves , expecting that they know their client base and how to contact them. Be that as it may, an inside and out and way to deal with laying out your marketing strategy can uncover opportunities from another group of onlookers or potential product offering, pitfalls in estimating, rivalry response, and potential range.

Implementing content marketing tactics (or social media tactics, or any communication practice, for that matter) without first preparing a strategic planning is like building a house with no blueprint. At the most basic , strategies and plans helps a company to stand and compete with other organizations. Market plans help us to know who are our customers and what is our target to achieve In a given period of time.

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