Jeep is more than a car!

The jeep is a famous American brand which was used to military situation at the world war two. It is famous for its quality and reliable, the jeep can easily conquer every kind of landscape like mountain, sand, water and so on. In addition, the appearance of the jeep is wild and manly. Every man is proud of owning a jeep and every boy dreams to have one.

Jeep gives you different feeling

Iacobucci said the five senses of looking, hearing, smell, taste and touch will influent the customer behavior(2014, p16). The jeep can impact deeply customer in perception aspect. Firstly, the jeep has an advanced and rough design different from other brands, it almost made of metal and have four big wheels, wide view, high observation position. It provides a feeling of safety sitting inside the car just like driving a tank on the road. In addition, the interior is original and simple, but it is useful and powerful, it just like sitting in a battle vehicle not only a car. Secondly, the jeep equips V6 engine, the sound of the engine like a beast with a strong push power coming from the back, the sound can create an impressive memory to the driver at once and give a positive emotion.


You bought a jeep, you may buy one more

When you see the logo of the jeep or mention the jeep, the first image coming out in your brain is the car which is big, tough, heavy, manly and suit to off-road. It is called classical conditioning, the mass of advertising around the street, on the TV, on the internet will illustrate that the jeep is a wild SUV for a man. The advertising will repeat day by day, month by month. On the other words, it is inputting the idea into people’s brain repeatedly. Eventually, it will become a classical conditioning.Picture1.png

Furthermore, the operant conditioning helps to build the loyalty program. The jeep is a kind of attractive car and the driving experience is totally different from the other car. The customer may fall in love with the jeep and enjoy and addict the feeling which likes the reward. The reward brings people happy, when people feel happy, they will do it again. So when people feel pleasant from the first jeep, they may buy the other model jeep to gain more pleasant (LeBeau, para6).


Jeep makes you a man

There are five levels from the bottom to top, different types of needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The jeep fulfills two of them. Firstly, the jeep is able to provide excellent protection to you and your family from the accident. According to the ALG, the perception of jeep quality has jumped into top three brands in millennial. It achieved the second level, safety need.Picture2.png

As a smart marketer, he/she will use the hierarchy to encourage people to reach the higher lever. the higher level it is, the much more money the customer will pay. The jeep did well in this aspect, it fulfills the psychological need of man as well. The jeep is very manly and not cheap, it represents the proud and wealth. When a man owns a jeep and drives it on the road, the passengers will turn the head and pay attention and admire it, the driver feels a big achievement and carries a smile on the face. In this aspect, it reaches the second top level, self-esteem and respect.


Who prefer to buy the jeep?

The decision making depends on the customer’s attitude. The different attitude the customer has the different decision they will make. “The attitude consisted of many beliefs and importance weight” Said by Iacobucci (2014, p21). The numerous advertisings have created a specific image of the jeep in customer’s mind. Young man wants it because it is an awesome and attractive car that he can use it to hang out with the girlfriend. However, the senior does not want it because it is too big which means it has a high oil consumption. So different people have the different attitude about the same product.


Different people have different importance weight as well. Which is most important? It could be cost, speed, quality or economic. The difference will lead to the different consequence. For example, one man wants to choose a car which is most fit in the extreme off-road situation and do not care other aspects. Then the best choice is the jeep wrangler. So the jeep’s target audience are those who attach importance to function, wildly and manly.



Jeep has created a wild type of car and sculptured the specific image in customer’s mind. In addition, the jeep knows how to meet people’s need and capture plenty zealots’ heart and let them keep loyalty. Apart form that, they know how the customer makes a decision. Those upper are the secrets of why the jeep can be the jeep.




Iacobucci, D 2014, Marketing Management (MM), 4th Edition, South-Western, Cenage Learning, Mason.

LeBeau, p 2014,    Jeep Attracting New, Repeat Buyers as Sales Surge, CNBC, Retrieved Web 01 Aug 2016, <;



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