Who’s there ? Your delivery from FLIPKART sir !


Feels so good !

Doesn’t it uplift our mood when you get your new shirt ? And you finally can try it on ? Yes…this is how a consumer feels and responds to a product.

”People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” a well said quote by Robert Cavett .

With Pokemon GOPokemon-Gohelping consumers shed some lbs, there are various others like it trying to make it.

Consumer response to our product will make us possible to track a typical behavioural pattern.
The branding and connection of company is the root of the cause.
Products with health benefits or psychological factors have gained much popularity. The aim to please the consumer will give us satisfying after purchase benefits. These may be service, mending charges, delivery of new updates.
The targeted public should be selected as per pervious experience and records.
are gaining more popularity for online shopping in the Indian market.
The public seems to be busy with daily routine. The 10 to 7 jobs and dirty dead lines have crushed the public. The behaviour has become lethargic and lazy. How will thfashion market not drown ? So there comes the quest of social connection, health or mental causes. It’s all about the service provided. Fast delivery is the key service of both apps. They provide with easy and simple return policies. That affects consumer behaviour. They know their money is put to great effect. They know they can get all trends about fashion and lifestyle at these companies. They trust more than the mall shopping. Products come directly home… consumer does not find time and they relay on them for their products. Thus, fashion industry is saved from sever drought and people are happy to have latest trends in their closets.
In short, the consumer behaviour depends on how the company brands the products, how are the pay offs and services provided.
India is a market where the trends are followed as per Western market. The new launched products gain popularity when it is published in presentable and professional manner.
The popularity of products will be the vale of the company. It is well done when public relations are good.
Remember how people sold and bought stuff a decade ago ? They went to shops, they bought it home with a lot of physical and mental strength. Later, people put advertisements in daily newspapers. This is how consumers went to the seller and bought their products.
And now ?? You have to just upload the photos and description of your product ! Volla !! People will check it and ask you for price !
World has developed so fast !
The pro is delivered to the consumer at his doorstep. Without any fuss of traveling expenses and damage due to breakages. And such apps have gained overnight popularity !

They are OLX and QUIKR, serving doorstep delivery to consumers. The market has raised by almost 30% from last 2 years. It has been gaining popularity like a craze ! Consumer has given positive results ! They love how fast, smooth and secure their transaction can happen. The online system of buying and selling products has gained tremendous love from consumers. These apps help them socialise, help them save time and money !th-4 th-3
Social factors like caste, income group of consumers affect largely the market. Also factors like age, working positions, hierarchy shape the success of products.

Rightly said that the consumers may not like the product but like the idea of virtual shopping.
World’s economy has largely depended upon the consumers. At most care should be taken before launching new ones.
The product must come with some after purchase benefits, so the after purchase behaviour is easy to understand and repair the old methods of consumer relations.
So, publicise greatly and provide awesome service. The consumer behaviour should show satisfied nature. That they do not want much changed.

Chirag Modi




How many calories can you burn playing Pokemon Go?





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