How about a chocolate? But wait, which one milk chocolate or dark chocolate?


Can you guess what was the first bribe our parents gave us? Chocolates! Yes, that’s correct. Chocolates have always been kids best friend but over time it has managed to keep overwhelming adults too. The chocolate industry has gained a huge market over the globe and has its own exclusivity.

What makes chocolates so loveable to everyone?


Well, it is observed that people rely on chocolates as desserts, gifts, snack, or also for medicinal benefits as in the case of dark chocolates.

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But in order to understand why people rely more on specific chocolate brands, we need to step into the consumer mind. An average consumer would go for a brand that is famous or familiar, but have anyone ever thought why? Generally, consumers relate brands with high quality, great taste or the best value.


Lindt & Sprüngli, more commonly known as Lindt is a Swiss chocolate company that has been one of the top brands that people prefer. It has been famous for its rich and indulging chocolates. But a research shows that people have preferred Lindt’s Lindor Milk Chocolate to dark chocolates.

Similarly, other brands also state that the maximum type of chocolate sold is the milk chocolate and not the dark. Milk chocolate seems to be the common favorite among children, young adults and mostly women of all age groups whereas dark chocolates are more common among adults.

Chocolate Time

Nearly one in five women preferred a milk chocolate as a daily snack whereas half of the women surveyed didn’t think about the time and said they didn’t have any particular time to relish their favorite chocolate. According to a survey done by Mintel in 2011, it was observed that 57% of the customers opted for milk chocolate and the remaining 33% chose dark chocolate.

A study also has proved that chocolates, specially dark chocolates are very healthy and provide multiple health benefits such as a powerful source of antioxidants, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, improve brain function and also could the reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.

So how do these people make their choice?

A majority of customers rely on their past experience, emotions or beliefs. Also, people use their senses to make the correct choice. This type of marketing is called sensory marketing. These chocolate brands manufacture chocolates such that they can impress a consumer through maximum tangible aspects. That is the reason brands focus on the texture, color, fragrance, and taste the most. We as customers while buying a chocolate make sure that it satisfies these senses before making a choice.


The cost of any product a consumer plans to buy matters the most. That is when the customer also decides whether he/she needs the product or do they simply desire it; this depicts the customer’s attitude while buying. Similarly, people tend to buy an average brand chocolate when they decide to use it for desserts or may be to give it to relatives or friends. But the same people tend to buy expensive luxurious chocolates for a special occasion, a sudden desire maybe to give their loved ones. This phase of deciding why a person plans to buy a product is called the pre-purchase phase.

Customer Consideration Set

Sometimes when we go to buy chocolates we may reconsider it and may end up putting it back on the shelf. Has this happened to you? This happens when we narrow our consideration as questions like do we need so many or should I get it later start arising. After this purchase phase customers often contemplate whether the purchase decision was right or wrong.

It has been noticed that satisfied customers tend to help increase the sales of the product mainly by word of mouth. This has also been seen in the case of milk chocolates of the years, whereas dark chocolates didn’t receive a positive feedback from all customers.

Are You Loyal To Your Brands?

inner_bournvilleConsumers start building a relationship with the brands they often prefer over time and become loyal customers to the brand. Who thought the packaging could make a difference in a customer’s choice. But it certainly does. Over the years companies now chose more bold and appealing colours with fine fonts to flaunt their uniqueness. This makes a huge impact on a consumer’s perspective towards a brand.


Buyers subconsciously end up taking decisions based on the Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid. Regarding chocolates people now relate it more with the social and esteem needs rather than physiological needs. A happy customer is the one that is highly satisfied with the value of his/her purchase and appreciates the brand for its service. But the debate on which chocolate is better the taste rich milky ones or the intense and indulging dark ones is still a conundrum.

I am one of the few who enjoy dark chocolates more often, which is your favourite type of chocolate?

By Pranit Kishor Jadhav

Student Id: 215358474

WordPress username: kevinjadhav



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