Consumer Behaviour: McDonald’s marketing strategies

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Consumer Behaviour is important in the marketing industry as consumer make buying decision on day to day basis. I will chose McDonalds to show how they managed to understand various aspects of consumer buying behaviour to make their business successful worldwide.
McDonalds is already one of the popular fast food restaurant in the world. You can find it anywhere. They offer incredibly diverse food items across its franchises around the world, through standardized templates such as happy meal or value meal.

Factors influencing Consumer behaviour:-
1) Cultural Factor
Culture is one of the main cause of consumer’s wants and behaviour. McDonald’s carefully standardized food items according to local tradition and culture. For example, In middle east Arab countries, McDonald’s consumer can get McArabia (grilled halal chicken with Arabic spices and bread), New menu for Vegetarian in India as some people don’t consume meat, in addition to this they avoided beef as cow is sacred in Hinduism i.e majority religion in India, Shogun Burgers in Hong Kong (Teriyaki pork), McShawarmas in Israel (Kosher meat), Bubur Ayam McDs in Malaysia (chicken porridge), McPaltas in Chile (a burger with avocado paste), Bulgogi Burgers in South Korea (thinly sliced meat in bulgogi marinade).
Each cultures have subcultures such as nationalities, religion, racial group, geographic religions and so on. McDonald’s tried to localize their food menu by designing new product according to different cultures and understood consumer buying behaviour.

Furthermore, McDonald’s marketing and advertising strategy were different for different regions. Their advertisement reflected different culture, subculture, racial group and social class. Also, regular and repeated exposure of an advertisement brings about a familiarity and positive feeling about the brand.

2) Social Factor
Social factors also affect the buying behaviour of consumers. It also strongly affect consumer responses, so it must be taken into account by company when designing marketing strategies. The important factors here are family, reference group and status.

Consumer is highly influenced by the member of the family. If buying decision of some product is influenced by children then McDonalds will target kids in their advertisement.

Reference group have the potential in forming a impression or persons attitude towards the product. The affect of Reference groups varies across product. It tends to be strongest when the product is visible to other consumers. For instance, if the product such as burger, French fries, soft drink and so on then influence by reference group will be high.

3) Personal Factor
These factors can also impact the consumer buying behaviour. Some of the important factors that influence the buying behaviour are: economic situation, occupation, age, lifestyle and self concept.

Different age group of consumer have different buying behaviour of product. McDonalds target almost everyone from kids, student, adults and business people. For children they offer happy meals with Disney toys or other things to attract them. For teenagers and student , Some of the meals are really affordable and cheap for them. In addition to this there are free wifi for them to access free internet. For adults and business people, they tend to prefer things that is done fast and less time consuming and this is exactly what McDonalds did, they serve fast food and also there are Drive through for many Business type consumer who are on the go.


4) Psychological Factor
There are main four factors under affecting the consumer behaviour. These are motivation, perception, learning and beliefs and attitudes. First is motivation. The level of motivation can affect the buying behaviour of customers. Every person has different needs such as physiological needs, social needs, esteem needs, safety needs and so on. The nature of the needs is that, some of the needs are more important than the others. Therefore needs becomes a motivation when it is more pressing than the other and direct the consumer to seek satisfaction. For instance, McDonalds will create more and different type of food items which is delicious such as Burgers, fries, wraps , etc.


Finally, Customer possesses different attitude and belief towards various products. Such attitudes and beliefs make up brand image and impact the consumer buying behaviour. Therefore marketers are interested in them and want to change such beliefs and attitude of the customer by various ad campaigns. Also, McDonalds provide good service to give their consumer a good impression so they come back again.


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