Within a day of its launch, The Pokémon Go Application download records and the number of people playing it started increasing each and every second. The app hadn’t been launched for even 48 hours when people started hearing strange and mysterious names like “Snorlax”, “Charmander” and “Pikachu” in their daily conversations be it with their children, colleagues, or even parents. The app had become an instant hit within people of all age groups. You turn your heads and all you can see is people walking with their heads buried in their phones, throwing poke balls in the air, their disappointing faces when their phone vibrates but all they see is a wild “Pidgey”.Making friends is no longer tough, all you need is a “Dragonite” with a high CP. Crowds of this game obsessed gamers became a common thing, and we could see that augmented reality approached a tipping point.

I guess the future that we had just heard about or seen in movies is finally taking shape.There are a number of things which drives consumers to embrace new experiences. The one that drives this App is that the consumers have a strong appetite for innovation and new experiences. The game is the most unique and one of its type among any games available to us right now as it requires active interaction from the players. The laziness that other devices like The Play Station or the Xbox provided has been removed by the game. The game being downloaded more than 75 million times within such a short time span speaks for itself. Progressive Pioneers are the ones who are in the driving seat of these Pokémon Go craze. Since, they have  craving for  experimentation and the reward that follows, an endless demand for digital technology and savvy social skills, Progressive Pioneers are the ones that in terms of the game Catch ‘em all and make everyone aware and accept augmented reality.

The Pokémon Go craze among people everywhere could fade out as easily as it rose as soon as some other game with the same technology comes out or if they fail to add some other new features in the game which keep people hooked to it. Despite its huge current popularity, more than 50% of Progressive Pioneers admitted that they can’t stick to the same games and they get bored very fast. However, since none of us can see what the future beholds so we cannot comment on the fate of this app. Keeping the fate of this gaming app aside, this blog illustrates what are the results when augmented reality that is simple, Emotionally rewarding, well ordered and consistent gets into the hands of us consumers. Pokémon Go is not only about adopting a new technology or using new futuristic features or fulfilling some childhood dream of yours, it’s also about designing and developing a new addictive experience that is driven by the ways all the consumers are changing.

The Developers carried out various researches and surveys before they went on floor with the App. They had to make sure that services they would be providing to their customers were simple to understand and relevant. They already knew that using augmented reality to connect with customers all over the world would be would be very unique and in the long term successful as well as long as the experience that the people face is driving the simplicity, relevancy and context that they need. The leaders have to keep a track on how fast their customer’s attitude, needs and demands change and evolve in order to cope up with that with appropriate speed and results keep the consumers involved at all times engage them in context and win their hearts at a faster speed than they can say “Pikachu”, “Charizard”, or “Mewtwo”.


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Username- abhishekchoudhary7


CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: What Pokémon Go Reveals About Evolving Consumers.

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