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If you are still wondering what a Blog can do, it play an essential role in making consumers to take a buying decision, researchers said (denizcan 2012). The potential of blogs in influencing consumer’s purchase decision is stronger than you might think.

According to a research conducted by Research Now, around 9 out of 10 consumers (84%) make purchases after reading about a product or service on a blog.

Many businesses use blogs for promotion purposes. As bloggers, they have earned large fan followings and have built great social authority. These people are known as online influencers. Blogger Jeff Bullas has given some condemnatory data, in the report called “Digital influence” , on the impact of influencers amongst business brands today. Business brands are investing very little on blogging advertising and marketing initiatives with bloggers.

Nearly all influencers blog

“If you want to be an influencer you need to blog,” writes Bullas. In order to reach their voice to the public on social web, Influencers have realized the fact that they need to have a blog. The power of online publishing pumped- up by social media cannot be underrated. According to Bullas, around 86% of influencers are currently blogging, whereas others stated that they have been blogging for more than five years.

Blogs Dominate Time Spent Online. According to the latest survey, 22.5% of Americans spend most of their time using social networking and blogging sites. In fact it is more than twice the percentage of time spent on playing online games i.e. 9.8%.

Facebook and Twitter dominate traffic generation

Now-a-days, Facebook and Twitter have turned out to be the most effective social media marketing tools  amongst the influencers. 83% of influencers post to Facebook at least once a week, and 71% post to Twitter. This overpowers all its competitors including LinkedIn (27%), Google+ (26%) etc.

Blogs influences consumer’s decision making process. Before making any purchase consumers read the blogs so that they can make the decision about whether they want to purchase that product or not? If they get positive response through the blogs they may purchase that particular product or brand.

Post- Purchase also plays an important role in consumer’s decision making. If the consumer is satisfied then he may stick to the same brand or may be to the same product. After buying the product, customer can write his reviews or comments about that product. The blogs acts as a biggest source of information to the consumers now-a-days. They can get unbiased, get opinions on products and get inspiration for future purchases

Consumers develop deep relationship with the brands through blogging. Thus they create a sensation and perception about the product.


Through blogging, consumers can have mere exposure of an ad that brings familiarity and a positive feeling amongst them. The reviews or comments provided by the bloggers helps the consumers to make a decision regarding the purchases.

Blogging enables many business brands to hit various needs of the consumers as provided by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Consumers can fulfill all their needs, from basic to self-development.


Consumers are using blogs as a source of information, for making purchases, for specific reasons. Blog readers were surveyed about the influence of blogs as it relates to the following steps of the purchase process:

  • 21% decide on a product or service,
  • 19% refine choices,
  • 19% get support and answers,
  • 17% discover products and services,
  • 14% assure,
  • 13% inspire a purchase
  • 7% execute a purchase.

Brands that put the time in looking for the right web blogs to associate with their intended interest groups, make grounds that are solely for those individual blogs, and give valuable, important content that the blog’s audience would be interested in will harvest the prizes. Blogs are not dead. For brands, they’re more capable than ever but they must be utilized accurately.


Online influencers are the most effective utilizers of blogs.

What have you done to engage blogging influencers with your social media marketing strategy?


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