Pokémon Go and Chill …… ???

As someone who has recently become single after 10 years it was made apparent to me very quickly that dating in a tech savvy world is a whole new ball game. Getting my head around what apps are used for hook ups vs. which ones to find your soul mate and then understanding the unique lingo that underpins them has been quiet the experience.

Who knew that ‘Netflix and Chill’ did not actually mean sit on my couch watching Netflix and eating ice-cream!

Over the past eight years the online dating industry has continued to expand, increasing 3.5% per year, resulting in a 2.1 billion dollar industry. With such a steady growth there has been a continual flood of apps and websites into the marketplace, it only makes sense that organisations are looking for genius ways to separate themselves from the crowd and attract users to their sites and apps.

PokéDating is doing just that!

Pokedates imageUnless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks you would be well aware of the craze of Pokémon Go taking over the whole world.

An app that is free to download that takes you out and about to find and catch Pokémon in a world of augmented reality.

With over 21 million active daily users around the world it seems a smart choice for a dating app to target this market that has so conveniently been segmented for them.

Let’s take a closer look at how Pokémon, dating and STP have worked for three entrepreneurs.

What is PokéDating?

PokéDating is a way for Pokémon Go users to identify each other and at the very least go hunting and at best, fall in love. Built in just three short days by three entrepreneurs who describe it as ‘literally Tidner but for Pokémon Go trainers’.

A mate wanting a date, but needing to go Pokémon hunting was the catalyst for the birth of PokéMatch. Who doesn’t love the idea of having a mutual interest right off the bat when meeting someone new.

A match made in heaven so it seems.

Pokematch app store

Users have the ability to:

  • Answer questions about themselves
  • Qualities they seek in their partner
  • Upload their schedules and locations


All of this goes to create their PokéProfile. Users are matched based on their personality and interests. A date a location for the date is sent to each user, free of charge for your first match. Every match there after costs $20, a small price to pay  to find someone to go Pokémon hunting with, whilst possibly falling in love. It seems like PokéMatch have identified a  niche in a competitive marketplace.

What is STP?

Segmentation, targeting and positioning is a strategic approach taken in modern day marketing and is a commonly used as it centres around the customer vs the product.

PokéMatch has used a stroke of genius to tap into a market that has already been segmented, meaning that groups of customers have already been split into those that share similarities; in this instance those that like and engage in playing Pokémon Go and those who don’t.

As the work in segmenting the market has already been done for them and they are able to move straight into targeting their users. Targeting in essence is assessing the attractiveness of each market segment and getting a greater understanding of where the return on investment would be upon targeting one segment vs another.

For PokéDates, targeting the single population of Pokémon Go users is a bit if a no brainer. Users within this demographic are already familiar with app use and more than likely would already be on dating apps like Tinder. Due to the size of the online dating market, it makes sense that this target groups would have the potential to draw a profit if they are able to meet their users expectations around suitable matches.

If the essence of positioning is about developing a product that shows a benefit the target segment will value, pricing it to be profitable (but still seen as valuable) with clear promotional avenues, its seems that PokéDates were able to position themselves to tick all these boxes.Poke-Match-630x353


Time will only tell if the world of PokéDating will continue to grow, but for me, I am definitely not part of the targeted segment and I’ll stick to meeting up for a coffee, in the real world!


*All thoughts and words are my own Sarah Hart 213182103

In text references where applicable. In addition the following resource was also utilised:

  • Iacobucci, D. (2014) Marketing Management (MM), in Customer Satisfaction and Relationships. 4th Edition. London: Cenage Learning




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