Leisurée – Ehhh Whhhaatt?

Nowadays my Instagram feed is suddenly flooded with #livingLively and #leisurée, so what exactly are these hashtags, I’m sure even you are wondering. Well, LIVELY is a direct-to-consumer brand started by Michelle Cordeiro Grant, in April 2016 and just after 4 months; the Lively movement has spread like wildfire, organically picking up customers in 44 countries. It is a multi-functioning line of stylish and affordable undergarments and calls itself as “leisurée” (a melange of lingerie, swim, and active wear), A bra that I could sleep in, lounge in, wear to work and/or workout in? Awesome!!


Isn’t this exactly what today’s women look for??? I’m sure at some point of time, all of us have experienced the relief we feel once we get home and out of our uncomfortable clothes, but always had to end up choosing between style and comfort. In an interview with Forbes, Grant said “We saw a void in the market for bras and undies that delivered on an aesthetic inspired by authenticity and real life. We wanted something that we could live in for 14 hours day, and not compromise on style or comfort. We no longer wanted to choose.”

But what makes LIVELY different??

In today’s time, when skinny is synonymous with beautiful, it is refreshing to see a brand connect to their customers in a real sense. LIVELY features real women and not models in their Fit Guide. An important part of their customer’s mind-set, Lively understood and tapped into, making every customer feel beautiful.

The guide’s goal is “showcasing beauties of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and having their fit help other women coming to the Lively experience,” Michelle Grant, Lively’s founder and CEO, told Refinery29. 

Even before the product line was launched, LIVELY posted photographs of beautiful and simple lingerie with the hashtag “leisurée” and effortlessly implemented, the technique of sensation and perception through a visual stimuli E.g. desirable lifestyle, which facilitated them in attracting consumers. Along with this LIVELY, uses a subtle pink colour for their website and packaging, which subconsciously reinforces what they stand for and create a positive brand association with their customers.

Soooo did it work???

Of course!! And how!!

Looks like the message, that style and comfort no longer need to be mutually exclusive concepts has struck a chord among shoppers.

When the LIVELY website went live, Grant said “We were hoping for maybe 5,000-10,000 email [sign-ups] over a three-week period,” and instead they got 133,000 in two days, basically crashing their servers. Grant in another interview also mentioned “We have [Lively customers] who have bought more than four times already without making one return”. With over 14K Instagram followers, I feel LIVELY is growing quickly mainly due to customer satisfaction and positive word of mouth.

Let us look at this from Consumer Behavior point of view; we can see The Three Phases of the Purchase Process come into play-

purchase process


In the pre-purchase, the customer identifies a need or desire to be satisfied, and then searches for possible solutions to fulfill the desire. Lively, has provided to fill the void in the market, and cater to the needs of their key demographic, women between 18yrs and 34yrs old.


During the purchase phase, customers narrow their search and then choose depending upon other various factors e.g. price, brand, attributes etc. In case of Lively, Grant said “To create a world-class brand, it does not just live with the product alone; it is about the entire experience. The product, the packaging, the shopping experience, the customer service, and the inspiration the brand constantly reminds consumers of day after day.” The entire experience, that Lively offers makes customers choose them.


The final stage is called as the post-purchase stage, where the customer considers his/her satisfaction with the product, would it generate word of mouth or lead to repeat purchases etc. As seen above, Lively has received immense positive feedback and is driven on customer satisfaction.

This attention to detail, towards customer needs and subtle ways to attract them, has helped LIVELY hit a home run, in the ever growing lingerie industry. Just to add to the list, Lively also offers a ‘perks program’ to its customers; who doesn’t love the additional benefits?? A classic way to keep the customers engaged and wanting for more!

Lingerie and leisure wear? What a PERFECT combination! All signs are pointing to “Leisurée” becoming the next big trend out there, and I am certainly on board. Isn’t this exactly what our closets needed?




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Avani Limaye- 215386442

















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